ICSS , Automation Engineer

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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level
HNC/HND/City & Guilds

English, French, Italian


I worked in Oil&Gas on several projects, like Moho Bilondo in Congo for 2 years and Kashagan -Kazakhstan for 4 years, plus another 2 in Indonesia on an FPU
For both I was involved in commissioning , start-up and maintenance.

I have 20 years of experience , around 6 in Power as Electrical engineer and other 10 on control as DCS, PLC and SCADA engineer. In this time I covered a lot of activities like design , maintenance and especially commissioning. I worked overseas especially in Oil&Gas industry.


Bucharest Polytechnic University, Romania, Electrical Engineering Faculty
E&I Engineer

   Oct 1992
— Jun 1997


ICSS Supervisor

   Apr 2016
— Current

HHI - Korea
• Commissioning of ICSS (C&E, Serial communication with Packges etc) and supervisiong the vendors on logic implementation on Packages for HULL.
Karimun Saipem Yard
• SAT DCS, ESD and FGS for Topside
• Commissioning of ICSS (C&E, Serial communication with Packges etc) and supervisiong the vendors on logic implementation on Packages for Topside
• assist the vendors with PLC support. (Allen Bradley Controllogix and Siemens S7-300,S7-400 PLC)
• Sail Away – support for operations
• Startup – ICSS support for operations plus for the vendors on packages like Instrument Air Compressor, Electrochlornation, MRU
• Handover to operations

NCOC Kazakhstan
Senior PLC Engineer

   Mar 2014
— Dec 2015

• Investigate and troubleshoot Control System (HMI/PLC) issues and associated networks to ensure system operational integrity.
• Software modifications required by other departments(HVAC, Utilities, Start-up) based on CAIM (Controls, Automation, Instrumentation & Metering) change request

ICSS Commissioning Engineer

   Jan 2012
— Feb 2014

D-Island Offshore
• assist the vendors with the SAT/Package logics;
• assist the package vendors to test the serial communication between PLC’s and DCS and/or other PLC’s;
• assist the commissioning team with PLC support in cases when the vendor is not called/available anymore .Commissioning of Fresh Water , Gas Heater Packages, HVAC etc (Allen Bradley SLC500 and Siemens S7-200,S7-400 PLC)
• ensure that the required tools to connect to the PLC’s are available/ordered after the vendors left site (licensed softwares, laptops, interfaces,…).
• periodical back-ups of the PLC’s softwares are recorded for safety reasons;
• detailing the control of the process of installing/removing control systems isolations (e.g. opening of knife edges, jumpers, forces, temporary software changes,…);
• assure that the company management of change (MOC) procedures related to packages are adhered to during commissioning works.

Automation Engineer

   May 2011
— Nov 2011

Mintia – Romania - 220/110 kV electrical substation
• PAS CC SCADA and SICAM PAS substation automation system commissioning

Italy-Skema Quadri Elettrici
Automation Engineer

   Mar 2010
— Feb 2011

Kashagan Experimental Project Kazakhstan
Italy – Milano
• Software development for HVAC systems in Allen Bradley Controllogix PLC and HMI
• Hardware and software FAT for HVAC systems for Recovery Buildings
• Modbus RTU communication check with GE Multilin protection relays and Vacon VSD
Kazakhstan – Atyrau
• precommissioning and commissioning of HVAC systems for Recovery Buildings on D Island .
• Software and hardware modification according to As built documentation
• Loop check & Testing of Electrical Motors and Controllers, Switchgear,
Protection relay
• Loop checking, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities for different instruments: flow, pressure, level, temperature
Kazakhstan -Exterran site-GPL Plant
• commissioning 0.4kV , 6kV substation
• Parameterisation of GE Multilin protection relays and Vacon VSD

Automation Engineer

   May 2009
— Jan 2010

• Configuration of IDS SCADA (HIGH LEIT) and RTU;
• Configuration of HMI graphics and establishing the communication on Modbus with third party PLC
• Commissioning at RADET (Bucharest City Heating Company)

Areva T&D
Automation Engineer

   Oct 2008
— Apr 2009

DCS Software configuration of inputs and outputs after the I/O list on PACIS
• Configuration of the control logic;
• Configuration of HMI graphics;
• Installation of servers cubicle and network;
• Load configuration in site and test inputs, outputs and control logic;
• Solve discrepancies between the field and the software configuration;
• Modify field wiring for good signal aquisition;
• Execute tests with the client.
• All DCS commissioning activities are covered, including the "As Built" documentation..

Senior Systems Engineer

   Aug 2005
— Sep 2008

Position: Senior System Engineer
Turceni thermal power plant Team leader –Basic Design
• DCS system configuration
• CCTV system configuration.
• Emission monitoring system configuration.
• Subsystem communication configuration.

Assigned at Moho Bilondo(FPU - Floating Production Unit) project. Yokogawa Romania was the subcontractor of Yokogawa France
For this project the engineering company was Hyunday Heavy Industries and the final client TOTAL E&P Congo.
Office in PARIS:

• I/O allocation on the cards according to the safety rules.
• Configuration of typical according to the functional analysis
• Typical FAT.
• Power and heat stress calculation for system and marshalling cabinets
• Configuration both on Prosafe RS-Safety PLC DCS for F&G system according to the C&E matrix
• FAT for F&G system.

Commissioning in Korea at Hyunday Heavy Industries Yard

• Technical assistance for HHI at loop checking.
• Supervising hardware modifications.
• Asisting package vendors -HVAC, Addressable F&G system, electroclorination, ABB for electrical system, turbine, EDG
• Checking an implementing software modifications required by the client according with equipments mounted in the field for all the safety part(PSS, ESD, F&G) and some process parts(PCS)

Commissioning in Congo offshore

• Technical assistance for the start-up of the platform .DCS and Safety PLC(PSS, ESD, F&G)
Assigned at Saint Gobain Glass project
• DCS configuration for Roof heating and internal test +hardware design and FAT in accordance with client requirements for marshalling cabinets
Assigned at Gasco Loading Arms project - Safety PLC

Termoelectrica-Bucharest West Power Plant
E&I Engineer

   Jun 2000
— Jul 2005

The main duty was to establish the priorities for the day based on the loggs from CCR or to keep the work evidence on regular maintenance
• Supervising regular maintenance activities on electrical equipments and installations like generators protections, 110/6/0,4 kV protections , breakers and substations automation
• Designing and programming the Automatic Transfer. Change from relays to PLC in all the plant
• Designing the cabinets , programming PLC and SCADA for a heating package
• Events analysis in case of damages.

Commissionong Engineer

   Oct 1997
— Jun 2000

• commissioning at Romanian Parliament
• I&C at the Progresu Power Plant
• Commissioning at Paroseni Power Plant
• Commissioning at IFIN (Nuclear Engineering Institute):-20 KV and 0.4 KV stations-Primary, secondary, protections and Automatic transfer.

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