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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

English, Filipino


Over 37 years of combined managerial & supervisory experiences in Procurement, Expediting, Logistics, Warehousing and Material Control for LNG/Oil/Gas/Petrochemical Constructions, including more than 33 year’s overseas projects in the State of Qatar, Venezuela, Japan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Sultanate of Oman, Islamic Republic of Iran, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Holy Angel University
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

   Jun 1977
— Apr 1982


Chiyoda Almana Engineering LLC
Expediting and Logistics Supervisor

   Apr 2012
— Jan 2017

Manages and Lead the Post PO Activities and provide continuous insight into supplier's progress towards meeting purchase order requirements, particularly delivery schedules. Gather available data to explain requirements against which supplier's progress can be measured. Monitor and report that progress to project management. Develop alternative and timely schemes to keep progress on schedule for project requirements. Supervises the Senior Expeditor, Expeditors and Logistics coordinators. Responsible for the co-ordination of project expediting activities, including distribution and management of workload. Effectively manage Expediting team. Taking complete ownership of project expediting delivery, reporting to the Procurement and Sub-Contracts Manager. Ensure all deliverables related to packages, equipment, materials and documentation are met or improved upon as per project schedule. Co-ordination of deliverables from both supplier organizations and internal disciplines. Understand and have the ability to analyse and challenge manufacturing production schedules relating to packages, equipment and material items. Acting as Procurement and Sub-Contracts Manager during his absence.

Chiyoda Almana Engineering LLC
Procurement Coordinator (Buyer/Purchaser)

   May 2010
— Mar 2012

Responsible for all aspect of procurement related activities against Client requirements, contracts, ensuring budgeted margin is maintained and approved. Prepare Procurement Plan and Procurement Strategy. Prepare and issue Request for Quotation (RFQ) with complete bid documents (Commercial & Technical documents) for the bidding of various materials and equipment requirement for the projects to the pre-qualified bidders and expedite to receive quotes within Bid Closing Date (BCD). Coordination with Engineering Department and Bidders for technical clarifications. Perform commercial negotiations for selecting / finalizing the Bidder. Prepare Commercial Bid Evaluation, Award Recommendation and Purchase Order. Issue of Purchase Order to successful Bidder. Coordinating with vendor and engineering team for conducting Kick-Off Meeting (KOM) for issued Purchase Orders. Submit procurement status report/inquiry status report to project team with regard to issued RFQ, CBE, AR, PO, delivery, and shipping status. Utilize systems such as SAP and PRISM to actively manage and monitor purchase orders and deliverables.

Chiyoda Corporation
Warehouse Superintendent / Material Engineer / Material Controller

   Sep 1995
— Feb 2010

Project/s Involved:

RasGas (RGX/AKG2) Project : August 1, 2006 – February 28, 2010
RasGas (RGX/AKG1) Project : August 23, 2004 – July 31, 2006
Sipchem (SMJ) Project : October 5, 2003 – July 9, 2004
PDVSA (VAL) Project : September 17, 2001 – September 15, 2003
Azerbaijan (AAB) Project : February 19, 2000 – January 31, 2001
Turkmenistan CCR (TCP) Project : June 5, 1998 – February 18, 2000
Bandar Abbas Refinery (BAR) Project : September 22 – 1995 – April 29, 1998

Duties and Responsibilities

Manages the material procurement (local and overseas), receipts, issues, classifications, handling, registration, marking, marshalling, preservation, and storage at site of all project construction materials. Implement and manage the MARIAN ™ systems in regards to Materials Management Control Systems. Ensure that a rigorous accounting and warehousing system is established at job site for all materials. Liaise with Engineering, Procurement, Logistics departments in Yokohama, Freight Forwarder / Agent, Vendor, and Sub-contractors to ensure construction materials arrives at job site in a timely and cost effective manner. Completes purchase requisitions for required materials, supplies, and fabrication. Supervises and / or leads lower graded staff. Strives for zero safety incidents. Performs miscellaneous job related duties as assigned.

General Electric and Trading Company
Manager, Warehouse and Distribution

   Sep 1992
— Aug 1994

Reporting to the Financial Controller. Manages and Control the accountability and distribution of over US$ 10 million worth of branded FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Office Automation and Tableware’s products. Maintains a clearly defined and up-to-date organization chart. Ensures effective management of all local warehouses in terms of space utilization, operation and manpower. Conducts routine inspection and inventory of fast moving and high value items in stock. Ensures effective management of all deliveries in terms of maximum utilization of the trucks and timely delivery through the most economical transportation and route.

Abahsain Secem Limited
Supply/Material Coordinator

   Jul 1988
— Apr 1991

Reporting to the Finance Manager. Coordinates and control the accountability of over US$ 15 million worth of Electro-Mechanical supplies, equipment’s and spare parts. Coordinates the movement of supplies and equipment’s between bases of operations and field warehouses. Utilized material stock records, catalogues and understand computer printouts. Ensure all inventory level are properly maintained to meet the requirements.

Northrop Corporation
Material Coordinator

   Mar 1983
— Jul 1986

Reporting to the Property/Material Manager. Maintain and the accountability of over US$ 42 million worth of Saudi Arabian Government owned property assigned to Northrop. Responsible for the supervision of all activities related to the operations of the inventory management function to include Planning, Budget, Inventory Analysis, Records and Visibility. Review and established stock levels on all material to ensures maximum procurement efficiency. Requisition all materials and equipment’s required to support base operations. Ensures accountability, traceability of materials issued, received and transferred.

Clark Air Base, Data Automation
Digital Computer Systems Operator

   Apr 1982
— Mar 1983

Reporting to the Chief, Computer Operations. Operates Burroughs 4700 computer and other related peripheral devices and maintains various control records and source data used in the preparation of recurring reports. Ensures a standard of effectiveness to efficiently produce computer products from over 70 batch and online systems for more than 50 local customers. Identifies systems malfunctions and initiates corrective action to maintain schedules and ensures integrity of production files and outputs. Interprets consoles messages from system software of application programs and performs required actions, handles input and output media for subsequent use. Sets and mounts magnetic tapes, loads programs and data cards and sets appropriate console controls. Clean high speed printers, card reader, card puncher, and magnetic tape drives.

Clark Air Base, Base Commissary
Supply Clerk

   Jun 1981
— Apr 1982

Review, analyses, and interprets transaction listing and other related computer products - Due-In/Due-Out Suspense list, Daily Transaction Registers, etc., to maintain adequate control of issues, requisitions, receipts, and ensures adherence and/or compliance with existing directives and established procedures. Exercises independent judgment and supply know-how in order to ensure against excessive variance between operating targets and actual operating cost. Programs and operates IBM 3740 programmable work station, IBM 3742 data entry/encoder machine, IBM 129 card read/punch machine, and IBM 3717 line printer

Clark Air Base, Regional Medical Center
Data Transcriber

   Sep 1980
— Jun 1981

Performs data transcribing and supply clerical works relative to documentary control and processing of supply transactions. Receives incoming materials and checks against purchase orders for quality and condition. Forward receiving and inspection reports to the purchasing department. Ensures receipt on issuance of materials received and transferred.

Computer Systems Specialist, Inc.
Data Transcriber

   Oct 1979
— Sep 1980

Performs data entry operations involving the use of full keyboards to transcribe both alphabetic and numeric entries and often few code symbols that requires double keying. Teaches regular classes of approximately 20 students on how to use Data Entry Machines

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