Mechanical Engineer - HVAC/MEP

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu


Professional Summary:
Extremely seasoned and reliable HVAC Engineer-MEP/FM with proven ability to handle short- and long-term projects successfully. Able to bring the majority of projects to completion under customer budget at or ahead of customer deadlines. Effective at managing both small and large technical project teams.
Core Qualifications:
• Operation & Maintenance of Chillers, PACU, FAHU, AHU, FCU, Split Unit
• Good grasp of HVAC engineering design and HSE programs
• Maintenance management and standard operation procedure (SOP)
• Exceptional expertise in commissioning and installing HVAC equipment.
• Outstanding budget and project management skills.
• Follow international codes, ANSI, SMACNA, ASHRAE, NFPA, NEC, ARI, ISO & ASTM.
• Possess a good knowledge of written and spoken English.
• Demonstrate a working knowledge of International HVAC engineering and safety standards.
• Inspection, carry out preventive, emergency services, Repair & maintenance.

Key Skills Highlights:
• Facilities Management
• Preventative maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Fire Fighting System
• Operational management
• Installation/Commissioning
• Site Supervision
• Procurement Materials
• Standard operation procedure (SOP) • HVAC / Mechanical Engineering
• Projects / design techniques
• Plumbing system
• Project Management
• Quality-focused
• Project Coordination
• HSE Management
• SLA & KPI Follow
• AutoCAD & MS Office


Jamia Millia Islamia
BSc Engineering (Mechanical)

   Jun 1988
— Jul 1992

Specialization - HVAC & Refrigeration


Al Hatmy Design & Engineering Consultancy LLC
Mechanical Engineer- HVAC/MEP

   Apr 2016
— Mar 2017

• Expertise in Project Execution, Design & Engineering Application of Air-conditioning projects.
• Generate/Review material requisitions, submittals, and ensure contract performance measures are met.
• Ensure that all mechanical HVAC site activities are conducted under controlled conditions as per shop drawings, method statements, specification and work plan.
• Evaluate the project construction to ensure compliance with standards for mechanical HVAC systems.
• Serve as the Site Representative for all matters related to construction quality assurance of mechanical HVAC works.
• To handle the complete Mechanical HVAC System installation, testing, commissioning.
• Investigate equipment and system failures or unexpected maintenance problems.
• To monitor and control expenses related to project work and ensure organizational forecasts and budgets are met for these expenses.
• Ensure all deliverables are aligned with company and client procedures and national standards.
• Ensure documents are originated, checked and approved by suitable competent personnel.
• Execute all Mechanical (HVAC) Engineering activities and maintain technical integrity
• Deliver and support a strong HSE culture and work within budget and schedule limits
• Assist other disciplines to achieve their goals and support Management where required
• Participate in cost and schedule estimates and plan work in alignment with project schedule
• Monitor and report progress using ascribed system and drive innovative solutions to reduce cost and schedule
• To design the HVAC system as per the requirements mentioned in the proposal through various stages like designing, fabricating, and testing.

Al Emadi Enterprises
HVAC Engineer

   Apr 2014
— Jan 2016

• Follow SLA (Service level agreement) and KPI (Key performance indicators)
• Supervise and direct a work force of 45 Lead Facility and Maintenance Technicians.
• Perform preventive maintenance and repair service work on HVAC mechanical plumbing electrical and various other building systems to maintain the properties in peak operational condition.
• Oversee annual service work on chillers cooling towers and pump systems to optimize operation of systems.
• Delivered technical assistance support and training to various work teams in order to increase the skills and capabilities of team members.
• Maintain and perform repair on all refrigeration equipment and perform troubleshoot on all HVAC equipment and perform repairs all coolers.
• Follow maintenance management and standard operation procedure (SOP)
• Repairing Chillers, Package units, AHU, FCU, Split Units & window AC.
• Ordered spare parts and keep stock on hands.
• Supervise and keep monitoring to handle all technicians and helpers.
• Carry out preventive, services, operation, repairing, customer request.
• Selection of Chillers, AHU’S, FCU’S, FAHU’S, Exhaust Fan, Blower, Window AC, Chilled water pumps, booster pumps, Cooling Tower, Desert Cooler and other Equipment’s.
• Manage all data center applications and operate various centrifugal chillers and install and maintain dehumidification systems and oversee all maintenance activities for various technicians.
• Expert to control humidity and maintain humidity level as per requirement.
• Independently handling the spare parts queries and communicating with the customer.

King Fahad Military Medical Complex
Sr. HVAC/Refrigeration Engineer

   Feb 2005
— Feb 2014

• General and preventive maintenance of the entire system which includes AC electricity component & equipment and also Servicing of Chiller Plant, Water Pump, AHU, Cooling Tower, Review designs and implemented design changes as needed.
• Supervising of Central Air Condition System, Modification in Air intake system to provide treated fresh airs to HVAC system such as Re-routing of Chilled Water Pipelines.
• Observes and follows all safety rules and procedures, including wearing (PPE) during site supervision required personal safety.
• Sound knowledge in HVAC Design codes and standards such as ASHRAE, ISO, NFPA, SMACNA, ARI, ANSI and NEC.
• Good understanding of equipment design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.
• Maintenance of all kinds of AC unit and replacing of damaged parts like PC Board, Compressor, thermostat, magnetic contactor, sensor & relay.
• Servicing & repairing of all kinds of centrifugal pumps, Chilled water pumps, Circular pumps, Booster pumps, Sewage pumps, soft and hot water pumps.
• Prepare daily observation report and discuss to Facility Manager and Project Manager the observation for the days with regards to work execution.
• Experience in HVAC equipment sizing & selection, heat load calculation and duct sizing & selection.
• Installing, Operation & Maintaining of Window A/C, Split unit, Package unit, AHU, FAHU, Ductile Split unit, Cassette Split unit and Central A/C (Primary DX air cooled system & secondary cooling tower system) and Knowledge of Trouble Shooting/repairing.
• Inspects work in process to insure its completion within allotted time limits and for acceptable quality standards.
• Coordinates with suppliers, contractors, engineers, and others concerning for equipment operations.
• Maintains responsibility for the correct stock levels of repair or replacement parts.
• Trains and instructs employees in new methods or procedures.
• Maintains records and files, including the approval of time cards and absences, and submits as required.
• Performs brazing, soldering, pipefitting, welding and fabrication of HVAC Systems.
• Completes records maintains tools and equipment, and performs various clear-up and housekeeping activities.
• Good understanding of man-hours estimate (technical proposal development)
• Operation and Maintenance of all HVAC systems associated auxiliary equipment, building management system, and building repairs.
• Good knowledge in planning and maintenance activities.
• Repair and services on Heating, ventilations, Air Conditioners, and Refrigeration Equipment in an extreme environment.

Saudi Oger Limited
HVAC Engineer

   Aug 1999
— Nov 2003

• Take full cognizance of Health, Safety and Environmental issues and liaise and interact with other disciplines to ensure overall project goals are met.
• Advise management of variations in a timely manner and utilize suitable technology to increase efficiency.
• Be fully conversant with Process safety and ensure its implementation within the Mechanical design.
• Responsible for handling the entire process of project turnover starting from project initiation to the delivery stage.
• Perform the tasks of evaluating the scope of supply and commercial bid of the project.
• Execute all Mechanical (HVAC) engineering activities and maintain technical integrity.
• Advises on the set up of control systems and the commissioning of product including refrigerant charging, addressing, operational data and field settings.
• Preventive Maintenance of all types HVAC/Refrigeration equipment.
• Apply international codes, ASHRAE, ANSI, SMACNA, NEC, and NFPA.
• Support junior team to carry out trouble shootings of all kinds of chillers, package units, AHU, FCU, Split Units and refrigeration equipment.

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