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Hello and good day,

I am a versatile, skilled and innovative civil and environmental engineering professional.
I have quite a vast background in the built environment with a strong research background as well. My first job experience came from working in design office of a civil consulting firm, I performed design of reinforced concrete and steel structures to the BS 8110. I have also worked on site as site supervisor ensuring quality was adhered to, ensured correct construction codes were applied, ensuring compliance and serving as project manager.

I also have experience working as a program manager for a Johannesburg based investment company with interests in mining and construction. This position has empowered me with both managerial skills as well as technical skills for these environments
Hence my experience ranges across the design of reinforced concrete structures (residential and commercial structures), design of urban drainage systems, water management, project planning, project management, environmental management and mining.

I will be able to bring these diverse skills along with my passionate, energetic and focused attitude to this position to meet the challenges the position offers.



   Jan 2014
— Dec 2015

January 2014-December 2015: M.Eng from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa. Key courses offered include:
1. Wastewater engineering
2. Water supply and urban drainage
3. Project management including project management in developing areas
4. Water management
5. Environmental management
6. Mining and the environment
7. Value engineering
8. Energy and the environment
A brief summary of some of the technical reports I have written include: Modelling and Simulation of Mekoro Water Distribution network using EPANET. Project Management reports: “Settlement Relocation, case study: Mogalakwena Mine”. “Response Strategy to climate change pertaining to the construction Industry”. “Business Strategies for South Africa’s large Construction companies for recessionary times”. Mining and the environment research report on the use of mine waste in the construction industry.
Environmental management research report on an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for Robinson Deep Landfill Site. The report focused on the environmental issues at the landfill site and also gave recommendations on waste to energy processes as well as mitigative measures that could be implemented to avoid environmental issues such as leachate seepage to ground water, air pollution, upgrading MRF among others. The environmental management course equipped me with knowledge of EMS, EIA and ISO 14001.
I developed a model on the Mekoro water distribution system using EPANET and ran various simulations. A report was written from these simulations, which included fire outbreaks, change in water quality and change in water demand patterns. The report gave recommendations to be adopted to cater for drops in pressure head such as sizing/placement of tank and the use of pumps. I also produced a report using SWMM to handle drainage in both rural and urban communities, taking into account the percentage of impervious pavement in the community. I developed models to decipher how the drainage flow will occur and affect various catchments.
Water management course handled by Prof Taigbenu, the course required me to produce a report on Madibeng municipality and the impacts of lack of adequate water supply on the society. The report provided innovative recommendations to ensure effective water supply and curb water losses. The water management course further equipped me with skills to carry out feasibility studies for water related projects and the application of IWRM. Other engineering projects carried out include, detention and retention basin designs, culvert designs, flow equalization tank designs, clarifier designs, waste water treatment plant layout design, water resource economics, using value engineering to improve projects, flood routing and development of innovative ways to reduce urban floods both structural and non-structural.
Furthermore, I developed a project on energy and the environment where the use of methane gas produced in a landfill site was analyzed for use in electricity production. Project management in developing areas report on how community participation is important in any project especially projects in rural areas. The report also focused on some of the key issues affecting projects in developing areas, such as corruption and stakeholder analysis.

M.Eng research report on a survey and characterization of locally available cements, to see how the push to cut down carbon emissions has affected the quality of cements produced and to further motivate for the use of cement proficiency testing as a quality management tool in South Africa. The report looked at 5 cements in Johannesburg and characterized them in terms of their mineral compositions by carrying out physical and chemical tests including an XRF to determine oxides, insoluble residue test, loss on ignition (LOI), sulfate test, chloride test, specific surface (Blaine), standard consistency, initial and final setting times, 2, 7 and 28 day flexural and compressive strength determination and soundness. The report also compared the cements among themselves and against SANS 50196. The report gave recommendations for the development of a quality management tool for South Africa’s concrete industry. Furthermore, a conference paper on the need for quality management in the concrete construction industry was presented at ACCTA 2016 conference, the paper was developed from this report.


   Feb 2004
— Dec 2009

Five year full time civil engineering bachelors degree with honours.

Final year investigational report was carried out on open channel flow on Tofa stream in Niger state Nigeria. The hydraulic properties of the stream were investigated and the surface water profile of the stream was determined. The report produced the surface water curve of the stream and predicted future hydraulic behavior. The report gave recommendations on potential failure of the constructed bridge as water from the stream could flow behind the wing wall as the stream width expanded.



   May 2016
— Current

This job requires me to work as the Programme manager for the group of companies, with interests in mining, construction, project management and engineering, reporting directly to the CEO. In this position I oversee strategic planning of the companies, making decisions on mine design flow charts, updating the mine EMPs, providing engineering assistance, providing environmental management and advising the heads of various divisions of the companies including HR, Health and safety, mine production, sales and finance and construction.
The job requirements for this position also include:
Operational functions:
• Enhancing internal organization processes and infrastructure. Risk analysis and identification of vulnerabilities within the business and the market it operates. • Ensuring efficient operation, overseeing administrative functions. Submission of monthly, quarterly and annual state of affairs report to the CEO.
• Optimization and coordination between technical divisions, panels and committees.
• Strategic management in all matters regarding operations. • Developing and establishing operating policies.
• Review business operations, systems & processes, improvement of efficiency & effectiveness.
Project Management functions:
• Preparation of master programmes for interrelated projects, subsequent reviews, extensions and updates.
• Preparation and operation of cost control systems and scope change procedures.
• Monitoring project expenditure, budget estimates and projected cash flows. • Project management and coordination of the professional team.
• Contract documentation for appointment of consultants and sub-contractors. • Audit reports, feasibility studies, engineering design reports.
• Construction Management which involves contract preparation (FIDIC, GCC), tendering, contract administration, site supervision, cost control and reporting.
• Technical assistance & capacity enhancement within institutional organizations.
• Marketing presentations, expressions of interest and bidding proposals. • Development, negotiation and administration of new projects.

LE CHEZ CONSULTANTS (resigned to go study for my masters degree)

   Jul 2010
— Dec 2013

Design of reinforced concrete structures according to BS 8110. This job required me to:
1. Review and interpret architectural drawings and perform computer based designs of reinforced concrete structures to British Standard and later Euro Code and produce structural drawings with details using AutoCAD.
2. Assist the senior engineer, project manager and lead architect in the planning and design phases of projects.
3. Assist the senior engineer in the delivery of project requirements as they related to scope, quality, time, costs and schedule.
4. Assign work tasks to individuals and monitor progress and quality.
5. Develop and maintain the project scope of work documentation and revise as required during the design evolution.
6. Assist in the compilation and delivery of monthly engineering status reports.
7. Participate and contribute to design reviews.
8. Provide and/or review project procedures, standard specifications and design criteria.
9. Prepare and review project procedures, standard specifications and design criteria.
Major projects worked on include the planning and design of the ASA women USA cancer treatment centre in Awka Anambra state. This is a 600 bed hospital that is funded by American donors and the Anambra state government. I was involved with the planning and design of the hospital as well as in developing a presentation for Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra state. The planning, design and construction supervision of the 8 floor hotel for Mab international in Abuja Nigeria. This main hotel building is a 9 storey reinforced concrete structure, with other supporting structures for events and restaurant. I was involved in planning, design and supervision of construction.
This job requires me to act as resident engineer on some projects and even as project manager when staff strength is overstretched. Thus, I have developed into working almost entirely on my own with minimal supervision.

July 2010-September 2011
Early career as Junior design engineer with Le Chez consultants’ ltd, a firm of architects, planners, surveyors and engineers. The job required design of reinforced concrete structures
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according to BS 8110. Major projects carried out include 10 suspended floor commercial complex in Kaduna and hosts of smaller residential structures. The job required me to act as project manager early on in my career and also to supervise contractors, acting as resident engineer on site.

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