Certified industrial engineer

Last Updated: 23rd July 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


Phone Number


Age Range
18 to 24

Qualification Level

English, Filipino


Professional Objective:
To obtain a position in an organization that utilizes my engineering, technical, quality, sales, supervisory and administrative experience and my degree in industrial engineering to achieve professional and personal growth.

Skills & Qualifications:
1. Graduate of Industrial Engineering
2. Compassionate, hardworking and responsible
3. Good communication and interpersonal skills
4. Ability to meet deadlines and can do multi-tasking
5. Proven commitment to work, self-motivated and goal oriented
6. Fast learner, well organized and efficient
7. Quality control, statistical process control (SPC), production systems engineering (PSE), lean manufacturing
8. Time study and work sampling, forecasting, economic order quantity (EOQ), inventory models, aggregate planning, supply chain and logistics, job assignment
9. Linear programming (LP), non-linear programming (NLP), dynamic and integer programming, simulation, network scheduling
10. Anthropometry, national institute for occupational safety and health (NIOSH), facility layout and design, line balancing
11. Financial and income statement analysis, balance sheet, ROI and ROR, funds analysis, cost accounting and control, basic framework of budgeting
12. AutoCAD (2D &3D), database (MS Access), decision support system (DSS)

Certified Industrial Engineer : Industrial Engineering Certification Board
Manila, Philippines (December 2016)

Solar Panel Design & Installation : Hamak Solar
Clark, Philippines (August 2017)

Occupational Safety & Health : Holy Angel University
Angeles City, Philippines (January, 2015)

Safety Management Program : Holy Angel University
Angeles City, Philippines (January, 2015)

Cognitive Ergonomics : Holy Angel University
Angeles City, Philippines (February, 2015)


Holy Angel University
Bachelor of Science

   Jun 2011
— May 2016

Industrial Engineering


Red Dragon Farm Feeds, Livestock & Foods Inc.
Engineering Coordinator

   Jan 2017
— May 2018

1. Electrical, plumbing and structural repair and maintenance scheduling
2. Instructing and providing technical support to technicians
3. Conducting site visit if necessary
4. Efficient processing of repair from beginning to end by liaising with internal and external departments
5. Ensuring safety of workers by maintaining safety conditions and eliminating safety hazards
6. Identifying technical problems and developing solutions
7. Meeting KPI target by operating within the budget and providing quality service in a timely manner
8. Ensuring standard compliance
9. Preparing and presenting monthly report to departmental supervisor and head

Sales Manager

   Jun 2016
— Dec 2016

1. Effective marketing and selling of products through proper marketing and sales strategy
2. Processing customer’s order and safekeeping data
3. Ensuring product quality through proper quality control
4. Processing customer’s payment
5. Maintaining exact amount in the cash drawer
6. Process monitoring and control from order receiving up to delivery
7. Assisting production and delivery personnel
8. Maintaining customer relationship by exceeding customer satisfaction through product and service quality

Superl Philippines Inc.
Intern (Human Resources and Production)

   Mar 2015
— May 2015

1. Checking newly hired employees requirements
2. Issuance of SSS, Pag ibig and Philhealth forms to applicants
3. Ensuring precise information
4. Safekeeping 201 files and encoding employees information
5. Work observation and conducting time and motion study in the production area

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