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45 to 54

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 26 years of extensive experience and multitasking background in the field of Process & Operations out of which 19 years in Polypropylene manufacturing with Novolen & Spheripol technology.
 Active team member in total Commissioning and Revamp of Polypropylene Plants.
 Core competency in main aspects of supervision of shift operation, DCS & field operation. 12 years of exposure in Panel Operation with different version of Honeywell’s DCS systems.
 Supervision of safe plant operation, startup & shutdown with optimum capacity. Maintaining quality standards to plan and execute shutdown & startup activities. Coordinate with maintenance departments regarding all maintenance & turnaround jobs.
 Analyzes information and makes adjustments quickly and effectively during abnormal conditions to ensure safe operations.
 Mentoring, training and implementing performance evaluations for shift production personnel.
 Emergency handling, troubleshooting, failure analysis, plant modification, de-bottlenecking etc.
 Safety management: PSM (Process Safety Management); MOC (management of change); Hazop studies; PTW (permit execution following all safety guidelines).
 Preparation of SOP (standard operating procedure), WIS (what if scenario), FIR (failure investigation report) & preparation of Plant Safety Manual.
 Effluent treatment plant management & QC/QA activities.


Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment Government of India.
All India Trade Test(AITT)

   Aug 1996
— Dec 1999

Completed All India Trade Test from Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment Government of India in the year 1999. A three-year course in Industrial Laboratory Management & Chemical Engineering Under the sponsorship of ITC Ltd.

University of Burdwan, India
B.Sc. (Chemistry)

   Aug 1988
— Sep 1991

Passed B.Sc. (Chemistry) with Distinction from the University of Burdwan, India in the year 1991.


Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company, Oman.
Senior Panel(DCS) Operator

   Feb 2013
— Current

It’s a supervisory cum mentoring role where I am responsible for mentoring, developing, and leading Omani nationals to become proficient manpower to achieve targeted Omanization by Orpic. Acting as Shift Team Leader when required.
The DCS is of Honeywell’s Experion PKS. Extruders are from Coperion.

Job Profile:-
 Supervision of safe plant operation, start-up & shutdown with optimum capacity and maintaining quality standards.
 Supervision of production personnel and manufacturing process in an organized, professional, and motivating manner.
 Maintain high level of plant optimization with 100% compliance to safety procedures. No deviation from SOP’s and operating instructions.
 Conducts initial panel checks to verify and understand current operating conditions and activities to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation.
 Responsible for monitoring and controlling the operations of Line 1 & 2 Catalyst Injection, Polymerization, Propylene Recovery and Powder Degassing units through control room DCS functions to ensure that targeted throughput and quality yields are achieved.
 Performs normal or controlled emergency shutdown and isolation of Polymerization unit equipment through the DCS functions and its auxiliary equipment efficiently so as to minimize plant downtime, losses of materials and generation of off-specification products.
 Performs pre-checks, re-commissioning and start-up operations of Polymerization unit equipment through DCS function and to ensure that targeted throughput and quality yields are achieved safely and in a timely manner.
 Collect, organize and analyse laboratory test results and make necessary adjustments to achieve targeted quality yield. Preparation and optimization of Grade Transition procedures.
 Communicate and liaise with Polymerization Unit field technicians in the execution of specific control room and field operational activities in accordance with the standard operating instructions.
 Identify, diagnose and troubleshoot plant operating problems using relevant systems so suitable actions can be taken to resolve quickly or prevent the problem and continue normal operations.
 Make the plant available for and conduct routine/planned maintenance, tests and audits as set out by schedules and/or procedures. Contribute and participate in plant shutdowns and projects to assist their successful completion.
 Maintain accurate and continuous record of polymerization unit performance, including the documentation of cause, effect, and results of all significant parameter adjustments.
 Contribute to maintenance, turnarounds, shutdowns, process improvement, inventory control, packaging, HSE, maintenance, and hazardous material handling that increased the productivity of operations.

Haldia Petrochemicals Limited, India.
Operation Specialist Polypropylene Plant (Spheripol).

   Sep 1999
— Jan 2013

I got involved with this project from the early stage and became an active team player in pre-commissioning, commissioning, stabilization and finally revamp for capacity augmentation of the Plant in multitasking role started as Field Operator, Panel Operator and finally separated as Operation Specialist.
The DCS was of Honeywell, TPS 3000 along with TRICONIX TMR PLC for the safe emergency shutdown. Extruder was from JSW (Japan Steel Work).

Job Profile:-
 Provided technical input and worked with production engineers’ ensuring the plant is operated in most effective way. Ensured smooth, safe, economical and optimized operation of the plant.
 Analyzed and solved day-to-day operational issues on the plant to maintain quality of the products.
 Involved in day to day troubleshooting, failure analysis, plant modification/debottlenecking activities.
 Maintained, reinforced, and extended job skills through training and application of training. Shared knowledge and experience to support shift team goals. Coached and mentored new hires and others.
 Maintained awareness of safety concerns and communicates these to personnel. Ensure all site personnel are following PSM & HSE procedures as per company policy.
 Responsible for monitoring and controlling the operations of Polymerization area, and Extrusion area. Demonstrated effective operation of the control panel and all critical issues pertaining to panel operation are resolved.
 Demonstrated accurate control of operation during start-ups, shutdowns, and emergencies of both the polymerisation & extrusion area.
 Achieved 100% compliance to the emergency shutdown procedure. Emergency handling in case of Utility Failures, Fire and Hydrocarbon Leakage and, Reaction killing system, TEAL deactivation etc.
 Conversant with different types of catalyst used for the polymerization of propylene. Conversant with different types of problems faced with the different catalyst. Knowledge of all poison affecting the catalyst activity & properties affected by Hydrogen & Donor. Knowledge of safety involved with different catalyst & its batch preparation procedure.
 Conducted trials for better cost effectiveness & product development and optimization.
 Own hand execution of critical tasks e.g. extruder start-up, catalyst panel handling, in-line mixer changeover etc. during an emergency.
 Experience of handling pyrophoric compound like Teal, fire fighting equipment like fire extinguisher, operation of deluge system/FM200 & Mock Drills.

Commissioning & Revamp Activities of Polypropylene Plant (Spheripol).

 Active team member in total pre-commissioning, commissioning & stabilization of Polypropylene Projects(240KTA) of Haldia Petrochemicals, Haldia, India in the year of 1999-2000.
 Active team member in total revamp & stabilization of Polypropylene Plant(capacity augmentation from 240KTA to 320KTA) of Haldia Petrochemicals, Haldia, India in the year of 2009-2010.
 My main role as a commissioning crew was to conduct various pre-commissioning activities and working as a part of Project management group, ensuring safety integrity of the plant, coordination with Site Project Management Team and supervise field staff for necessary actions during Pre- commissioning and commissioning,
 PFD, P&ID, Plant Isometric, cause and effect diagram and ESD revision & their development. I also worked on operating manual, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Manual, SOP, Training Module, Induction Module preparation and revision and prepared Test Packs during Pre-commissioning stage of Project. I trained the new operator for plant commissioning and operation and played a key role in safe and successful Pre-commissioning/Commissioning including mechanical clearance of above ground, underground piping loops, cleaning of piping loops and vessels, catalyst loading & metering package. Preparation of pre and post hydro test, pressure test, leak test, line flushing.
 Mechanical test run of rotating equipment, preparation of scheme for lube oil/ seal oil circulation for pumps and compressors, chemical cleaning process pipes, air blowing/blasting of systems,.
 Developing DCS graphics on Honeywell’s (TDC 3000) DCS system, experience in checking of total interlock systems including Extruder and Pneumatic conveying system Serial Interfaces.
 Helps in development of the emergency shutdown interlocks of Triconex TMR-PLC system.
 Safety aspects of the plant, safe measurements, Hazop studies, collection of MSDS of chemical used. Firewater network, other fire extinguishers network, etc.
 Commissioning of the critical equipment like
• JSW Extruder: Twin screw, 6.9 MW mixer motor with variable gear system having maximum capacity of 52 tons/hr. after revamp. The extruder is equipped with slot control for a sharp backward pressure for shearing polymer mixture and gear pump for better die head pressure. Total extruder system erection, commissioning, operation, troubleshooting and finally capacity augmentation—hands on experience with implementation of failsafe system.
• York-Sabroe: 250 ton of propylene refrigeration by variable slot screw compressors.
• Nuovo-Pignone: Centrifugal compressor with guide vane control and LO/SO complicated circuits.
• Flowserve Pump System: Nine stage liquid propylene pump discharging at the rate 80Tons/hr. at 70kg pr.
• Sundyne high speed centrifugal compressor & high capacity - high discharge pump.
• Sulzer Axial Pump: handling polymer slurry with capacity of 1070 m3/hr. with sensitive double mechanical seal and safety seal.
• Sihi Liquid Ring Compressor: It’s basically used for gas service having a water ring.
• JSW Multistage Reciprocating Compressor: With variable loading-unloading facilities.
• GSBI & Zeppelin Conveying Package: With multiple screw compressors from Zeppelin and Aerzen Delta Screw for lean phase and dense phase conveying.

ITC Ltd. (Tribeni Tissues Division), India.
Process Control Assistant.

   Aug 1992
— Sep 1999

ITC Ltd., Tribeni Tissues Division, is one of the largest export-oriented automotive specialties Paper-manufacturing units in India comprising of Digester, Pulp Mills along with 4 paper machines with a capacity to produce 35000 tpa. paper.

Job Profile:-
 Engaged in supervision & operation activities in Stock Preparation, Pulp Section & ETP.
 Coordination with Mechanical, Electrical & Instrument Departments.
 Operation of the key equipment’s which includes: -PLC operated digester, centrifuge breaker, conical refiner, spherical refiner, breast box, steam dryer, krofta, accuray (ABB), centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps & compressor, gear pumps, screw pumps, heat exchangers, steam ejectors etc.
 Involved in all sorts of Quality Control and R&D Activity.

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