Resume Planning Manager: Deepak.C 12+ Years Experience

Last Updated: 23rd March 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

English, Hindi


- Qualified Planning Manager with more than Twelve years of Experience in Project Management, Project Control, Construction Management and Resource Planning.

- Expertise in project management activities including planning, scheduling, budgeting,
Earn valve management, Resource scheduling, contingency planning and reporting.

- Adept in managing construction related activities including Resource Planning, Rolling wave Planning, in-process monitoring, Team building and co-ordination with internal/external departments.

- Proficient in Primavera and MS Project to produce realistic programmes.

- Excellent communication skills with an ability to coordinate with project members, consultants, client & contractors with consummate ease.


Post Graduation Diploma in Advanced Construction Management

   Jan 2005
— Jan 2007

2005 – 2007 Post Graduation Diploma in Advanced Construction Management from NICMAR’s CISC (National Institute of Construction Management and Research), Hyderabad with C.P.I.7.3

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

   Mar 1999
— Nov 2004

Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Sri JAGADGURUMALIKARJUNA MURGARAJENDRA INSTUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Chitradurga affiliated to Visweswariah Technological University, Belgaum in the year 2004 with 56.00%


Royal Court Affairs
Planning Manager

   Mar 2014
— Current

Responsibilities: As Planning Manager
Design Stage:
An overarching role to ensure Timely Production of Design Information in Close liaison with project design team.
- To establish the overall Master Programme based on the Sponsors desire.
- Oversee design progress against schedule and budget.
- Adhering to design production programming, monitoring and review.
- Implement corrective measures for identified distractions or issues.
- Administer design consultants including processing monthly invoices for payment.
- Coordinate and monitor the status of design programs complying with provisions of design.
- Coordinate and control design submittals for Management committee for review and approval.
- Head and manage the Procurement Schedule.
Procurement Stage:
To coordinate with Design Consultant in strategizing to find suitable vendors for cost-effective deals and to discover the best ways to cut procurement expenses.
- To coordinate with the Design Consultant in splitting the works into various Direct and Nominated Packages.
- Advising the Design Consultant on the local Vendors in the market and establish the Project Vendor List.
- Assisting the Design Consultant in preparing the Prequalification document followed with the review and Recommendation.
- Assist the Tender Board in Floating the Tender by ensuring the correctness of the tender document.
- Developing a very methodical system to maintain the complete records on the entire procurement and contract administration processes.
- Assist the Project Director in arranging the site visit and ensuring the timely reply of the Tender Query.
- Preparing the Tender Report and recommending the award based on the Technical and Financial

Execution Stage:
Manage all the work flows of the projects and control the Project Execution and comply with the Project Milestones

- Instrumental in establishing the Main contractors C-14 Programme and aligning the rest of the Nominated Subcontractors/Direct Subcontractors Programme with the Main contractors Programme.
- Collaborate with all the stakeholders to perform Planning strategies and coordinate with Project Director to monitor all the activities and resolve the issues.
- Prepare activity metrics and analyze all the results and recommend required improvements in performance and collaborate with Project Director to implement the corrective actions.
- Evaluate and prepare the Project forecast for the delayed activity and recommend appropriate changes.
- Participate in all evaluation meetings on a weekly and monthly basis.
- Assist the Design Consultants to obtain and manage Main contractors Programme for Monitoring and prepare Progress reports to be presented to the Committee and manage delays without variation claims.
- Carrying out site visits with the Design Consultant to evaluate the Progress.
- Initiating the timely contractual responses for variations raised by the Contractors.
- Evaluating, Responding to the Contractors EOT- Extension of Time Claims and Recovery Programme and making sure the Project objectives are not compromised.
- Primarily acted as a single point of contact in notifying the Contractor and the Design consultant on the delays based on the terms of contract.
- Train all subordinates of all planning team in various system.

Project: Al Dimaniyat Hall
Duration: Mar 2014 to Oct 2015
Designation: Planning Manager
Department: Buildings
Responsibilities: As Planning Manager
Tender Stage:
- Prepare well-Engineered programmes, which add value at Tender stage.
- Assess Tender Temporary works requirements and value engineering solutions.
- Present Programme Philosophy and Tender strategy advantages with presentation.
Contract Stage:
- Prepare or develop from tender programme, well-engineered contract programmes, which contribute to successful project outcome in terms of time and cost.
- Prepare monitoring systems and monitor contract progress.
- Take responsibility for the creation and maintenance of project delivery schedules.
- Lead monthly planning update cycle, be responsible for objective assessment of project
- Status/Performance updates, including progress, forecast, and recovery actions.
- Schedule performance analysis of the project.
- Make critical path and schedule variance analysis for project performance measurement.
- Be a key contributor to the monthly performance review with an understanding of key performance metrics and a proactive approach to recovery planning.
- Prepare Summary progress reports with monthly report and present at monthly review meetings with the team.
- Prepare compensation event programmes and narratives, which facilitate successful compensation event resolution.
- Be a key member of a Work Package delivery team.
- Be the key interface across all work scope stakeholders.
- Take responsibility for supporting the wider project planning environment, contributing to the development of the planning capability within the assigned business unit and wider business.
- Ad hoc duties as job requires

Al Turki Enterprises
Planning Engineer

   Jan 2012
— Nov 2013

Responsibilities: As Planning Engineer
- Deliver and maintain consistent and realistic plans and control structures for the project. Understand the list of plans required to execute the assigned project sub-elements and their interface to other sub-elements. Develop the activities, logic, resources and progress for the assigned project sub-elements, leading to the creation of the baseline schedule and its subsequent maintenance.
- Develop, implement and comply with the planning and progress monitoring procedures.
- Conduct the schedule monthly progress update, forecast, critical path and trend analyses for assigned elements, including any impact from interface areas. Implement and maintain the status reports. Provide regular and comprehensive schedule status reports to Project sub-element managers.
- Assess and incorporate the impact of approved changes and any deviations from the key project targets and milestones, including productivity monitoring and identification of alternate approaches to optimize the plan(s).
- Liaise with and challenge Project Engineering personnel to ensure proper understanding of the key schedule sensitivities and drivers.
- Develop contract key dates, and milestones dates that align with the overall project schedule. Develop contract sections for planning and progress reporting. Review and verify sub contractors reported progress and ensure that this is reflected in the project schedule.
- Contribute to the translation of the projects risk profile into the probabilistic risk model and understand the output, including the key risk drivers for the possible range of schedule completion dates. Track the criticality of the main paths to completion and float consumption.
- Provide input data for and participate in benchmarking activities.
- Contribute to close-out data to enable knowledge retention (lessons learned, project data compilation) at completion of work.

Force-10 General Contracting
Planning Engineer

   Feb 2010
— Nov 2011

Responsibilities: As Planning Engineer
- Understanding the complete scope of project including Civil, design specifications and assisted in finalizing detailed Level 3 Programme
- Prepare a detailed Client Master Schedule for execution up to Level 4
- Prepare Site Internal Target Programme for monitoring purpose
- Prepare Delay impacted schedule for EOT claims
- Prepare Crash schedules when the contractual milestones are slipped due to delays
- Prepare subcontractor programmes for individual sub contractor works monitoring
- Prepare variation programme to claim for any additional design changes from client
- Proactively involve in project progress, completion forecasts and providing solutions to mitigate schedule delays or to optimize project completion
- Preparation of Site weekly report, Monthly Report for client submission
- Prepare Internal corporate management report
- Attend Weekly/bi-weekly progress meetings to identify areas of concern, plan ways to mitigate delays, if any
- Maintain Programme Log register to archive all the submission to client/sub contractors
- Maintain Procurement status log to identify Long lead constraints and track material delays
- Create short term/ Two week Look Ahead Target schedule for site personnel.

Project Coordinator

   Feb 2007
— Feb 2010

On Appointment
- To Start with Project Review & Submit Due Diligence report.
- TO Develop Project Execution Plan Project Kick Off Meeting.
- Review roles & responsibilities. Weekly Meeting Program & Agenda
In total Delivery Team Integration.
Tender Management
- TO Pre-qualify vendors & Prepare Tender Documentation Checklist.
- Verify & Monitor that consultant provides complete design tender documentation to PM.
- Identify the critical and sub-critical activities and their impact on the project schedules and report the same to the Project Manager.
- Compile Tender Documentation including terms and conditions to release to Vendors.
- Receive, check, clarify, collate tender results, Negotiate and Award.
Cost Management
- Review Project Budget & Obtain Budget Sign off.
- Prepare Project Cash flow & Update Cost reports.
- Review QS Estimate of Cost against Budget.
- Change Management impact reviews.
- Certify Payments - Invoice/claim, Payment certificate.
Procurement Management
- Identify Tender Packages, Long Lead Items & Identify conflicts with procurement. (Change Management)
- Verify and monitor supplier and vendor compliance with agreed procurement dates.
- Alert Client groups of key procurement items.
Schedule Management
- Prepare Preliminary Project Schedule & Obtain client approval of Schedule.
- Expand Master Project Schedule to incorporate detailed project data & Update Master project Schedule.