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Hello there. I'm Emre. I live in Istanbul. I am single. English level is medium. I finished the business section of Dumlupınar University. I have mastered the thesis in accounting finance department of Dumlupınar University. I have been a procurement manager for 10 years in the construction industry and other sectors.


Social Sciences Institute

   Sep 2007
— Sep 2010

Master of Accounting Finance

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

   Sep 2003
— Sep 2007

Business Administration


Fom Group Architecture
Purchasing Manager / Director

   Mar 2017
— Sep 2018

Sayın authorized, FOM GROUP is a project management company affiliated to MEDİCALPARK group. FOM GROUP, MEDICALPARK Hospitals, İSTİNYE University buildings are ready to use and handed over to the relevant group. I have organized the procurement processes of the university, the holiday village, and the project standards and general needs of the hospital we have built during this period. I started the procurement process by selecting the relevant companies for the purchase of the requested materials and services, I directed, I concluded. I have provided the necessary materials to the business teams in the fastest and most convenient way. I realized the stock management in the contracts. I followed the supplier contracts. I performed logistics processes. I have organized the administrative and service purchases of the central office. I have made the related invoice checks and sent them to the accounting department. The reason for leaving this company is that the MEDICALPARK group has decided not to make hospitals and universities for the next 4 years due to market conditions. Accordingly, FOM GROUP is closed.

Asteknik Engineering Building and Insulation Materials
Purchasing Manager / Director

   Feb 2015
— Feb 2017

Asteknik Engineering has been the market leader for insulation and dilatation for 30 years. Asteknik's primary business area is the production and sales of aluminum dilatation profiles. It can also sell on insulation and wrapping equipment. My tasks in this company are like this. According to the requests coming from the LOGO program, every kind of procurement related to construction and insulation is carried out from the stocks to the receipt and quality management.
Realization of warehouse and inventory management: Determination of products to be stooped. Operational follow-up of stock warehouse operations. Deposal management functions. Administrative purchases. Management of technical maintenance of machines.
Aluminum and pvc profiles used in decoration, Plaster and cladding filesi, epoxy, silicone, epdm and transparent bands. Aluminum and metal products, aluminum and metal products, epdm rubber and thermoplastics wickets, decorative pvc, aluminum, stainless profiles. Provision of insulation-related membranes and other materials according to minimum inventories
Realization of quality control management. Operational follow-up of products that do not come in the desired quality.
Realization of sales support management: Foreign trade sales team and domestic sales team can purchase competitive prices for sale of requested products, delivery of samples to sellers. Help to sell in quality, sample and price. Organization of sales reports.
Managing the production of freemasonry: Following the workmanship such as painting, drilling or anodizing of the profiles. Aluminum, steel and stainless steel sheets are taken. Cutting and twisting of these sheets according to technical drawing
Accounting and financial transactions: The cost of goods sold in the Logo program. The cost of imported products is removed and processed. Confirmation of bills. To be delivered to the account. Preparing payment plans

Kg Construction Industry and Trade Inc.
Purchasing specialist

   Mar 2014
— Mar 2015

My job at this company is to fulfill all kinds of procurement transactions for projects I am responsible for. I made purchases related to rough construction construction, purchases related to construction of fine works, and purchases related to construction of mantle. I have organized subcontractors and contracting contracts for these jobs. I supported the fulfillment of highly formal procedures. I had to leave because of family reasons.

Özgürler Traffic Signs.CO
Purchasing specialist

   Dec 2012
— Feb 2014

IAS (CANIAS ERP) to perform all metal, aluminum, sheet purchases using. Performing purchasing of all kinds of consumables. Organizing the service and maintenance controls of the machines. Checking and approving purchase bills. Doing the organization of your shipments. Fason is to support the productions.

Uzunlar Construction Industry and Trade Inc.
Purchasing manager

   Sep 2011
— Nov 2012

This company makes buildings belonging to state institutions. Every kind of stadium, hospital, housing works in TOKI area. My assignment here is:
According to the requests from the Building Block program, all kinds of purchases related to construction are realized. (Rough construction, finishing, mantle, landscaping) Making job contracts according to the final mark on the mark approval list. Arrangement of purchase reports.
Invoices related to work done are approved and sent to the accounting department. I had to leave because the company went bankrupt.

Sultan's House Needs and Marketing
Sales Operations Officer

   Nov 2009
— Dec 2010

I started as a sales manager assistant. I took part in sales operations in this company.
Control of return bills, pricing and approval
  Accounting service invoices with LOGO TIGER accounting program, sales accounting
  Stock follow-up
  Current account tracking
  Tracking sales figures, reporting and presenting in Excel
Thesis Title: Foreign Trade Operations and Accounting, Implementation in the Integrated System.
In a holding company Erp (Logo Tiger) foreign trade operation operations and accounting were applied.
I had to leave because of military service

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