Electrical Engineer/QAQC/Inspection/Field Engineer

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Filipino


More than Twenty (20) years cumulative work experience in the field of Engineering, Construction and project execution. Particularly in Petrochemical plant, Oil & Gas Refineries, Power plant and other similar Heavy Industrial environment. Acquired extensive experience in all phases of construction having occupied key position as Quality Engineer; Site Electrical Engineer, Instrument and / or Electrical; Supervisor. Conversant with industry’s standard codes and specification.


Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineer of the Philippines (IIEE)
Registered Electrical Engineer Licenced # 15958

   Oct 1986
— Feb 2019

Active Member of professional Organization since 1986

Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines
Registered Electrical Engineer Licenced # 15958

   Oct 1986
— Feb 2019

Passed the Government Licensure exam for Registered Electrical Engineer in October 1986

Luzon Colleges (Now University of Luzon)

   Jun 1980
— May 1985

Completed the 5 years Bachelor Degree course leading to Electrical Engineering from Luzon Colleges (Now University of Luzon located at Perez Blvd Dagupan City Philippines in May 1985


Yapi Mekeze Saudi Arabia
QC Electrical Engineer

   May 2018
— Current

The Project entails the Construction, Start-up Testing and Commissioning of New High-Speed Train Passenger Terminal Owned by Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) Located in Jeddah Saudi Arabia consisting of 8 lanes Passenger Platforms, Two ( Sprawling 5 level Carpark Area, 8 lanes Passenger Bridges and 5 level Main Station consisting of Station Offices, Ticketing Area, Concourse, Consumer Retails and Restaurant.

 Contractor EPC Representative responsible for overseeing the Electrical Sub-Contractors Electrical Scope of Activities relevant to the implementation of Client Approve Quality Program, QCP and ITP and Method Statements involving Installations and Testing Commissioning of Completed System. (High Current & Low Current System).
 Coordinate and assist the Client Representatives/Consultant (DAR AL Hadassah) for the Inspection of Completed System following the Submission of RFI and RFT Request for Inspection/Testing by the Sub-Contractor.
 The System consist of High Current Installation (13.8 KV Medium Voltage Incomer cabling system and MV Switchgear, MV RTU, Transformers, & 5 Nos. Stand-by Generator Set, LV Distribution Boards, MCC’S & HVAC’S. MDB, and FDB & SMDB associated lightings and small power). Whilst the Low Current System installation consist of related infrastructure in Security System (SACS) Access Card, Intrusion Detection System (IDA) Security Cameras (CCTV) Public address system (PAVA). Fire Alarms & Suppression System (FAS) Parking Management System (PMS) ICT and EIMS, Facilities for Disabled.

Arrab Construction Company (ACC)-Saudi Arabia
Electrical Engineer-QAQC

   Sep 2015
— Oct 2016

Construction of SEC (NGsa) 115/66KV Fadhili GIS Substation for Future Power Requirement of Abu-Hadriah Line Distribution System.

 SEC/NGsa Client Approved Electrical QAQC Engineer to Represent the EPC Contractor (ACC) for Implementation of QAQC Program relevant for the Installation, Construction and Commissioning of Electrical System Ensuring that all Disciplined Activities are Covered and Project Quality Objectives are Achieved base on Client Engineering and Construction Standards, Approved Project Technical Specification, Quality Plans and Inspection and Test Plans.

Sr. Electrical Inspector

   May 2013
— Aug 2015

Rehabilitations and refurbishments of Existing Gas Plant Processing facilities, Compressors & De-Gassing Stations, Storage & Transport Facilities, Shipping and loading facilities located in Kor Al Zubair Plant, North Rumaila Compressor Stations, Umm Qassar Storage and Marine Terminal.

 Work as Shell Client Representative with the function of overseeing the contractor scope of Activities in performing pre-inspection and assessment of Plant Integrated Electrical System and associated equipments. This to include but not limited to Visual & Close Visual. Detailed and intrusive inspection to determine the operational integrity of equipments for possible re-commissioning.
 Data and information gathering of pertinent records associated with Maintenance history, Precommisioning and commissioning records, period of breakdown during previous operation. Datasheet and technical specifications as-built drawing to be forwarded to the Database of Engineering and Asset management Group for further evaluation and processing.
 Review the Contractor Inspection Result for conformity to ensure that all information was obtained prior for submission to Asset Group for further re-engineering, replacement and/ or final resolution.

Bureau Veritas BVQI / GASCO
Client Electrical Superintendent

   Oct 2011
— May 2013

 Attend and represent client for the Pre-energization and MC Walkdown for the completed system packages upon invitation of EPC Contractor for the Following system
• MV/LV System associated equipment (Switchgear, MCC’s, Transformers and Motors)
• Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and Chiller System
• UPS System ( battery charger/rectifier, batteries)
• Lightning protection & Earthing system (Underground & Above Ground)
• Cathodic Protection ( Galvanic and Impressed current system)
• Lighting system
 Punchlist Generation and Clearing
 Attend and represent client along with TPI Inspector for the pre-commissioning inspection and witnessing of functionality / Site Acceptance Test of equipment and protection setting (re: Upstream and Downstream electrical interlock and mechanical key interlock test between MV/LV Incomer, distribution and MCC’s, Auto-transfer scheme and switchboard working philosophy, MCC motor management relay auto/manual and local/remote scheme, Motor solo run test, VSD Function run test @4-20mA command signal, Chiller system for MV VSD
 Interface with EPC Contractor for any design deviation and site actual site condition following issued Field Change notice by contractor
 Closure of NCR upon confirmation of corrective action

Client-PID Electrical Inspector

   Dec 2010
— Jul 2011

Construction and Upgrading of Aramco Brownfield Offshore Production Facilities and wellheads located in BERRI field and Qatif reservoir involving installation and modification of Scraper Launcher, bi-directional Flow line, PDHMS wellhead Hook-Up, Multi Phase Flow Meter (MPFM) Installation RTU Replacement & SCADA Integration.

 Assigned as Aramco Inspection representative performing full coverage of various inspection work for the electrical and instrumentation activities with the main task of ensuring the contractor full compliance of aramco eng'g standard, procedure as specified in the contract document and schedule Q.

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