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I have over 40 year’s practical working knowledge in Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Process Units, Utilities and pipelines. I have supervised and managed teams both outside in Plant areas, and inside Control Rooms. I have carried out and also trained personnel in ship loading operations in port areas. I have also been involved in FEED, SIMOPS, and 3D Model reviews. I have actively participated in the training and development of operations personnel, including the writing of training manuals, and graded tests.


Self Employed
Commissioning & Start up Manager

   Aug 2016
— Current

Consulting for and advising various companies on Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up projects. Writing of procedures, phone conferencing.

Commissioning & Start up Manager

   Nov 2014
— Jun 2016

• Orchestrated full pre-commissioning and commissioning operations from inception to completion, receiving client sign-off certification
• Organised sub-contractor manpower, liaising with team to prepare sites for pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up, hosting regular meetings to discuss and plan work activities
• Directed team in developing and preparing all plans and processes, devising procedures and marking up P&ID’s when necessary
• Attended management meetings with client, vendors, various engineering representatives and contractors, providing advice on issues such as mothball procedures for sections of the plant
• Collaborated with the planning department and head office to issue all weekly and monthly reports, collecting details of all daily team / sub-contractor activities, undertaking site walk-downs, and developing daily/weekly/monthly reports, enabling the development of the official planning schedule
• Organized vendor schedules, providing an experienced estimate of site time, based on existing planned schedule of activities
• Instrumental in establishing and developing an equipment preservation plan and spare part inventories
• Developed a pre-commissioning and commissioning consumables listing, identifying all materials/equipment to be used during pre-commissioning / commissioning in a spread sheet
• Liaised with safety and construction departments to implement LOTO and SIMOP procedures
• Attended and hosted HAZOPS, P&ID, and process safety review meetings

Tatweer Petroleum - Bahrain
Commissioning & Start up

   Mar 2012
— Nov 2014

• Managed Gas Dehydration Units (GDU), Water Treatment Units (WT), Tank Batteries (TB), Well Manifolds (WM), also water, oil and gas pipelines in the Bahrain oilfield
• Directed sub-contractor manpower, preparing sites for pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up, hosting daily meetings to discuss scope of work
• Developed and reviewed pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up procedures, ensuring validity and use, liaising with all relevant departments
• Attended daily and weekly meetings with client and various other departments, coordinating activities to minimise operational downtime and ensure cohesive working practices
• Coordinated meetings and liaised with various other companies to expedite operations
• Instrumental in developing SIMOPS, implementing proving and testing of steam turbines, pumps and chemical dosing systems
• Delivered P&ID redlining procedures, as part of monitoring and reviewing processes
• Developed JSA paperwork for all activities

Commissioning & Start up Manager

   Jun 2011
— Feb 2012

• Developed an extensive pre-commissioning plan for the PTP oil storage installations and pipelines at the Puerto Armuelles and Chiriqui Grande sites in Panama, identifying equipment/pipework/vessels/columns to be cleaned and tested, and cleaning procedures and materials to be used, planning around existing operations
• Directed both CB&I and sub-contractor manpower to prepare the sites for commissioning and start-up, assigning tasks as suited to abilities, planning work linking to the schedule
• Assisted in administering all QA/QC documentation, checking and updating all details
• Attended fire and safety drills, lectures, and delivered regular safety talks as a member of the Emergency Response Team
• Undertook testing of Firewater and foam systems for oil storage tanks, coordinating all testing with the construction, maintenance and safety departments, notifying appropriate authorities and ensuring the client was present during testing
• Established HAZOPS, P&ID, and process safety review meetings
• Liaised with safety and construction departments to implement LOTO procedures, hosting field checks and monitoring existing LOTO’s, completing associated documentation logs

Shaw Stone and Webster - Thailand
Commissioning & Start up Supervisor

   Mar 2010
— Mar 2011

• Supervised plant area and later operated as Control Room Commissioning Supervisor for start-up
• Assisted in all commissioning activities, including initial fills and catalyst loading for the Propylene Dehydrogenation Unit, Thailand
• Directed and advised Thai nationals in the Unit Control Room during commissioning and start-up of the PDH Unit
• Liaised with all vendors, directing all Control Room activities during Unit Acceptance Test Runs
• Involved in HAZOPS and P&ID development and attended PSR meetings
• Proved and tested all rotary equipment

Technip - Thailand
Commissioning Engineer

   Aug 2009
— Nov 2009

• Undertook all Pre-commissioning activities such as water flushing, air and steam blowing for the Ethylene furnace at the Map Ta Phut installation, Thailand
• Reviewed, modified and created pre-commissioning procedures as required
• Liaised with safety and construction departments to implement a LOTO procedure

Shaw Stone and Webster - Saudi Arabia
Commissioning & Start up Manager

   Oct 2007
— May 2009

• Developed all Pre-commissioning & commissioning packages for the YANSAB Units.
• Completed all technical writing procedures.
• Attended Process Safety Reviews and Hazops.
• Directed all Pre-commissioning personnel in their activities

Shaw Stone and Webster - Hoston, Texas, USA
Technical Services Manager

   Jun 2006
— Oct 2007

• Coordinated development of Pre-commissioning & commissioning packages for various installations all over the world.
• Involved in technical writing procedures.
• Assigned as a team member for Process Safety Reviews, Hazops, de-bottlenecking and troubleshooting exercises.
• Assigned as Commissioning Manager for various projects worldwide.

FMC - Algeria
Commissioning & Start up Technical Consultant

   Sep 2005
— Mar 2006

• Coordinated all activities during commissioning of three oil terminals in three different locations in Algerian coastal installations.
• Checked construction & fabrication using “as built” P&ID’s.
• Observed and advised during pressure testing, dewatering and oil introduction to facility.
• Worked both outside in the field and control room during proving/test runs of equipment for client approval and final hand-over.

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