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United Arab Emirates


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Age Range
35 to 44

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English, Hindi


Professional engineer with 21+ years of Project Management experience with proven multidiscipline skills, sound understanding of the practical requirements needed to successfully execute EPIC or reimbursable projects in both operator and contractor environments. Proven project management skills covering, interface management, scheduling, cost control, reporting, contracts, change order control and resource management. Proactive and consistent control over interfaces between other projects and the work packages in order to eliminate project risks, potential delays, cost overruns, and other negative impact outcomes.

An innovative and positive approach to Project Management is coupled with a sound working knowledge of the inter-discipline relationships. Familiar with safety and risk analysis at a working level including HAZID, SAFETY CASE, ERA, HAZOP and the principles of ALARP as studies applied in order to achieve safe cost effective solutions.

Managed engineering, project controls, procurement and construction teams, EPC Contractors, completed multi-million dollars competitive projects and have implemented them successfully with efficiency, safely and quality with maintaining cost & time.

Worked at Onshore facilities (Gathering centers, refineries, Gas booster stations, water injection plants) & Offshore Oil and Gas Processing Facilities (Production modules, accommodation platforms, CPP, Tie-in platforms, GOSPs etc...), Marine Terminal and Pipeline projects from the Tender phase through commissioning phase.

Experienced in PMC, Engineering and Project Management, Coordination for Engineering, Procurement, Logistics, Vendor management, etc.

Possess good troubleshooting skills and track record of successfully handling design, engineering, project execution (Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance) for Oil & Gas projects.

Possess comprehensive international experience of working in India, Middle East and Australia Possess skills and knowledge to undertake challenging assignments within schedule and budget constraints.

Experienced in handling multiple tasks. Self-driven and ability to work independently.



   Mar 2018
— Current

perusing Chartered Engineer and Achieved the MIET membership - 1100303424 .


   Dec 2014
— Jan 2015

Project Management Professional

Masters - instrumentation and control engineering

   Jul 1997
— Aug 1999

Masters - instrumentation and control engineering

BTech - Instrumentation & Control Engineering

   Jul 1994
— Jul 1997

BTech - Instrumentation & Control Engineering


McDermott international
Lead project Engineer /Engineering Manager

   Jun 2007
— Current

Project Engineering Manager –Oct 2010 - Present McDermott Middle East Inc., UAE, following projects Engineering, Construction and commissioning activities has been handled.

 ADMA–OPCO D6221 Project 4GI & 3BT project (EPC Project Green field & Brown Field Engineering) 4Gas injectors (one green field platform & 2 brown field platforms modification) and 3 barren towers (oil platforms) and its control systems, interfaces with existing facilities.

 KJO –RATAWI project (EPC Project Green field & Brown Field Engineering)4 water injectors (4 green field platform & brown field modifications, tie-ins with existing facilities)

Responsible for multi discipline detailed engineering monitoring & supervision of construction work in the Yard. Job functions also included Project material procurement against available budgets, co-ordination with other disciplines, PMT & client engineers & ensuring strict adherence to Contract specs; work scope & schedule.

Lead Project Engineer: McDermott Middle East Inc., UAE from June 2007 to Oct 2010

 ARAMCO – MANIFA Production Facilities project (EPC Project Green field)5 no’s of Well Head platforms

 ARAMCO – LTA CRPO 1 Production Facilities project ( LSPB Project Green field)4 no’s of WHP platforms

 ARAMCO – KARAN Production Facilities project (EPC Project Green field & Onshore Engineering)5 no’s of WHP + AUX platform complexes flare systems and one TIE-IN Platform

 ARAMCO – LTA Production Facilities project (LSPB Project Green field & Brown Field Engineering)13 no’s of WHP platform complexes flare systems and one TIE-IN Platform

 RELIANCE Control Raiser platform & onshore / offshore facilities project, living quarters.

Responsible for developing and implementing the Construction Execution Plan (CEP) and
construction execution strategy, contributing to the contracting strategy and plan, field budget and schedule. Ensure that all site activities are carried out in adherence to these.
Implement the standardized construction work processes, procedures and systems, making
project specific if required, and ensuring that quality system cross references these with ITR’s.Manage the site team creating an atmosphere of co-operation and oneness. Foster role clarity, involvement and team spirit to facilitate smooth execution of the project. Perform any other related duties and responsibilities as required by the Project to
enable timely, cost effective and safe completion of work to the required quality.

Responsibilities included handling the entire construction Hook up and commissioning activities of the above project which included resolution of technical queries that arose during the construction phase, progress reporting, tagged/bulk material stock taking, discipline related requisitioning, instrumentation related equipment commissioning, participated in WHCP /HPU, RTU, SCADA / DCS, ESD, FGS, / PLC FAT & SAT, loop checking and final logic checks offshore.

Bid Coordinator /Manager: J. Ray McDermott Middle East Inc. Dubai on various bids from June2007 to till date

Responsibilities included (a) Study of bid documents for discipline scope & seek clarifications if required from the Customer, (b) Preparation of inquiries for DCS, ESD, FGS, GDS, SCADA, Telecommunication systems , WHCP, RTU, gas detection system, SDVs, control valves, field instruments, flushing subcontracts etc, (c) Preparation of MTOs for tagged instruments & bulks (d) technical bid evaluation & (e) preparation of tender related deliverables

Responsible for coordinating and strategizing the engineering part of the project. Responsibilities included, (a) represent engineering in bid meetings, (b) co-ordination with various engineering disciplines for engineering inputs on the bid, (c) discuss and finalize the engineering strategy, (c) facilitate interface with Procurement department in finalizing the technically acceptable vendors for major packages and (d) responsible for providing E&I related engineering bid inputs


• Prepared Electrical , Instrumentation , Fire & Gas and Telecommunication installation standard supports
• Standardized the primary and secondary cable tray supports and steel materials /shapes as per international standards.
• Prepared standard NORMs for proposal & bidding estimation for all MTOs
• Prepared standard man hour estimation NORMs for project execution.
• Prepared standard bench marking data base for types of projects
• Standardized material storage, issuance, tracking the records of consumption etc..
• Standardized the instruments and equipment supplies with standard OEMs based on clients and signed MSA for long-term supply.
• Prepared standard calibration data base and certification issue as per ISO 9001
• Prepared standard material templates and data base for SPMAT ( smart plant materials)
• Prepared standard progress reporting database for construction , commissioning and hook up teams to report and issue the MCC (mechanical completion certificate) & ITR (inspection test records)
• Prepared standard procedures for calibration of instruments, project pre-commissioning and commissioning, preservation and equipment receiving inspections at warehouse, materials management, and cable drum cutting schedule management etc...
• Prepared standard designing & drafting procedure, back drafting and checklist etc.…

Clough Engineering Ltd
Principal Project Engineer /Manager (E&I)

   Dec 2005
— May 2007

Principal Engineer & Site Manager (PMC): (Dec 2005 – May 2007) CLOUGH ENGINEERING LTD. Australia- Perth. (ONGC – Odalarevu, G1&Gs15 Offshore and Onshore Terminal –For Detail Engineering, Construction and Commissioning)

Responsible for managing the design engineering of the entire project offshore & Onshore. Total job scope deployment of 130+ engineering personnel at Perth office & Engineering consultant Technip KT India Ltd –Delhi when the project was its peak. As the project was fast-track, placement of POs for all long-lead items was done within 90 days of contract award and 90% design completed within 12 months of award. Quite familiar with engineering standards & various design reviews/cycles.

Responsible for managing site subcontractors L&T, SpicJEL etc... Monitoring the progress of project execution, construction & commissioning activities .Conduction coordination meetings with sub-cons, internal project teams and also client .coordinate with client representatives, QC teams for inspections. Preparation of milestone bills and submit to client for approval. Coordinate with local government officials for further approvals like DGMS etc…Coordinate with vendors , engineering consultants , site supervisors and resolve all Technical and commercial issues . Coordinate with head office and submit all related reports and progress details.

Execute the project in line with the delivery schedule, contract specifications and conditions.
Develop project organization chart and mobilization schedule based on standard models, using standard job descriptions and titles. Due cognizance must be given to capacity of each individual when allocating work responsibilities.

Monitor day to day activities through weekly, monthly and quarterly progress meetings with subcontractors, and client to facilitate achievement of targets. Slippages and backlogs will be identified and action plans formulated to keep the project on schedule. Ensure adherence to the project and corporate Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) procedures and maintain a safe working environment. Ensure adherence to project and corporate quality assurance policies and procedures. Conduct periodic internal quality audits for each discipline to verify the implementation of the quality management system. Support the subcontractors and vendors

Implement Management of Change actions for all events that can potentially lead to a change in the project cost or schedule. Ensures full participation of construction personnel in all project model and constructability reviews. Ensure appropriate facilities are provided to employees such as travel, visas, special permits etc.

Develop the staff so that every supervisory position has a deputy able to stand in for absences and rotational leaves. Identify individuals with capacity for promotion and coordinate training of these by OD. Generate project specific KPI’s for quality and construction activities, and for all individuals in management positions.

Kuwait Oil Company (Petrofac /ATSCO )
Sr.Lead Instrumentation Engineer

   May 1999
— Dec 2005

Sr.Lead Elect & Instrument Engineer: (May 1999 – Dec 2005)
Kuwait Oil Company, Through: ATSCO & Petrofac facilities management ltd. – Production Facilities at North & West Kuwait Areas

Engineering /Construction/Commissioning /Maintenance:

• Supervise & certify Engineering, Construction activities of GC15 train-C desalter unit up gradation, Testing & commissioning with M/S DAELIM ENGINEERING &CONSTRUCTION
• Supervise & certify Engineering, Construction activities of BS130 DCS Honeywell TDC 3000x modification ,upgrading &commissioning with M/S TECHNI PETROL
• Supervise & certify the GC15 Rehabilitation Project Engineering ,Construction & Commissioning with M/S FLOUR & SK Consortium Team
• Supervise & certify Engineering ,Construction activities of BS131 phase –I&II Engineering, Construction &commissioning activities with GE gas turbines, speedtronic Mark-VI control systems.
• Supervise the Testing and installation of field instruments, Turbine control systems, DCS, ESD, FGS, Telecom systems & valves etc...
• Supervise the installation of gas turbines, its control systems, Compressors and its control systems. CRU (condensate recovery units) and its control systems, Crude oil pre-heaters, gas dehydration units, liquid dehydration, MEG plants etc...
• Supervise the cabling, terminations, loop checking, systems powering up etc...
• Supervise the pre-commissioning & commissioning activities.
• Manage the sub-contractors, overall project progress, reporting to management etc…
• Revamping of GC# 15 and BS 130 units , reconstruction , commissioning and maintenance
• Supervise the demolition, transportation, relocation and installation of CRU from GC# 23 to GC#15, assembling, construction and commissioning.
• Maintenance of Gathering Centers GC#15, 23, 25, Gas Booster Station BS#130 & 131 and Sea Water Injection Pump Facilities Plants.
• Operation And Maintenance Of Gas Turbines ROLLS ROYCE Avon, Mk-1533-76G, Mk-1534-101G, 139 with Dresser Clark Centrifugal Gas Compressor.
• Ruston Gas Turbine TA-1750, 1500 With Woodward Sequential Control (Excel-250)
• Gas Engine- Cooper Bessemer Condensate Recovery Unit With FT-50 (Flexi Trend) Control System&FT210 monitoring system
• GE Gas Turbine (MS-5002C) With Mark-V Speedotronics Control System with Nouvopignone Multi Stage Gas Compressor& dresser gas compressors. ( 2MCL808 & BCL608 COMPRESSORS ) Commissioning and Maintenance activities of GE gas turbine and Centrifugal Compressor units.
• Hill Graham Variable Speed Drives With Ansoldo Crude Export Pumps.
• ASI robicon Variable Speed Drives With Flow Servo Pumps
• Maintenance Of Desalters, Heaters, Separators, Tank Farms and Oil & Water Wells With Rose Mount Scada, Moscad Systems.
• Familiar With Bently Nevada 7200 , 3300 &3500 Systems, Wood Ward Governor Control System (Hydraulic & Electronic)
• Maintenance of BSW Analysers, Conductivity meters, PH meters and Dew point Analyzers.
• Maintenance of Detronics, General Monitors, Fenwal and Gent make Fire and Gas Instruments & Systems. Maintenance of Gas Turbine compartments CO2 systems.
• Quarterly scheduled based checks of all Fire & Gas Detectors and systems.
• PM jobs, annual checks planning schedules and required documents preparation.
• Loop configuration and grahpic modification in DCS systems.
• Point configuration for analog, digital, controller calculations in DCS systems.
• Controller tunings and relative actions.
• PLC logic monitoring and relative actions.
• Ladder logic and configuring ‘cause and effect’ charts.
• Interfacing of motor control centers and local panels.
• Machine management systems condition monitoring.
• Familiar In Honey Well TDC 3000,3000x,TPS With GUS Monitoring System,FSC (ESD) ,LOGIC MANAGER System On Line Modification &Trouble Shooting Etc , ABB Advanta 500 & Rosemount System – 3 Maintenance.PLC-HIMA (Germany) For ESD System, GE FANUC 90-30 For VSD Pumps, Fire and Gas System and also Allen Bradley, Robicon

BILT - Ballarpur Industries Ltd
Shift Incharge

   Oct 1997
— May 1999

shift in-charge: (Oct 1997-April 1999) Ballarpur Industries Ltd, UNIT BALLARPUR, INDIA

Responsible for managing the shift activities and maintenance of 4 x 300 MW power plant with steam turbines, Boiler house ,CSC plant , CO2 , HCL,O2 plants, Digester house , Pulp mill, Paper machine house, Auto packing units,

Responsible for maintenance of DCS, ESD, PLC, GSM SCANNERs and all field instruments.

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