Supply Chain & Procurement manager

Last Updated: 8th October 2018 (over 4 years ago)




Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, German, Russian


I have 12+ years of various experience in coordinating international and local supply chain management processes in CIS, Africa, Middle East, EU and China. I have had a great chance of achieving my skills in procurement, planning, warehousing, methodology and analytics through cooperation with different companies:

- heavy-machinery manufacturing (Rostselmash - Russia, USA, Canada, EU);
- oil & gas construction (Stroytransgaz - Russia and Middle East projects);
- mining (Alliance for Mining - Sudan, China, Middle East, EU)
- atomic energy (ROSATOM - Russia);
- United Nations (United Nations Development Programme - Belarus)

Wherever I work I am always eager to explore and find the ways of improvement. And the more complicated issues are, the more interested I am. So I always welcome all the new challenges, even not invited ones, and ready to improve my skills in order to extract the best results from what I do.


American Institute of Business & Management | Infonet Institute, Dubai
CPP & CPM (Certified Purchasing Professional & Certified Purchasing Manager)

   Feb 2016
— Jul 2016

Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade

   Sep 2015
— Sep 2015

Strategy and category management in procurement
Corporate Academy of State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom"

   Jul 2015
— Jul 2015

RODLI. Rostov-on-Don Linguistic Institute

   Sep 2008
— Aug 2010

RODLI. Rostov-on-Don Linguistic Institute

   Sep 2003
— Jul 2007


United Nations
National Procurement Adviser (UN Operations Management team)

   Nov 2017
— Current

Alliance for Mining Co. (Sudan)
Deputy Head of Supply Chain Department

   Oct 2015
— Oct 2017

• local buyers team and import procurement management;
• development and optimisation of procurement system: regulations, instructions, business processes;
• continuously monitoring, evaluating and improving supply chain processes, including vendors management, cost reduction and terms of supply negotiations, customs clearance, warehousing, system integration procedures, etc.;
• reviewing tenders and bids;
• drafting and controlling the procurement budget;
• delivering cost savings for the company;
• resolving disputes and claims with vendors and suppliers;
• participating in staff recruitment;

• created and implemented the General Procurement Policy (incl. instructions, reports, step-rules, common and specific corporate and system documents);
• rebuilt the procurement strategy through organising supplies directly from the manufacturing plants instead of agents and retailers (cost reduction, supply chain optimisation, professional technical support);
• saved over $0,5 mln of budget within first 5 months through: replacing suppliers with the new ones, negotiating discounts with exiting ones and logistics optimisation;
• in cooperation with IT-team defined and implemented corrections improving the corporate ERP system;
• trained the local procurement team to operate in ERP system

State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM (Moscow, Russia)
Chief Buyer (strategy and quality management)

   Jun 2015
— Oct 2015

• procurement quality system management (reviewing and updating of the policies, reports, creating and implementing the new ones, preparation of all the documents needed for the internal & external audits);
• pricing the new and current projects expenses;
• supporting the procurement team in non-regular supply chain issues;
• working out and developing of the procurement strategies for all the project purchasing procedures;
• preparation of all the documents and information needed for the global procurement corporate meetings;
• participating in the global procurement corporate meetings and defending the procurement strategies

• secured high indexes during 3 out of 3 external quality system audits (Lloyd, Ministry of Defence, Hanhikivi Atomic station project) and a few internal audits;
• revised, approved and implemented the common procurement policies and buyers functional policies, supplementing it with actual functions and aims;
• attended the Ministry of Defence conference announcing global changes in supplies for the specific governmental projects, prepared the corresponding reports showing all the detailed changes, implemented it with the procurement team and consulted the other departments;
• became the corporate responsible expert in Procurement for the Ministry of Defense according to the Federal Act No.275;
• in cooperation with IT-team defined and implemented corrections improving the corporate ERP system

PJSC Stroytransgaz (Moscow, Russia)
Methodology Expert (Procurement)

   Sep 2013
— Sep 2014

• to create and implement the system regulating the identification and accounting of the unclaimed goods and materials;
• to monitor and control the fulfillment of the rules regulating financial matters of inventory and procurement procedures;
• initiate application of the innovation methods of procurement financial control;
• gather and lead specific working teams in order to find the best possible ways of financial control improvements (either impossible ones and make them become possible)

• created and implemented new system regulating the identification and accounting of the unclaimed goods and materials

PJSC Combine Plant Rostselmash (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Head of Procurement Department

   Jun 2011
— Jun 2012

• to manage all the in/outcoming shipments of the products the department is responsible for (assembled and dissembled tractors, sprayers and sowing complexes Versatile (CA/USA), service and spare parts);
• to participate in the manufacturing localization of the components in Europe and CIS: explore the alternative suppliers; prepare forecasted benefit calculations; negotiate with the potential manufacturers; define and discuss the contract terms; conclude the contracts; define the planning and organize the delivery of the experimental samples; coordinate the new technical documentation;
• planning, analysis and permanent reporting to the share-holders;
• solving of the manufacturing, customs clearance, logistics and warehousing issues;
• responsibility for the division budget (about $140 mln annually)

• organised stable functioning of the new department (elaboration and adjustment of regulation documents and integration of them to the general regulating systems of the company);
• elaborated and implemented the standards of the special shipment, packing and commercial documents for the shipments of the tractors and sprayers taking into account all the specific matters of importing disassembled machines to Russia;
• saved over $1,2 mln annually through localisation of the overseas components in Europe and CIS

PJSC Combine Plant Rostselmash (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Deputy Head of Procurement Department

   Mar 2011
— Jun 2011

• to control the execution of the charges from the two previous positions;
• to take part in the special working teams;
• to sign and be responsible for all the import contracts, payments, commercial and technical documents

• improved the documentary procedures between the divisions of the company;
• successfully taught the new employees according to the ‘tutorship program’;
• worked out the specific technical documentation to all the importing components for the customs office and created general technical online database

PJSC Combine Plant Rostselmash (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Senior Buyer

   Nov 2008
— Feb 2011

Responsibilities (in addition to the previous role):
• to participate in organization of cooperation with the new Rostselmash plants in Canada and USA: to determine the types of disassembling, loading/unloading, transporting, customs clearance proceduring, debiting, assembling and warehousing of the tractors, sprayers and its components;
• to be responsible for the supplying activities with all the foreign suppliers (in addition to the Russian ones) of the department (53 suppliers / 2500 SKU (50000 SKU while executing the whole department planning and analysis charges));
• to prepare the technical documentation to all the importing components;
• to combine this position with "planning specialist" after the stuff reduction;
• to prepare the daily/week/month reports, summary diagrams and tables showing the goals of the department;
• to estimate monthly and annual budget, expenses, incomings and payments of the department;
• daily SAP downloads and analysis of the data regarding the movements of the components;
• daily management of the summary reports on the implementation of the procurement plans;
• to participate in the working teams solving the matters regarding in-plant modernization of the workflow and componentflow processes in SAP R3;
• to manage the department incoming and outcoming documents flow

• succeeded in coordinating the stable supply of the new machines and components from Rostselmash plants located in USA and Canada;
• increased the monthly purchasing plan performance to the level 85-95% against two staff members reduction and 3 times increase of overall SKU;
• reduced the department labor costs: creating and implementing the online databases of all the unit documents; improving the consolidated databases used for the regular reports;
• developed my skills in working with Excel, MS Project and AutoCAD

PJSC Combine Plant Rostselmash (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

   Apr 2008
— Nov 2008

• to execute the service components monthly purchasing plan;
• to organise regular and emergency supplies;
• to cooperate with manufacturers and suppliers from Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, North and South America;
• contracting;
• cost reduction and quality claims negotiations;
• to search for the new suppliers;
• active work in Excel (summary tables, ABC/XYZ analysis, etc.), SAP R/3 (general transactions, contracts, purchase orders, stock balances, transportation of goods, downloading summary data processing to Excel, etc.), 1C (reconciliation reports, turnover balance reports)

• increased and maintained the monthly purchasing plan performance from 60% to 80%;
• succeeded in running through the full organizational cycle of cooperation with the new foreign suppliers;
• reached professional skills in using SAP R/3 system;
• successfully regulated the workflow matters with most of the ‘problem suppliers’

YugPribor, Ltd. (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Sales & Sourcing Coordinator

   Jul 2006
— Mar 2008

Previous positions in the company: delivery driver, warehouse coordinator.

• to extend the clients base;
• to organize and coordinate the incoming and outcoming shipments;
• to analyze the market;
• warehouse logistics management;
• pricing;
• business negotiations with clients and forwarders

• systemized the inventory control and warehouse logistics;
• created online inventory database;
• developed the sales network within the region

RODLI. Rostov-on-Don Linguistic Institute
IT specialist

   Sep 2002
— Jul 2006

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