Business Unit / Project manager

Last Updated: 18th June 2017 (over 5 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

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English, French, Hindi


ENSAM engineer and MBA with 10 years of professional experience in highly technical international projects, from business development to maintenance and production management through installation and commissioning, started as Facility Maintenance Manager, Site/BU Manager and currently Project Manager.
My experiences enabled me to develop skills in project management, business development, Management of multicultural teams (comprising of 70 to 300 employees), customer relationships, partners and local authorities, service... with a sincere sensitivity for quality and security management.
Active participation in the organization’s positioning as a reference in its market, with a total commitment and the identification of the potential source of growth through the creation of analysis tools and development of strategic recommendations.
My experience allows me to consider responsibilities such as: Project Manager, Business Unit Manager, Technical Manager, Site Manager …


University of Liverpool

   Jul 2014
— Feb 2017

Specialisation in business and project management

Arts et Métiers (ENSAM)

   Sep 2002
— Jun 2006

Mecahnical and production management


Project manager

   Feb 2016
— Current

Installation of Industrial bakery lines ● 2016 – present
Project Manager ● Mecatherm group, Angers, France ● 2016 - present
Projects in Mozambique, Suriname, India and France for a total turnover of 30.6 M€
• Team member of the change politics : Projects management, transversal relations implementation
• Implementation of projects management and analysis tools (risk analysis, SWOT, mission statements …) and development of existing ones (functional analysis, production specifications...)
 Actions plans for margin improvement (between 5 to 15% depending on projects).
 Amendment signatures for 500 000 EUR turnover increase.

Business Unit / Project manager

   May 2013
— Jul 2015

Operation Services to oil & gas firms ● 2013 – 2015
Project Manager, ORTEC Technical Department, Angers, France ● 2015
• Lead of commercial development team for the Sultanate of Oman for waste management and industrial cleaning.
• Development of new waste treatment technics (thermal desorption, pyrolysis …) and cleaning facilities systems (wagon cleaning).)
 Market studies and canvassing
 Strategy plan proposal (business type, sponsoring, planning …):
 Definition and technical survey (30% energy savings and safety improvements)
Site Manager, SLE (ORTEC subsidiary) Pointe-Noire, Congo Republic ● 2013 - 2015
Transport and waste treatment site. Hazardous waste: solids, plastics, slightly radioactive and drilling cuttings (Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner: 8 M€ investment) and non-hazardous, with phytoépuration system (First Congolese Treatment, Storage, and Disposal (TSD) centre to European norms).
• Annual turnover 16,8 M€
• Direct all aspects of sites operation, including staffs 150 employees:
- Completion of studies.
- Human resources and QH3SE policy management
- Cost-control : process optimization
- Contracts management : customers and suppliers

Plant Manager

   Sep 2012
— Mar 2013

Plant Manager, Socofran CDE, Brazzaville, Congo Republic ● 2012-2013
Direct all aspects of production and plant management, including 400 staff, located in the northern half of the country, working with earthmoving and civil machineries, such as generators and crushers. Perform project needs analysis and collected data on specifications. Design plans, including project budget, defense, and investment proposal.
• Implementation of billing system (department budget rebalances)
• Implementation budgeting process and follow up tools

Plant engineer

   Nov 2006
— Aug 2012

Plant Engineer, Vinci Construction, Lusail, Qatar ● 2009-2012
600 M€ underground construction of 7 km urban transport system ◦ Coordinated production details, including dewatering management during excavation, completed billing and monitored maintenance, leases, and facility audits:
• Introduced monitoring systems for equipment and services to maintain quality, industry, and project standards, including testing processes and training.
• Optimized project performance and outcome by completing project studies and sizing, accurately forecasting production needs, and establishing reporting milestones.
• Reduced annual department expenditure by 20%, based on exemplary management of human resources and resources.
Assistant Installation and Production Manager, Vinci Construction, Sultanate of Oman ● 2006-2008
Coordinated operational aspects of installation, maintenance, and production for a €80M project, Wadi Dayqah Dams project including concrete construction of 5,723,000 cubic miles of dams and 960,000 cubic miles of embankments for the Muscat and Quriyath water supply Contributed to effective production management, from budget administration and team planning to production monitoring and maintenance.
• Drove successful delivery of concrete, by optimizing production means, including stock management, vendor negotiation for machinery, and creation of dynamic technical solutions.
• Accelerated concrete production system, by leading a 70-member team to deliver the project on time despite challenge of being 3 months behind before taking over management.
• Contributed to design of concrete plants, concrete delivery conveyor, and crushing and aggregates cooling systems.