Industrial Manager / Production Manager / Project Manager

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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

English, German, Portuguese


Analytical and conceptual with pragmatic approach keeping the sense of what is feasible. The basis of my theoretical and practical skills was broadly formed through my technical apprenticeship, Bachelor of Metal Production and further studies in Automation Technology combined with many years of international experience in production. By working as a production manager for over 17 years, I gained an in depth knowledge in manufacturing management and engineering.
In addition, I bring in with more than 7 years as an international project manager an excellent background in planning of green-field projects, knowledge transfer and ramp-up factories. Many years of leadership experience have given me the ability to create teamwork and cooperation between internal and external partners.
■ Plan, build, ramp-up and manage production facilities in the international environment
■ Create digital surrounding to optimize operational performance, development of digital processes and lean, design and implementation of production monitoring systems
■ Leading international teams, constant promotion and development of employees, strengthen the skills and empower
■ Ensuring an efficient and smooth running of the production processes with the focus on quality and productivity
■ Intercultural coaching, exchange and organization of knowledge transfer in the international factory network
■ Fluent in German (mother tongue), English and Portuguese


Fachhochschule Ulm
Engineer in Automation Technology

   Sep 1990
— Mar 1994

Graduate Engineer in Automation Technology

Industrie- und Handelskammer
Industriemeister Metall

   Sep 1987
— Aug 1989

Certificate: Bachelor of Metal Production Technology and
Operations (CCI) Industriemeister Metall (evening course)

Spindelfabrik Suessen

   Sep 1978
— Aug 1981

Certificate: mechanic (apprenticeship)


General Electric
Industrial Manager

   Jul 2017
— Current

Since 01/2007 ALSTOM / General Electric, GE Power

Industrial Manager “Project: Implementation Gas Turbine Assembly” at new facility
■ Focus: Industrialization, knowledge transfer and Ramp-Up a gas turbine assembly including ensuring the part delivery on time internally and externally
■ Objectives: Coaching and support assembly (implementation & ramp-up), complete the assembly units, specification of the process, know-how transfer in a difficult environment with target of self-reliance of the unit by end of 2018

ALSTOM / General Electric
Project Manager “Knowledge Transfer Project” / Manager Industrial Engineering & Investment

   Nov 2014
— Jun 2017

Project Manager “Knowledge Transfer Project” / Manager Industrial Engineering & Investment in Ahmedabad, India
Manufacturing and Assembly of Steam Turbines and Generators
■ Coordination and execution of the transfer of knowledge to the new organization (manufacturing & assembly) in India, verification/assessments with competence matrix, develop a strong relationship between knowledge providers and recipients in the factory network
■ Ensure an appropriate planning / structure of the production and equipment of the work stations in coordination with the "Lead Factories" with subsequent product and process qualification
■ Organize and provide the training for the respective areas, later on also with HR
■ Regular reporting to Steeco, reviews & progress
■ Coaching of the Indian managers and engineers
■ Install CAM processes/digital production/3D modeling (E2E), the basis for the success of the fast startup of production
■ Development of Industrial Engineering & investment, the definition of roles and responsibilities, transfer of "Best Practice" of the production processes with the focus on the NC programming, process technology, taking account of lean and digital, cost accounting, development of the learning curve for the Ramp-Up
■ Creation of a "Brilliant Factory" Roadmap focus on "Digital Factory"
■ Successful planned delivery of the first turbine module in April 2016

Project Manager "Knowledge Transfer Project"

   Sep 2013
— Nov 2014

Project Manager "Knowledge Transfer Project" in Mannheim, Germany
Manufacturing and Assembly of Steam Turbines and Generators in India
■ Development of know-how transfer as a project for the new organization for 50 different roles (JDs) and 350 employees
■ Create a roadmap for the complete KT flow, draw up an assessment matrix (for individual JDs)
■ Determine content, purpose and budget with its reduction by 30% to €6.4 M, including coordination with "Lead Factories" in support and the scope of the responsibility for the training off-site (in Europe) and on-site (India), start of first production section in March 2015
■ Analyze the possible risks during the execution of the project

Deputy Factory Director Turbine Factory

   Jan 2012
— Aug 2013

Deputy Factory Director Turbine Factory in Chattanooga, USA
■ Ramp-up of the new turbine factory
■ Implementation of the Alstom organization structure, Industrial Set-Up
■ Integration in the international factory network
■ Knowledge Transfer
■ Lean in the production (including OEE, lead time, 5S, etc.)
■ Head of Industrial Engineering & investment (acting) with main tasks: development of the Industrial Engineering Department, checking the investment plan, implementation of Factory Systems (CAM-systems)

Factory Director (acting/transitional) Turbine Factory, USA

   Apr 2011
— Dec 2011

Factory Director (acting/transitional) Turbine Factory, USA
■ Ramp-up of the new turbine factory with investment of US$350 M
■ Areas of responsibility: P&L, order management, production workshops, maintenance, Industrial Engineering, investment
Functional: HR, Finance & control, Quality, Process Improvement
■ Main tasks: implementation of Alstom organization & culture, Industrial Set-
Up, integration in the international factory network, technology transfer
■ Lead of over 200 employees
■ Turn-over US$55 M (during start-up)

Manager Production

   Jan 2007
— Mar 2011

Manager Production in Mannheim, Germany
■ Turbine parts manufacturing
■ Work preparation and NC programming
■ Tool management, quality management, engineering, cost calculation and process improvement
■ Subcontracting
■ Lead of over 180 employees
■ Added value approx. €30 M, part production for about 30 Turbines
■ 06/2009 - 3/2011 "Production Line Manager Casing" in the international
factory network for six casing productions (as add-on)
- standardization, benchmark, technology, ... in the casing production

Manager Production

   Jan 2002
— Dec 2006

Manager Production at Voith in Heidenheim, Germany
■ Casing and cubical part manufacturing
■ Work preparation and NC programming
■ Cost calculation and process improvement
■ Lead of over 90 employees
■ Added value approx. €8 M

Manager Production & Engineering

   Mar 1996
— Dec 2001

Manager Production & Engineering at Suessen Group in Sao Paulo, Brazil
■ Production and Assembly
■ Production planning, material planning, work preparation
■ Technical Department (adjustments), Projects
■ Cost calculation, IT
■ Lead of over 160 employees

Production Engineer

   Apr 1994
— Feb 1996

Production Engineer, Suessen Group in Brazil and India

Mechanic / Supervisor Production

   Apr 1981
— Dec 1989

Mechanic / Maintenance / Supervisor, Germany

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