Operation Shift leader - Power Plant and Utility Plant

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Thai


• Operation shift leader with more than 20 year experience in the control room operator, field operator of power plant and petrochemical plant, safety inspector, prepared the work instruction and procedure.
• Ability to identify the problem area finds the solution and implements the same thereby increasing the operational and cost efficiency.
• Participating on cross-functional team which target reduction of plant force outage, controlling plant quality issues, safety and increase employee involvement.
• Currently Responsible 740 MW.Power generator for 4x35 MW GE frame 6 with heat recovery unit, 2X170 MW CFB coal fire hybrid block,120 MW CFB coal fire, 4x35 MW GE frame6 with 4x70 ton/hr.HRSG. Water treatment plant RO,Clarify water, Demineralised water.Waste water treatment plant.


Bachelor of Industrial Technology.

   Feb 2008
— Jul 2010

The Institue of Technology Ministry of Education Thailand
Diploma in Mechanical Power Technology.

   May 1986
— Mar 1988


Berakas Power Company, Brunei Darussalam.
Shift Charge Engineer

   Jan 2018
— Sep 2019

• Responsible as the operation advisor for all aspects of operating the power plant as efficiently
and as safety as possible, includes managing and directing all shift operations personnel as well
as being in charge of the plant, permit to work system also authorized to carry out both MV and
HV switching power system by including:
1. Combine Cycle 2X35 MW GE gas turbine frame 6
2. 2 Unit HRSG.
3. 49 MW GE Steam turbine.
4. 66 KV, and 11 KV power system.
5. 7X25 MW GE frame 5,3X38 MW GE frame 6 in LUMMUT Power Station.
6. 8X35 MW GE frame 6 GARDONG Power Station.

Engie Glow SPP 2,3 Maptaphut Industrial Estate, Thailand
Operation Shift leader.

   Jan 1995
— Jan 2018

• Responsible for:
• 2X170MW.Hybrid block CFB Coal fire power plant with GE steam turbine.
• 120 MW CFB Coal fire power plant with Siemen Steam turbine.
• 4X35 MW GE frame 6 with heat recovery unit.
• 4X35 MW frame 6 with 4X70 ton/hr. HRSG Cogeneration Power Plant.
• Water treatment plant, RO, Clarify water, polishing plant
• Waste water treatment plant.
• Controlled and monitoring 115 KV,22KV Powers grid, High and Medium pressure steam, water supply for Maptaphut Industrial Estate include 230 KV to Government power grid.
• Supervise for the control room operator, field operator and associated process and equipment
for safety, reliability and environment compliant operation of CFB/GAS turbine.
• Evaluate and management plant performance and initial improvement effecting reliability, viable and efficiency.
• Conducted formal training session as well as on-the-job training relating to the control room operator and field operator.
• Prepare a daily report to Operation Manager of all activities of the last 24 hours, any unusual or repetitive alarms, power and steam generator status, steam supply and chemical storage etc.
• Managed Coal stock yard for balance coal consumption and prepared coal mixing ratio for optimized coal heating value and boiler efficiency.
• Managed Fly and Bed ash transportation for prevent ash overflow.
• Job safety analysis the work permit for operation and maintenance, lock out, tag out issued permit to work for all requirement.
• Incident and accident report to the operation Manager and all concerning whom the groups of the root cause analysis for verify the cause of problem.
• Prepared emergency drill scenario to give training the operator and concerning by following as the safety rule for yearly emergency drill.
• Direct and Coordinate day-by-day with maintenance section which plan to repair or emergency shutting down in case of equipment problem.
• Utilized operating data available in DCS, PI, checklists, logs, and other appropriate records to identify equipment problems and their causes and assess options to make decisions on an appropriate response.

Viny Thai Company, Maptaphut Industrial Estate Thailand.
Utility Operator

   May 1993
— Dec 1994

• Responsible the water treatment plant, 50 ton/hr. Boiler, raw material storage tank (Vinyl chloride), waste recycle plant, waste gas incinerator.
• Dairy report for the shift supervisor all activities of the last 24 hours.

Tuntex Polyester, Maptaphut Industrial Estate,Thailand
Utility Operator

   Apr 1990
— Apr 1993

• Responsible the water treatment plant, 25 ton/hr. Boiler, waste water treatment plant, chiller water plant.
• Dairy report for the shift supervisor all activities of the last 24 hours.

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