Automation and Industry 4.0 specialist

Last Updated: 9th July 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, German, Romanian


12.2017 – present Automation and Industry 4.0 specialist
ENGEL Injectie – ENGEL Gmbh Austria subsidiary

11.2003 – 11.2017 Area service and customer support engineer
Plastic Technology Service Bucharest - Arburg Gmbh Germnay trade partner

Performing installations, commissioning, retrofitting, trouble shooting and repairing injection moulding machines and robots inclusive of conducting tests and inspections on all mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic or software components.
Performing all safety checks on equipment. Instruct customers on equipment and proper operation.
Assist/advise customers via telephone or on site when technical difficulties arise. Manage resolution of customer issues, including ordering and installation of replacement parts as necessary.
Provide follow up support to customers post resolution of technical issue. Ability to read and interpret hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and electrical diagrams / schematics.

-known industrial communication protocols: PROFIBUS, SERCOS, BitBUS-INTERBUS, 485, 422, VARAN bus.
-hydraulics: closed/open loop servovalves, proportional valves, axial and radial hydraulic pumps.
-plastic injection moulding technology.
-programming 3 and 6 axis (KUKA) industrial robots and different types of handling devices (Arburg Multilift H/V/HV/ Select, WEMO-Robots)
- industrial cooling and thermoregulation
- temperature control technology – HB-Therm.
-hardware design and implementation for different projects (robots, moulding machines) based on Mitsubishi PLC compact series FX1N/FX2N.
-domestic and industrial electronics repair such as various types of PC boards inside Arburg Selogica, Dialogica, Multronica, Hydronica, Polytronica controllers. Diagnose, repair and running tests for servoproportional Bosch – Rexroth, MOOG valves, etc.

Business or sector: Plastic Industry, Robotic systems and peripheral devices.

12.2010 – 03.2012 Development Manager – collaboration
Design and implementation of applications for Public and Industrial Automation such as Time and Attendance Access Control Controllers, parking, stadiums, aqua parks using turnstiles and metal detector gates.
PC boards design using Trax Maker, software development using Dynamic C for Rabbit 3000 CPU, most projects were based on Rabbit 3700 core with communication ability for RS232, RS485, WIEGAND 26, MiFARE.
Optimizing electrical and mechanical solutions for company's products. Implementing wireless communications networks - MESH, CLOUD using DIGI core modules.

Business or sector: Engineering, IT Hardware, PC Programming.

09.2001 – 11.2003 Maintenance Engineer
KODAK Cinelabs Romania, Bucharest
Maintaining cinema film processing laboratory in a good technical condition.
Permanent contact with technical services, equipment and spare parts suppliers.
Maintenance and repair for cinema film processing machine (Calder), professional video equipment: Telecinema, Colormaster, Sony Beta Cassette recorders, 35mm film projectors, professional audio equipment Dolby DTS, etc.
Project: „Cold Mountain” making of.

Business or sector: Film Industry, Filmmaking, Engineering.

02.2000 – 08.2001
Computer Programmer
SOFTWIN – Bitdefender, Romania, Bucharest
Software development using assembler and C programming language.
Project 1: Electrical engineer and digital data analyst, Ordering Part Number: (team project –36 electrical engineers); Physical, electrical and electronic analysis of all major electronic components producers, ORCAD, PSPICE, VHDL models designing for electronic components.
Project 2: eBook hardware, electrical drawings and software
development based on RISC Processors (HITACHI – SA series, INTEL StrongArm);- individual project:-develop and programming
CPU - Touchscreen communication.
Platforms and languages: Windows NT, 2000-professional, MS-DOS
ORCAD, PSPICE, VHDL, Assembler, C++.

Business or sector: Engineering, IT Hardware, Software