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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


Senior Production Supervisor
Production Engineering / Plant, Facility, Field Operations

Petroleum Engineer with experience in engineering operations/optimization/troubleshooting of oil and gas associated production facilities (Wells, artificial lift and gathering systems).Utilize best practice project management methodologies to lead projects. Results-focused adept at guiding multi-disciplinary/cultural teams to deliver top quality results on time and within budget.
LANGUAGES: Fluent Oral & Written- English, Arabic.

• Production Optimization.
• Oil/Gas Well Troubleshooting.
• Oil Production Treatment Systems.
• Team Player.
• Processing Operations.
• Production Operations.
• Bottleneck Solve .
• Strong oral and written communication.
• Plant Monitoring.


Al-Baath University, Homs, Syria
Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Petroleum Engineering

   Sep 1995
— Aug 2000


China National Offshore Oil Corporation CNOOC- (IRAQ)
Production Operations Supervisor

   Jan 2014
— Current

In charge of production and operations in Buzarqan oil fields, my responsibilities are:
1- HSE Management
• Responsible for DGS, well pads and on-site production HSE management to ensure it is in compliance with the defined HSE guideline.
• Controls and acts as Emergency coordinator of the facility in the event of emergency.
• Participate in JSA meeting and conduct risk analysis.
• Conduct on-site inspection; identify the potential HSE issues on production and facilities.
• Propose solution on identified potential issues and track the status of follow-up actions.
• Provide support for the Management of Change process and perform Risk Assessments as required to comply with the HSE Management System
2- Production Management
• Responsible for shutdown of degassing station, isolation of the required facility and activity resume according to the requirement.
• Responsible for well open/shutdown, choke size adjustment, ESP well starts/stop, ESP optimization, isolation of the required facility and activity resume according to the instruction.
• Supervises and monitors facility ensuring all equipments are operating satisfactorily.

2-1 Production Technician Management.
• Supervising and monitoring all the operations activities in the oil field.
• Conduct feasibility analysis on the proposed optimization solution with considering on-site practice.
• Develop and issue monthly production rate test plan, conduct the dynamic production data analysis and report out abnormal situation if any on timely basis.
• Track the progress of new well construction and conduct the on-site inspection.
• Participate in the new well testing and handover inspection, and report out the status to Production Superintendent.
• Organize resource for formal production.
• ESP wells running management including ESP well running life performance, monitoring, analysis, optimization, troubleshooting, etc.
• Prepare and review daily reports (Oil field manager (OFM), Oilfield Daily Data-production comparison, Production management System (PMS), Oil field daily data Report, and Well dynamic track for wells Report).
• Laboratory and testing management.
3- On-site Construction Management
• Lead production team to support on-site construction according to the instruction.
• Responsible for contractor management, analyse the impact of construction to production based on the construction plan and supervise the construction to ensure it is complaint with HSE guideline.
• Report out emergence on construction.
4- Regulation Management
• Responsible for the design on detailed operation criteria and guideline.
• Supervise the process to ensure the implementation is in compliance with the defined policies, guideline and procedure.
• Provide inputs on the policies, guideline and procedure optimization.
• Implements short, medium and long term plan for organizational development.
4-1 People Management
• Define the goal for team member and conduct performance evaluation.
• Identify the learning needs and organize the relevant training (well head control panel, DCS, ESP).
• Define job responsibility and requirement based on department's responsibility.
5- Documentation Management

• Collect and document the on-site data on production and people management, e.g. training record, shift record etc.

DUBLIN-Canadian- International Petroleum (Syria) Limited
Production Supervisor

   Feb 2005
— Jan 2015

• In charge of production facilities and operating personnel in Tishreen oil Field.
• Supervising production facilities including five sub-stations, one main station, satellite gathering –stations and two water injection locations and follow Steam Generation and distribution and cyclic steam for wells.
• Conduct artificial lift optimization studies. Recommend and implement activities to ensure cost effective and maximum amounts of oil are available.
• Daily contact with several contractor companies which are providing different oilfield services in Tishreen field including welding & pipefitting, civil works, well testing, water injection, equipment and gathering system maintenance, transportation of oil and water, etc.
• Participate in developing procedures and plans to increase the production in the optimum conditions.
• Exhibits and maintains excellent working relationships with all staff.
• Continuous Improvement of Position
• Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports.
• Issues near misses and actions all reported near misses.
• Works in line with HSE policy, and ensure awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulations by subordinates

• Responsible for:
 Heavy oil production and gathering system installation and maintenance.
 Well stimulation and sucker rod & PCP& ESP pumping system troubleshooting by light or hot oil/fluid.
 ESP backwashing using diesel or light oil.
 Well Testing and collaborate with Reservoir and exploration team to define objectives of well testing and data collection for exploration, development.
 Sucker rod pump and PCP& ESP artificial lift troubleshooting.
 Airlifting the well.
 Oil treatment and preparation for shipment.
 Storage tank-farm operation, oil sampling and oil shipping.
 Water injection using positive displacement duplex & triplex pumps.
 Pipeline and stationary oilfield equipment maintenance & repair.
 Pumping surface unit operation & maintenance.
 Operation & maintenance PD shipping PD and screw pumps.

Syrian Petroleum Co. (SPC), Syria
Production Engineer

   Oct 2000
— Jan 2005

• Follow-up the well production, identify production shortfalls and analyze their origin in order to find
Counter measures.
• Co-ordination actions for underperforming wells.
• Choice and sizing artificial lift to optimize the well production.
• Supervision, control, and co-ordination of all activities related to oil/gas production and processing, Water injection operation in all Tishreen CPF (Central Process Facility). Multiple sampling / testing to check the quality of shipping product (calculation of gross oil/net oil/GOR/gas quantity and BS&W) in relation with tubing head pressure, choke size, test separator pressure and temperature...). Troubleshooting and ensuring safe and efficient completion of work with minimum of delay and interruption to operations. Taking initial charge of operation in case of emergencies and contacts emergency team ASAP...
• Well testing two phase testing for oil & gas wells through standard procedure, find out well tubing head pressure/ temperature, gas outlet orifice size to calculate gross production, net oil production, gross water production ,BS&W ,and gas oil ratio.
• Follow up the work over rigs and it is program to propose maximize production.
• Oil treatment (oil production, gas separation, shipping pump)
• Open/close/bean up/bean down/ oil/gas production wells as required.
• Kick off quitter wells to low- pressure separator or pit to give it chance to flow again.
• Prepare tanks/flow lines /separators/different station equipment for maintenance or inspection when require.
• Started /stop Beam pumps/ESP pump, monitor them daily check loading DMT data (down hole monitoring tool).Etc.
• Daily well testing and study the results and compare it with the well production envelope, take corrective measures after discussed with Field manager.
• Start /stop PCP system according to start up procedure.
• Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports.
• Ensures all work is carried out in accordance with company safety regulation
• Ensures adherence, awareness and compliance of all work forces to company's safety regulations, standards, procedures and standing instructions

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