General manager with 10 years experience abroad ( Logistics - relo - mobility)

Last Updated: 30th October 2019 (over 2 years ago)

Kapelle op den Bos, Belgium


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Decisive, strategic and multi-talented general manager and business optimisation leader with over 15 years of pan-European experience that includes establishing new companies and turning around deteriorating companies under difficult conditions. Track record successfully restructuring operations, building completely new teams from scratch and guiding major internal changes. Ability to rapidly build strong client relationships. Skilled at establishing new offices in foreign countries from the ground up. Accomplished new business driver with proven ability to achieve challenging business development objectives. Strong team leader and motivator able to consistently ensure optimum performance from multi-cultural teams.


Lessius Business School Antwerp
Applied Economics

specialty: Finance



   Oct 2015
— Mar 2018

In the middle of my career I decided to take a brake and enjoy and reflect upon the next steps to take.

Romulus NV
Managing Director

   Sep 2014
— Jun 2015

Overall control company, main focus on sales, especially international sales.
Increased with 50 %.

Gosselin Mobility Belgium HQ
Executive Manager Move Management

   Nov 2010
— Aug 2014

Acted as key advisor to the Director of Move Management. Identified and implemented improvements to sales, accruals, operations, income, margin, work allocation, reporting and reciprocity. Supervised directly 16 FTE including coordinators and key account managers. Held indirect oversight for the sales team (8 FTE) acting as a bridge between sales and operations. Reviewed and defined KPIs in areas of processes, sales, margin, insurance claims, cost allocation, correct use of suppliers, reciprocity, job status/progress, timely billing, and account receivables. Partnered with Quality Group Manager to ensure ongoing compliance and upkeep of industry accreditations including ISO, and FIDI-Faim. Partnered with the group’s legal/risk department to provide training on correct utilisation of sales and insurance conditions to ensure improved management and a reduction in court claims.

• Drove continual growth in key market segments.
• Played role in establishing a new sales office in Brussels and continually worked on achieving optimum alignment between HQ and the sales office.
• Delivered significant savings by ensuring the correct handling of claims, improving cash flow and tightening the alignment of workflow to reduce need for fulltime employees.
• Served on labour steering group focused on activities of 40 in-house labourers and a large outsourced pool of labourers.
• Implemented stricter debit and credit control to ensure optimum space for paying customers.
• Won and personally managed a substantial corporate account.
• Provided key daily & strategic support to the Director of Move Management.

Gosselin Mobility Romania
General Manager

   Dec 2008
— Oct 2010

Transitioned company from a minor representative office to a multi-functional Greenfield operation. Led the search for warehousing and office space and established all aspects of the legal entity including equipment, utilities, vehicles and material stock. Led recruitment of all office and labour staff, implemented group processes across operations, finance, internal communication, IT and sales with support from personnel at CEE HQ. Headed successful drive to acquire new business in the B2B, B2C and B2G sectors.

• Established new company from scratch in under 3 months despite simultaneously managing the Budapest office.
• Grew company from 1 initial employee to 12 employees within 18 months.
• Led critical mission to retain a crucial and seriously dissatisfied governmental client resulting in a successful elevation in status from ‘avoid’ to ‘must use’.
• Achieved break-even with a positive cash flow after only 12 months despite operating in a Europe-wide financial crisis.

Gosselin Mobility Hungary
General Manager

   Mar 2003
— Jan 2009

Built and managed an exceptionally stable company from a failing entity after replacing underperforming personnel and focusing on rebuilding team spirit and confidence. Implemented new or improved procedures across administration, operations, finance and sales. Worked closely with accountants at HQ to remedy financial weaknesses and led recapitalisation of company. Developed new sales and marketing plan to increase customer satisfaction and boost the customer base.

• Led the successful turnaround of a rapidly deteriorating operation with decreasing sales, rising debt, demotivated staff and substandard quality.
• Achieved positive cash flow within 12 months due to stringent budget controls, tightened logistics and extensive sales initiatives.
• Increased gross margin by 6% and doubled the customer base.
• Selected as best performing office in the CEE for 4 consecutive years.

Gosselin Mobility Ukraine
General Manager

   Nov 2000
— Feb 2003

Stabilised and successfully managed a previously renegade office with depleted resources and customers, a defection of staff, missing files, and premises virtually destroyed by previous staff. Oversaw the rapid identification and recruitment of a completely new staff of 14 personnel from scratch. Implemented proper group procedures in finance, administration, operations, sales and IT. Headed major training initiative for new staff with the help of personnel from other offices. Elevated customer service and led successful project to regain lost customers.

• Transformed a devastated operation in an unstable country into a stable company restoring profitability within a year.
• Oversaw the complete recapitalisation of the company.
• Boosted sales by up to 50% and gross margin by 8% in year 2.
• Selected as best performing office in the CEE for 3 consecutive years.

Gosselin Mobility CEE HQ
CEE Management Trainee

   Jun 2000
— Oct 2000

Preparation to be sent abroad

Gosselin Mobility Belgium HQ
Sales Executive

   Apr 1996
— May 2000

B2B-B2C & B2G