Project Manager

Last Updated: 22nd November 2019 (over 3 years ago)

United Kingdom


Phone Number


Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, German


An experienced Management Professional; with a detailed background in Engineering,
Telecommunications and Project Management with exceptional experience in Quality Assurance, Facilities Management and H&S. Multiple academic qualifications in Instruction, Management, IT and Telecommunications combined with 24-year career with The Corps of Royal Engineers.

Currently employed in Afghanistan as a Technical Officer (Engineering) Consultant for NATO
working with US Ground and Special Forces for O&M and Engineering Tasks. A highly robust and committed individual; does not falter when challenged with multi-faceted problems whether working in a team or alone and under difficult conditions. Dedicated towards current goals whilst forward thinking deeper into the project at hand. Able to tackle all challenges in a calm and authoritative manner with exceptional leadership.

The ability to motivate others to deliver quality output within directed timescales; going beyond to deliver the desired outcomes. Highly trained communication skills both on a verbal and written level; bilingual in German. Has managed to integrate many of the practical, technical and communication skills into successful businesses away from the Military into civilian life.


Technical Officer (Consultant)

   Jan 2019
— Current

Consultant Engineer for O&M Facilities and Construction to US Forces on behalf of NATO, providing management of construction projects, advice to the customer, managing contractor site visits for such projects and providing the customer with a finished solution for procurement and build.
• Provision of Statement of Works (SOW) to the contractor and customer, management of contractor project management and handover of projects.
• Contract management for all facilities through the spectrum of O&M HVAC, Water and Waste, electrical production and provision.
• Monthly QA and reporting of contractor levels of competence and contractual adherence.
• Primary interface for US Forces customer on all contractual matters appertaining to the site for NATO.
• Acted as the Engineering Lead Technical Officer for Afghanistan in Kabul and all outstations, including consultant administrative management and day-to-day engineering activities in multiple areas.
• Responsible for the review and change management of quality control and assurance for all aspects of multiple contractual areas; including but not exclusive to site infrastructure maintenance, delivery of new builds, overview and snagging, facilities management, direct customer interface/customer services, contractor HR staffing and H&S.
• Assisted in the introduction of a renewed contractual proficiency evaluation tables (CPET) across the whole of Afghanistan for Engineering Services.

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