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United Kingdom


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55 to 64

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English, French, German


I am an oil and gas professional with 37 years of experience in materials management and supply chain function. I have worked for various major clients worldwide (UK, Middle East, West Africa, Former Soviet Union and South-East Asia) as detailed in the enclosed CV. All the previous and current environments involved the management of large and valuable inventories of parts and equipment for the replenishment of operational oil and gas production sites/platforms. They were highly computerised and as time progressed increasingly cost conscious, meaning involvement by the materials function alongside technical specialists in standardisation, reduction of less vital stock holdings, occasional innovation to meet surges in demand and a generally proactive approach to the discipline of supply. This is a professional role that I enjoy and the enclosed testimonial will I hope illustrate that I perform efficiently in challenging international environments.


Peterhead Academy, Peterhead, UK
Scottish Certificate of Education (SCE) Higher & O Grade Qualifications

   Aug 1975
— Jun 1980

SCE Highers: French, German and Latin.
SCE O Grades: English, Italian, Arithmetic, Mathematics and Chemistry.


Wood Group (Based In Gabon)
Materials & Logistics Supervisor

   Dec 2015
— Jul 2016

Responsible for set up of new Wood Group main warehouse facility in Port Gentil and site warehouses in Rabi Field and Gamba Terminal for new maintenance contract with Shell Gabon.

Liaise with freight forwarding company (Panalpina) regarding import and customs clearance activities to ensure material is delivered to the warehouse facility in a timely manner.

Liaise with Shell Gabon logistics personnel to arrange barge or vessel transportation of Wood Group owned material to sites from Port Gentil warehouse.

Liaise with local transport companies to arrange delivery of Wood Group material to Shell Gabon Logistics Base in Port Gentil.

Process transactions (receipts/issues/returns/tranfers) in the inventory database (Inventory Lite) to ensure stock is kept accurate.

Process goods receipts in Oracle system for payment of invoices by Finance Department in UK.

Raise shipping manifests in computerised database system (SMS) prior to material being sent to sites or third party locations in Port Gentil.

Liaise with local suppliers to source material in country rather than have to procure from UK.

Training of Wood Group Gabonese personnel in material control and warehousing functions.

Shell Gabon
Materials Coordinator

   Oct 2013
— Jul 2015

Materials focal point for Shell Gabon’s Operational Maintenance Integrity Department (OMI) covering all material requirements for various current and new projects in Gamba Terminal, Rabi, Toucan and Koula production facilities and also Shell Gabon’s offshore Single Point Mooring (SPM) system.

Raising and follow up of field based requisitions via SAP system. Close liaison with internal procurement, transit and customs personnel to ensure delivery of all material to their final end destinations is achieved in the timeframe originally specified for each individual project.

Check existing SAP database for available inventory and create material reservations accordingly for each project. Raise Material Master Proposal Forms (MMPF) in SAP for new inventory requirements.

Check existing SAP database for potential Material Master Code duplicates and arrange correction of the materials catalogue accordingly.

AMEC (Based in Aberdeen, UK)
Materials & Fabrication Coordinator

   Jun 2013
— Sep 2013

Arrange delivery of all pipe, fittings and structural steel to AMEC's nominated fabrication contractors for fabrication of pipe spools, pre-assembled pipe racks, pressure relief valve access platform and pig receiver skid required for installation of new 8" process condensate line from Total's new Shetland Gas Plant facility to BP's Sullom Voe Terminal in Shetland Islands.

Closely monitoring the performance of the nominated contractors during all phases of the fabrication process and arranging third party inspection upon completion of the fabrication process.

Arrange shipment of all materials to final destination at BP Sullom Voe Terminal, Shetland Islands upon fabrication completion of items.

Blaze Manufacturing Solutions (Based In Hamburg, Germany)
Materials Coordinator

   Apr 2013
— May 2013

Short term assignment. Responsible for set up of storage facilities and materials database for all piping, electrical and instrumentation material required for a major fire and gas suppression systems upgrade project on-board the FPSO vessel Enquest Producer.

SKS Wood (Based in Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam)
Materials Coordinator

   Jan 2012
— Dec 2012

Seconded from Wood Group PSN UK on short term assignment to implement new inventory control database (Inventory Lite) and shipping manifest system (SMS) covering an inventory of approximately 30,000 items for client. Responsible for training a small team of Brunei nationals in the use of both systems. SKS Wood is the current maintenance contractor covering over 90 offshore installations for Brunei Shell Petroleum.

Production Network Services (Based in Aberdeen, UK)
Materials Coordinator

   Aug 2010
— Dec 2011

Second assignment for client, Canadian Natural Resources. Responsible for receipt, issue and storage of all construction project materials (mechanical, structural, spool fabrications, electrical and instrumentation) using Maximo ERP system for Ninian and Murchison field offshore installations and ensuring the relevant material certification is provided by suppliers. Currently involved in major identification exercise of surplus project materials.

Production Network Services (Based in Baki, Azerbaijan & Tbilisi, Georgia)
Materials Coordinator

   May 2006
— Jul 2010

PSN are the current EPC contractor for BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Ltd in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Main responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of PSN’s new purchasing and materials database (Oracle) in both Baku and Tbilisi and training of national personnel. Also responsible for setting up new PSN warehouse facilities in both locations. Carry out physical inventory reconciliations at various pump stations in both countries to identify PSN procured material and arrange to have material centralised at new warehouse facilities ensuring Oracle database is updated accordingly.

Short term assignment from May to October for client, Canadian Natural Resources. Responsible for receipt, issue and storage of all construction project materials (mechanical, structural, spool fabrications, electrical and instrumentation) for Ninian and Murchison field offshore installations and ensuring the relevant material certification is provided by suppliers. Currently involved in major identification exercise of surplus project materials.

Shell Gabon
Materials Coordinator

   Aug 2004
— Mar 2006

Part of Shell Gabon’s EPCM team (Mott MacDonald Ltd) for the Rabi Phase 3 Gas Compression Upgrade and new Toucan Field Development Project. Main job functions in Port Gentil included monitoring of the main sub contractor’s (Integrated Petroleum Services) materials system for piping and fabrication materials, liaising with the shipping agent (SDV) to ensure materials for both Rabi and Toucan projects were customs cleared in a timely manner and organising the final barge shipments of material to site. Main job functions in Rabi also included monitoring of the main sub contractor’s materials system, receipt, storage and major reorganisation of the existing warehouse and yard and issue of materials to site from isometric drawings provided.

AGIP Gas BV (Libyan Branch)
Materials Coordinator

   Mar 2004
— Jul 2004

Part of AGIP Project Management Support (P.M.S) team during the construction phase of the Mellitah Gas Compression Plant (located west of Tripoli) expected to process 30 million cubic gas and 60 thousand barrels of oil/condensate daily. Main job functions include monitoring of the 2 main EPC contractors’ (Snamprogetti and Hyundai Corporation) materials systems and the delivery schedules of equipment to site, providing material status reports to the various discipline engineers within AGIP P.M.S team.

Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc (Based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea)
JD Edwards Inventory Manager

   Sep 1998
— May 2003

Originally managing small team engaged in setting up materials systems for new development (20,000 items – J.D. Edwards system) – identifying/coding materials for all new system and establishing logistics systems; centralisation of existing main pipeyard – supporting offshore FPSO and rig operations (increasingly involved with drilling and completion materials). Main duties and responsibilities included:

Maintaining and controlling the drilling and production master catalogue for materials and related activities, complying with established standards and templates for creation and maintenance.

Developing and creating cataloguing standards and templates.

Establishing and implementing materials handling and storage procedures and practices to assure the safe handling and storage of equipment.

Supporting Shore Base Manager and other logistics personnel in preparation of equipment for shipment offshore, assembling and dispatching equipment in an accurate and timely manner.

Supervising shipping and receiving activities.

Overseeing the material inventory system to ensure accurate records, traceability and accountability is achieved.

Establishing and maintaining stock take, inventory and document control procedures.

Ensuring the scheduled stock takes are conducted on a regular basis, records updated and reports generated and distributed.

Assisting in the implementation of EG national staff training for a computerized asset, maintenance and materials system.

Recommending surplus, obsolete and scrap items for disposal.

Instructing and assisting shore base staff in the preparation of inventory reconciliations and assisting finance personnel with quarterly and year end inventory reconciliations.

Working with drilling and finance personnel to prepare the end of well materials reconciliation.

Shell UK (Based in Stanlow Refinery, UK)
Standardisation Engineer

   Mar 1998
— Aug 1998

Main team member for 15,000 pipefitting items on complete review of existing Shell database to prepare for migration to SAP R/3 system: ensuring correct specifications, buying descriptions; materials/duplication clean ups.

INCAT Technical Services Ltd (Based in Gabon)
Materials Coontroller

   Jun 1997
— Jan 1998

Shell contract since Oct 1997: Incat have undertaken fabrication of flowlines and maintenance at the central production facility and gathering stations for the Rabi Field and Gamba main processing facility/terminal; 2000+ inventory of technical consumables and spares, computerised on Windows 95 (Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets), managing a small local workforce.

First contract for Canadian client, Chauvco Resources Ltd, supporting the construction of an early production facility at Remboue Field.

Shell/Al Furat Petroleum Co (Based in Deir Ez Zor, Syria)
Senior Materials Supervisor

   Jun 1991
— Dec 1996

Senior manager, replacing Dutch Shell personnel, with a materials staff of over 60 (mainly TCN and Syrians), controlling computerised operations based on large warehouse facilities carrying around 60,000 line items. Very high QC standards in force, with 200+British engineering staff employed.

Supplying 4 oil production facilities, a gas plant, 5 drilling rigs and 2 completion/workover rigs with spare parts (all disciplines), construction materials, piping and fittings, well completion/drilling, rotating, electrical and instrumentation equipment, turbines, compressors, pumps, vehicle spares, etc.

Using Shell EMA 34 computerised stock control system with MESC coding conventions in increasingly proactive stock control operations as supply operations centred on the Omar facility, replenishment focused on field review of min-max levels (by-passing Damascus bureaucracy) and stock holdings were increasingly subject to analysis, standardisation and recoding in the light of technical evaluations.

Professional liaison role on two fronts: on the one hand working with Shell management to implement policies and promote high operational and safety standards within local conditions; on the other hand liaising carefully with Syrian management in a climate of change and rationalisation parallel to Al Furat nationalisation initiative.

Important training element for local and TCN staff, promoting and monitoring quality working practices and safety awareness.

Seconded for several months to Chemicals Yard in need of radical re-organisation of storage, safety and stock control.

BNOC/Britoil/BP (Based in Aberdeen, UK)
Inventory Analyst

   Dec 1980
— May 1991

One of 2 specialists handling replenishment for 3 oil platforms. Total annual supply value £25 million +

Part of small team using HP 3000 computerised inventory control linked to Glasgow based mainframe to control materials replenishment for 3 North Sea oil platforms; 25,000+ line items coded under Shell MESC system.

Proactive liaison with engineering departments to anticipate requirements for major projects (planned maintenance/shutdowns, drilling and workover/well completion programmes).

Increasingly involved in JIT initiatives, including elimination/disposal of redundant stock items and use of annual requirements forecast to negotiate stockholding agreements with suppliers.

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