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Extensive U.S. and International experience in municipal design and construction of Water Transmission/Distribution; Water and Wastewater System Rehabilitation; Hydraulic Modeling; Sewer Collection/Interceptors; Sanitary Sewer Infiltration/Inflow Studies; Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Studies and Segregation; Pipeline and Pumping Station Engineering; Sludge Handling and Disposal; Desalination; SWPPP; and 25 years of experience.
My role as a Project Manager was to perform day to day project management of projects, task orders or contracts for Water and Wastewater customers in the areas served by the companies and/or contracts I served on. Technical and administrative management of deliverables, scopes of work, schedules, staffing, sub-consultant management and budgets for water and wastewater projects. Client interactions, quality control and quality assurance for projects. Involved with business development, contract and scope negotiations, staff direct supervision, construction services and field services for water and wastewater projects and programs


Vernell Univ.
BSCE Civil Engineering 09/1963 to 06/1967

   Jul 2016
— Jul 2016

Univ. of Califirnia
MSCE Program 09/1997 to 12/1998

   Jul 2016
— Jul 2016

Project Manager

   Mar 1986
— Feb 2015

• Water Environment Federation (WEF), American Water Works Association (AWWA)
• Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Disaster Assessment Group

• SWPPP/SWMM Modeling, Pro-E, ESRI ArcView 3.3, ArcView 9.0, ArcGIS, Primavera 3 & 6, Hysim,
Sure Trac, HEC-I & HEC-II, AutoCAD 2005, Micro Drainage, Microsoft Project/Office


Confidential Client
Project Manager /Resident Engineer

   Dec 2015
— Current

Position involving the treatment and disposal of Frack Water. Research on the existing methods used for disposal and the development of a prototype process for the separation of additives, used in the fracking process, in order to recover, clean and reuse the water. Establishment of a bench scale treatability program to verify the process treatability and scale up requirements. Legal and Engineering work on the process presently ongoing and a review of suggested construction sites for the plant are presently under way.

Jacobs Engineering Group for Marafiq Power and Water, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Contract Project Manager /Resident Engineer

   Apr 2011
— Dec 2014

• Fifteen month contractual position (plus 3 extensions) used to review process and equipment selections, preparation of operational procedures and development of operational chemical usage and cost for these two treatment facilities having capabilities of 54,000m3/day and 45,000m3/day respectively.
• Each is designed and constructed to produce reusable product water for irrigation and wash down. Total cost of both systems combined totaled 647 million riyals (218.2 million dollars) with planning, feasibility and engineering design and construction for each system. Construction build out and commissioning to start first quarter of 2013 with final completion scheduled for April 2015.
• Assume overall responsibility for a profitable, well-constructed, safe project, completed in a timely manner
• Review project proposal and pertinent documents with project team and VP of operations
• Determine the most cost effective construction methods and use of personnel, material, equipment and subcontractors
• Review and approve subcontractor selections and invoicing
• Coordinate construction activities with the owner, subcontractors and company’s personnel
• Manage project staff, including assigned support staff, superintendents, project general foreman, and assistants
• Promote, enforce and establish safety as a priority as part of the company’s management philosophy
• Ensure that management is accurately and fully informed of project costs as compared to budgets through weekly labor and monthly budget reports
• Coordinate and provide direction for the budget estimating, purchasing, engineering, accounting, cost and construction functions as they relate to the completion of the project.
• Initiate, establish and maintain working relationships with owner, engineers, suppliers, and subcontractors to facilitate construction activities
• Organize, conduct and represent the company at project coordination meetings at regular agreed upon intervals.
• Review and approve subcontractor, vendor payment applications and miscellaneous invoices
• Negotiate, prepare, issue and execute change orders (proposals) to owners, design team, subcontractors and others, and prepare revisions to original budget as a result of changes and revisions to work.
• Ensure timely and accurate billings and accounts receivables.
• Ensure timely project completion through project scheduling, expediting of material deliveries and the management of material and document submittals/approvals.
• Lead and participate in regularly schedule project staff meetings
• Manage closeout processes.
• Enforce and adhere to all policies and processes as it relates to this position
• Actively participates on internal team(s) that focus on continuous improvement of the business

Vanir Construction Management, Tempe, AZ
Project Manager/Site Engineer

   Apr 2006
— Dec 2010

Northwest Wastewater Treatment Facility and Effluent Water Reclamation Facility (USA)
• EPCM contract for both wastewater treatment facility and effluent water reclamation plant valued at $385 million. In the planning stages assessed existing pump stations and collection systems to develop cost estimates for a sound basis and clear assumptions in order to set stakeholder expectations in relation to budget and funding requirements for this program. Evaluated performance, monitored quality, and prepared proposals for improvement/rehabilitation of sewer collection system and treatment plant based on advanced technology.
• Estimate updates that occur at major program milestones that follow a well-defined methodology that incorporated the appropriate detail at each stage. Established effluent recycling after secondary treatment after final calculations were made and stakeholders approval.
• Initiated cost estimates and budget updates, for the ongoing tracking and forecasting of costs tracking commitments and expenditures for providing accurate project status to the management team and stakeholders. Initiated and managed the procurement for consultants services for the design and use of BIM modeling for this project.
• Developed a comprehensive schedule/work plan based on the deliverables from contractors and program managers. Manage the team in analysis of conceptual design and the development of architectural and engineering construction drawings based on BIM modeling.
• Implemented schedule updates that defined process and maintain clear lines of accountability. Drafted reviewed contractual documents for design and construction professionals.
• Developed variance reports that highlight major differences between the baseline and forecast Serve as liaison between stakeholder, consultants and construction professionals;
• Initiated monitoring and reporting of key critical path or near-critical activities to program management and stakeholders to present the project status and anticipate issues.
• Incorporate budget/cost data to enable expenditure forecasting and earned value management Anticipate potential changes to budget or schedule and provide guidance on the review and analysis of changes when presented.
• Incorporated and maintain a Document Control system that controlled and gave appropriate access to documents through a collaborative systems that manage document versioning and enable role-based access. Ensure the project record is accurately maintained through a controlled document storage process Provide appropriate access to documents with minimal effort by delivering an indexed and organized document. Coordinated and directed internal resources (Assistant Project Managers, etc.), as required
• Provided Earned Value Management (EVM) so that the baseline cost and schedule data is integrated with an independent, objective assessment of work completed. Project progress then measures, the actual cost and physical work completed and compares this against the baseline plan. EVM determines the work completed independent of the actual costs, any variance of actual cost to planned expenditures provides an assessment of project status and forward trending analysis of budgets and schedules and the effect on the financial objectives of the project.
• At the request of the stakeholder Funds Management was implemented since this program was a CM @ Risk program. Funds Management is used to forecast and track funding sources and the allocation of those funds to specific milestones within the program.
• Authorize the issuance of contracts, purchase orders and approve and process scheduled progress draw packages for payment.
Develop and complete project specific tasks as required to meet the expectations of the stakeholder and fulfill our contractual obligations managing the project close out process to a successful completion.

World Bank/Stanley Consultants
Senior Project Team Leader

   Apr 2004
— Mar 2006

Improvement/Rehabilitation of Existing Water Supply & Sewer System, City of Tiaz, Republic of Yemen
• Directed a cross-functional team of 28 engineers in this $176 million dollar project which featured, feasibility studies, design and construction management, estimating and budgeting, and quality control on five contracts for installation of 650 kilometers of large bore pipe (DCI and UPVC in DN 200mm through DN 800mm), desalination facilities with capacity of 140 MLD (both fixed and mobile facilities) including above ground storage facilities, pumping stations with pumping capabilities from 700GPM (2.64K/LPM) through 2100GPM (7.9M/LPM) and distribution sequential segments for use within the city, 7,000 water house connections, and 6,500 sewer connections (UPVC DN50mm to DN150mm).
• Designed water supply components and sewer collection systems including hydrological and network analysis. Integrated water/sewerage model with GIS survey data using Arc View 3.3. Prepared cost estimates, optimization plans, and supervised construction based on Yellow Book FIDIC conditions of contract. Provided guidance to team members for preparation of system/user requirement analysis, including installation of water-meter for individual house-connections and preparation of revenue collection plan. Installed Arc View 3.3 GIS mapping for client’s use.
• Working as the Director of the Management Team, I was directly involved in the development of all project construction systems and procedures, implementation of monitoring and measurements to ensure the quality systems effective implementation/execution. Paramount to this was ensuring appropriate communication of the overall project quality requirements internally within the 5 contractors and each of the different vendor suppliers and sub-contractors and subsequently coordinating results with the client..
• Establishing procedure for the engineering and construction groups.
• Vendor Quality Control Plans / Inspection and Test Plans QCP/ITP and Inspections at global vendor premises as required by QCP/ITP
• Development and control of GIS survey data and ARC View 3.3 System Integration
• Materials / equipment expedition, documentation & submittals tracking.
• Project compliance audits at project lots, ISO Quality Management System Audits (QMSA)
• Periodic management review meeting with all projects heads, participation in client and supplier meetings.

ESPA Corporation, Houston, TX
Project Manager/Project Controls Manager,

   Feb 1999
— Apr 2004

Expansion of George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX
Metro Administration Office Bldg & Downtown Transfer Station, Houston, TX
University of Houston’s Downtown Campus Building

• Successfully captured this EPC contract ($31MM) for the re-routing and relocated (30km) of water supply (300-600 mm), 60 km sewer (300-800 mm), large storm drain (3,000 mm) and electrical/fiber optic communication lines. Spearheaded a multi-disciplinary team for FERC and NEPA surveys, investigations, and determination of optimum route for re-location of water mains and sewer collection systems. Conducted detailed design and cost estimation. Utilized latest trenching technology for execution of sewer line installation, prepared tender notices for contractors, provided construction supervision, cost control, quality assurance/control, and ensured timely execution per schedule.
• Manage and supervise engineering documents and drawings. Administer Design and Drafting Office (DDO) personnel and design equipment to make sure every job responsibilities are taken under control. Review and approved design drawings, standards and specifications from Issued For Comments (IFC) up to Approved For Construction (AFC).
• Oversee the review for detailed design prior to issuing IFC package. Organize database management and allocate DDO job number for each Management of Change (MOC).
• Implement time, resource management and enhance/develop skills of DDO staff. Review bid tabulation technically and commercially that appear in the bid proposal.
• Provide direction to Design/Drafting Coordinator (DDC) to establish project prioritization under the guidelines outlined in the DDO procedures. Review and approved vendor documents such as drawings and specifications. Organized discipline engineers to perform inspection based on the Inspection Test Record (ITR) or check sheets.
• Plan and develop schedule for the detailed engineering of Engineering Work request/management of change (EWR/MOC) and advise the initiator when it will be completed to the site priority. Review field engineering and field changes and resolve problems that arise from design and construction related issues.
• Conduct weekly/monthly planning & coordination meetings with each business group. Review project execution plan submitted by the contractor and follow up punch list items during implementation prior to pre-commissioning and commissioning stages

Pacific Resources, Orange CA
Project Controls Manager (Utility)

   Mar 1995
— Feb 1999

Commercial Utilities Installation, Los Angeles, CA (1996 – 1999)
• Led a multi-disciplinary team to meet the civil challenges of a growing water demand. Instigated and planned the development of project scope and budget for this project. Conducted FERC surveys, investigations; study of service zone, analysis of water demand, and study of various users (domestic/commercial) for this $176 million dollar project.
• Designed water supply system including 4 pump stations with capabilities reaching 36,000GPM (136K/LPM) above ground storage tanks with capacities in the 1.5 and 3MM gallon holding and distribution piping systems 12 inch (300mm) through 30 inch (800mm0 by 37 miles in length, sewerage collection system including 5 lift stations; water treatment plant (capacity 30 - 45 MGD) and STPs (capacity 40 - 50 MGD) under this EPC contract. Analyzed network hydraulics, integrated GIS data with various hydraulic modeling, performed cost estimation and tendering. Provided assistance during construction supervision of the installation of new water-connections and sewer mains connection. Evaluated existing tariff and created new tariff rates based on consumption
• Development and update of a work breakdown structure to subdivide project
contracts, scopes, tasks, and deliverables into manageable components;
• Tracking contracts, scopes of work, purchase orders, as they relate to budget,
contract commitments, schedules and progress;
• Developing, Tracking and coordinating all aspects of approved budgets by cost centers (Level 1, Level
2, Level 3, etc.)
• Updating and maintaining project schedules in accordance with approved work
plans, long-term strategic plans and other schedule and plan tools;
• Coordinating and integrating using applicable sections of the Primavera Software Package 6
on all accounting systems and functions to provide timely and efficient access to cost and schedule
data for all project contractors,
• Prepare monthly cost, schedule and progress reports that include, at a minimum, the following:
• o Schedule updates and sensitivity analysis;
• o Progress reporting (all aspects);
• o Cost variance analysis and reporting;
• o Financial and contractual commitments;
• o Project status and
• o Forecasts, budget updates and requests for budget changes
Project Resident Engineer
New Residential Community Infrastructure, Los Angeles Metro-plex (1995 – 1996)
• Developed various utility services and designed a new sewerage collection system with 6 lift stations (initial capacity of 30 MGD) with a provision for expansion (up to 120 MGD). Designed 1,500 km primary and secondary sewer network and water supply and other utilities. Provided new sewer connection for 1,200 households. Planned and designed complete sewerage collection system including preparation of the sewer user fees, and defined registration procedures for users. Designed complete water supply system including supply grid, above ground storage tanks, grid pumping stations capable of delivering 3.6 MGD (13.6MM/LPD) to end users.
Mentoring and directing the Project Controls Coordinator with responsibly for: :
• Consulting with, assisting, and advising client and other stakeholders
on all issues and matters related to project controls, expenditures, forecasts, cost estimates for
new and authorized work;
• Compiling baseline schedules for site remediation and construction;
• Routinely tracking and updating project schedules to adjust for changes in
scope, cost and existing conditions, as required;
• Subdividing larger schedules into more detailed, phased tasks and subprojects
for ease of management review and oversight;
• Preparing monthly analyses and reports on expenditures, progress,
commitments, budget performance and schedule performance for all
environmental actions at the Site;
• Developing and maintaining database and record management system for all
costs based on past performance, cost data and indices of material costs for
use in the preparation of cost estimates and budgets and performance analysis;
• Tracking actual costs of construction activities and compare them to the
budgeted costs for each work section as well as using data to forecast cost to
• Comparing actual and budgeted percentage completion to date;
• Preparing schedule projections and providing timely notice to the Client of deviations and/or key issues that could affect the critical path schedule;
• Assisting in new project contracting activities, scoping and administration;
• Maintaining documents and records to support invoice processing, cash flow
forecasting and quality control analyses;
• Performing contract administration functions including addendums,
evaluations, change management mechanisms, financial reports, and closeout reports;
• Coordinating with all in-house and contract personnel on preparation of
above reports;
• Initiate and manage the procurement of design, construction and consultants services;
• Manage the team in planning and analysis of conceptual design and preconstruction activities;
• Oversee and review the development of architectural and engineering construction drawings and bid documents.
• Draft, review, communicate and enforce contractual documents for design and construction professionals.
• Serve as liaison between client and design and construction professionals;
• Meet with clients, city officials, contractors, architects, engineers and consultants to present the project status and anticipate issues.
• Anticipate potential changes to budget or schedule and provide guidance on the review and analysis of changes when presented.
• Coordinate and direct internal resources (Assistant Project Managers, etc.), as required
• Develop and monitor project budget and schedule including updating and maintaining web based project controls.
• Provide analysis of budgets and schedules and their effect on the financial objectives of the project.
• Review contractor and vendor onsite activities to verify they are in contractual compliance with design specifications, schedules and workmanship standards.
• Authorize the issuance of contracts, purchase orders and approve and process scheduled progress draw packages for payment.
• Manage the project close out process to a successful completion.
• Observe and report on construction process and construction related issues.
• Prepare documentation for analysis and review of specific issues.
• Establish, direct and/or document project meetings.
• Develop and complete project specific tasks as required to meet or exceed the expectations of the client and fulfill our contractual obligations.
• Proactively seek out and represent PRC in networking and business development opportunities; assist senior management in project proposals and subsequent interviews

Nova Engineers, Tulsa, OK
Project Manager

   Jun 1986
— Feb 1995

Desalination Plant Reconstruction, Kuwait City, Kuwait (1995)
• Design and construction supervision for recovery and repair of a 30 MGD desalination plant valued at $15 million. Restored service connection damaged during the first Gulf War. Assessed damaged infrastructure, surveyed site, provided detailed design and construction supervision including rehabilitation of reservoir, transmission mains, lateral mains and service connection.

Sr. Project Engineer
8 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant, Tulsa, OK (1990 – 1994)
• Used NEPA design criteria for the upgrade of this existing WWTP to treat wastewater generated from a new industrial area of Tulsa and sewerage collected from surrounding residential areas. Conducted surveys, NEPA investigations, detailed design for separated collection system for sewerage and industrial influent and detailed design including lift stations and secondary treatment processes, scada control schemes, cost estimates, tender papers and project management during execution of this EPCM project.

O&U Manager and Client Business Manager to
Coastal Oil and Gas - Refining Division (1986 – 1995)
• Which included eight refineries, 17 terminals and four deep water ports around the world with a standard yearly contract of $2.2 million in fees. Work included; Established a wastewater treatment plant at the Eagle Point Refinery to treat wastewater produced from the 250,000/bpd operational units to meet NEPA and USACE guidelines. Designed a segregated collection system to remove unit process water containing oil/BTX constituents for treatment using API approved DGF system with a gas bubble size in the microns. Total system was 52 miles of sewer line which included the API tank farms and terminals. Directed a team to carry out site surveys, NEPA investigations, sample collection and waste characteristic analysis. Designed conveyance system, processes including PFD and P&ID’s for screening, settling, sequential UASB, oxidation of complex organic matter, secondary and tertiary system, waste stabilization system, and GAS recovery system. Prepared cost estimates and monitored construction activities for timely completion. Selected to lead a team for the disassembly, transportation and reassembly of an Ammine Production Unit, 30 miles West of Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico to the Turning Basin in Corpus Christi, Texas. This project required a time frame of 33 months, and was part of a joint venture between Koch Refining and Coastal O&G.
• Working as part of the Coastal Oil & Gas Technical team, I was directly involved in the development of all project construction systems and procedures, as well as implementation of monitoring and measurements to ensure the quality systems effective implementation and execution. Paramount to this was ensuring appropriate communication of the overall project quality requirements internally within the organization and each of the different vendor suppliers and sub-contractors and subsequently coordinating results with the client/consultants.
• To lead, manage, motivate and implement cost control measures to meet the budgeted cost estimates and to achieve targeted gross profit.
• Attend weekly progress meetings with client to discuss status, problems and solutions.
• Prepare weekly, monthly reports, budget estimates, cash flow and commitments.
• Managed the design and engineering of the new steel and concrete structures (vessels, pumps, pipe racks, heat exchangers and tanks).
• Check as-built drawings against installed equipment.
• Managed the preparation of as-built civil, piping and mechanical documents.
• Conduct weekly progress coordination meetings for all the disciplines i.e. civil, piping, mechanical and rotating equipment engineers.
• Attend weekly progress meeting with the client and the EPC contractor.
• Liaise with the EPC contractor and coordinate for technical inquiries and documents updates.

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