Medical Director Vaccines

Last Updated: 11th June 2019 (over 3 years ago)




Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

English, French


Global health Manager with a strong medical, research and publich health background and over 18 years of experience gained across hospital, laboratory, academy, and managerial practice, within the public and private sectors (public hospitals and research institutions, academy, NGOs and pharmaceutical industry).
My experience both field and office based made me a strong believer of trans-disciplinary approaches as key to infectious diseases control.
I have extensive experience in networking, managing multidisciplinary teams and international contracts.
Senior level manager, I am an extremely focused practical thinker with exceptional interpersonal and communications skills. I am a skilled high-energy problem solver, public speaker, facilitator, and multilingual writer.
Specialties: vaccines, immunization programs, training, innovation, clinical trials, epidemiology studies, public health, global health, leadership, networking


University of Geneva, Fondation Mérieux
Advanced course of vaccinology (ADVAC)

   May 2015
— May 2015

CNAM/Institut Pasteur
Master of Public Health (MPH)

   Oct 2012
— Dec 2013

University of Paris 7

   Oct 2007
— Jun 2011

Institut Pasteur

   Apr 2006
— Jun 2006

Systematic Virology

University of Yaounde
Specialist degree

   Sep 2003
— Jun 2007

Clinical Pathology

University of Yaounde

   Sep 1994
— May 2001


Medical DIrector Vaccines

   Jul 2017
— Current

• Lead and manage a local team of medical/scientific advisors
• Coordinate medical activities and medical team compliance regarding clinical data dissemination
• Coordinate clinical studies, other medical actions including grants, control of promotional or non-promotional medical information
• Deliver all medical strategies for the vaccines including all knowledge generation in the country
• Partnership with the vaccine’s commercial organization and single point of contact and accountability to ensure medical alignment on key strategies
• Effective and solid scientific communication with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure broad vaccine recommendations
• Primary point of contact for scientific questions with regulatory authorities
• Primary point of contact for country immunization committees and the ministry of health

Agence de Médecine Preventive
Country Director

   Feb 2014
— Jul 2017

• Team management and overall coordination of country research and implementation portfolio
• Daily coordination and management of two country offices and legal and administrative accountability in the country.
• Hight level representation of AMP nationally
• Contracts negotiation and signing with financial and technical partners (public administrations, international organizations, NGO…).

Agence de Médecine Preventive
Managing Director LAMIVAC

   Feb 2014
— Jul 2017

• Lead developed and implemented research strategies in applied vaccinology.
• Lead and coordinated research in the subject including determining relevant research objectives and preparing research proposals submitted by the LAMIVAC.
• Lead research and collaborative partnerships with other educational institutions, international organizations or other bodies.
• Ensure overall scientific quality of studies.
• Promoted effective collaboration between staff pooled from AMP and Centre Muraz and integration of studies activities with other activities of the Centre Muraz and AMP.
• Ensured that overall projects timelines are met and finding solution to any delays.
• Maximized the impact of the research activity of the LAMIVAC.
• Ensured management and supervisory responsibilities for scientific and academic staff.
• Ensure daily management and representation of the LAMIVAC interacting with Ministries of Health, International Organizations, pharmaceutical organizations, the West African Health Organization (WAHO), local and regional research and health institutions.
• Ensured research and grants acquisition
• Ensured research-based teaching with associated examination duties.
• Represented the LAMIVAC in Burkina Faso

Blood systems research Institute
Epidemiology intern

   Apr 2013
— Aug 2013

• Updated West Nile virus incidence and disease penetrance ratios in the US projected from combined major operational blood donors’ databases and emphasized the need for a combined national donor system to supplement regular surveillance.
• Described early peri-donation relations between Dengue virus viremia and symptoms in Puerto Rican blood donors.

University of Yaounde
Senior lecturer

   Mar 2012
— Current

• Provide general and specialized virology lectures to MD and master’s Students at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in Yaounde Cameroon.
• Mentoring Master and PhD level research works and dissertations

Institut Pasteur Bangui
Senior Laboratory manager

   Aug 2011
— Nov 2012

• Supervised a team of 30 involved in multidisciplinary diagnosis analyses and developed a strong team spirit and cohesion within and outside the lab.
• Ensured high quality standard and validity of routine diagnosis analyses.
• Conducted biological follow up of HIV infected patients in a local collaborative framework.
• Executed budget planning and ensured internal quality control measures.
• Supervised public health reference projects (acute child infectious diarrhoea, respiratory infections, and transfusion prone-viral infections).

Institut Pasteur Bangui
Research scientist

   Aug 2011
— Nov 2012

• Implemented serology and molecular techniques applied to Human herpes virus screening for clinical and transfusional epidemiological studies.
• Created a Kaposi sarcoma blood and biopsy banks.
• Trained a local MD student on clinical research methodology, field investigation and Human herpes virus screening techniques.
• Created a collaborative framework involving the Institut Pasteur in Bangui, The Institut Pasteur in Paris and local clinical dermatologists, paediatricians and pathologists.

Institut Pasteur
Research fellow

   Oct 2007
— Jun 2011

• Described ongoing virus transmissions from apes to humans in rural areas of Cameroon and identified the largest foamy virus infection series ever published.
• Improved serological western blott screening and increased serological capture of infected individuals.
• Described epidemiological and molecular features of Human herpes virus transmission in rural areas of Cameroon.
• Trained local masters students on field investigation methods for project continuation.
• Isolated novel monkey and gorilla foamy virus strains.
• Planed and conducted more than 70 field missions leading teams of 3 to 5 members and collected thousands of samples widely screened for multiple virus infections.

Ministry of public health
Chief medical officer

   Sep 2001
— Sep 2003

• Supervised a team of 10 involved in clinical and community health activities for a population of 20,000 inhabitants.
• Ensured full time responsibility for clinical interventions in the area. Kept a good satisfaction score and significantly increased hospital attendance.
• Performed advanced field immunization strategy for high vaccine coverage above 95%.
• Conducted local field surveillance for transmissible diseases and infections.
• Coordinated locally activities for the national HIV prevention and screening program.
• Clinical management and follow-up of HIV infected patients under HAART.
• Planned and executed yearly budgets and spending.

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