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English, German, Italian, Spanish


=========================== PROFESSIONAL PROFILE =========================
I am half Italian and Austrian; dynamic operating and results-oriented AREA SALES, KEY ACCOUNT and PRODUCT MANAGER with a Worldwide solid and extensive experience in TECHNICAL SALES and PROJECT MANAGEMENT for supporting and developing International customers.
I have also a experience as Business Unit Start-up director for a big German Company. I have been trained to think logically, respond quickly and creatively, and communicate effectively; I am highly adaptable to change, work well with culturally diverse people, and thrive in fast-track, high pressure environments.
Professional qualifications include more than 20 years of International sales and Project Management with profitable experience in branches like: AUTOMOTIVE, AIRCRAFT, STEELS & ALLOYS, PLANTS ENGINEERING, MANUFACTURING INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING, Mechanics, Machines, MOULDS/TOOLS MANUFACTURING (Steel milling & Galvanic) for processing composite materials (i.e.: PP, PU, PVC, etc.), Plastic Injection, Extrusion, RTM, etc., organizing networks and constructive sales operations (CRM).
I am bilingual (mother tongue) Italian with German. Excellent language abilities in English, Spanish with a solid knowledge and work experience in Germany for the supply of Tools, Machines & Plants for the German Automotive Industries & Aircraft.
• International Customer relationship Management experience • Performance and problem solving customer oriented skills
• Customer scouting, Sales, networking, marketing, and business development • Project /event budgeting and expense control
• Customer Service quality control. Loyalty and retention management • Negotiation developing key strategic partnerships
• Accounting with Organisation and communication skills • New products development and after sales service support
COMPUTER Literate: OFFICE, Excel, Word, Access, Powerpoint, Project Manager, Lotus Notes, Photoshop, Tm1 Applix, INTERNET applications, and many other software programs; PCs, Macintosh, SAP R/3, AS-400, etc..

GALVANOFORM GmbH, Varese-Lahr, ITALY and GERMANY (Tools manufacturer) 5/ 2012 – present (ISO 9001)
ITALIAN SALES REPRESENTATIVE and responsible for the network development with customer retention.
Increased and maintained the turnover of 7%. Together with R&D Department and in reference to the tools developed with a new technology, gained new orders for the AIRCRAFT, AUTOMOTIVE industries, etc. (Process: RTM, Spray, Injection, etc.)
• Redefined customer relations management through networking and strategic–contact development.
• Supervised, maintained and enhanced order management for corresponding Company’s strategic planning.

GIANAZZA ENGINEERING, Milan, ITALY (Plant Manufacturer) 2007 to 7/2014 (ISO 9000)
Reporting to the CEO, responsible for the development of the sales network and corresponding World-wide market realignment of the company. Engineering & manufacturing of refining plants for oils, animal fats, fatty acids, glycerine, Chemical, Energy, Detergents, etc..
Increased turnover. Acquired a new (European) customer in 2007 and received order for the manufacturing of the first foreign Biodiesel plant. Improved the Customers services, re-organising the activities of the Sales & Technical department.
• Redefined customer relations management through networking and strategic–contact development
• Supervised, maintained and enhanced order management for corresponding Company’s strategic planning.
• World wide assistance for Refining Plant Start-up and corresponding Plant Commissioning.

HILLE MÜLLER / CORUS SPECIAL STEEL, Düsseldorf / Milan, ITALY 2005 to 2006 (ISO 9000)
Salesman for special plated steel strips. Reporting to the Sales MANAGER for the Italian Business Unit in Milan.
Strengthened the Market position (for the Italian Site) through sales enlargement including also WESTFALIA‘s products range. Sale support for the customer reliability process and gained new customers like IVECO (Trucks).
• Business development. Managing 1300 customers. Increased Sales network and strengthened Sales Support.
• Further developed product application for Markets in: Automotive, Plastic, Electronic and Lightning.
• Introduced at CEO in Germany new product application and R&D concepts for the Automotive.

ILPEA Spa, Varese, ITALY (Extrusion) 2001 to 2005 (ISO/TS16949)
Technical & Sales MANAGER for the Project Management, Engineering (R&D) and tooling of painted parts obtained from extruded profiles completed by co- or over injection moulding (Automotive: AUDI, VW GROUP, BENTLEY, GM, etc.).
In order to improve the quality level of the Tech. Customer Service I was the direct AUDI correspondent for ILPEA.
Profitable timing reduction of the Projects and promoted Company profile against the other AUDI suppliers.
After one year I increased the number of the new projects from 2 to 6:
• AUDI S4, AUDI A8, AUDI S-Line, AUDI A6 (Two different profiles/parts) and AUDI A4 (Rel. 2004).
• Acquired new customer BENTLEY (Two new projects for “CONTINENTAL”).
• Reached and maintained AUDI B-Rating supply level.

ILMA Plastic Srl., Varese, ITALY (World famous Tools Manufacturer) 1997 to 2001 (ISO/TS 16949 - 9001)
Technician, Customer support and Salesman for moulds “Injection moulding” (Automotive: PORSCHE, AUDI, VW GROUP, D.C., FORD, VOLVO, SAAB, GM, BMW, MAGNA, PEGUFORM / VENTURE, LEAR, etc..) reporting to CEO.
Defining skills and rules contributed in the reorganization procedure of the Sales department. In order to gain the ISO 9001 Certificate, developed and applied quotation system process suited to analyse the convenience of the projects.
• Developed with the Owner and the Sales Manager the Sales Support Department and obtained the ISO 9001 Certification.
• Increased customer package (Introduced two new MAGNA Europe plants).
• Acquired new order from MAGNA Europe for 6 injection Moulds (AUDI) value 600.000 Euro each.

ST-MICROELECTRONICS, Milan, ITALY 1994 to 1997 (QS - ISO 9000)
Reporting to the CFO for the Fixed Assets Management of the Italian B.U. (over One Million US$ spread in three different Sites)
Real estate record, balancing, alienation and calculation of the fiscal and management depreciation • Implemented Intercompany procedure (exchange of internal constructions between internal subsidiaries) • Preparation of financial reports, statements and forecast, (year-to-date comparison) • Assisted and trained other accounting clerks.

GALVANOFORM GmbH, Lahr, GERMANY (Tools manufacturer) Jan. 1994 – present (ISO 9001)
(1994) INTERNSHIP. Reporting to the PRESIDENT to the OWNER and FOUNDER • IT Responsible • Marketing and Production Planning Assistant - Introduced E-Sheet based workflow scheduling plan (trained personal) • Increased knowledge of German language.
• Technical designer and MECHANICAL WORKSHOP Summer 1982, 1984, 1985
experience on workshop tool machines.
• Production planning assistant, PROGRESS Srl (Extrusion) 1990 to 1993
material stock management / planning and Customer service.
Bachelor Degree in Economics: Graduate at the “Catholic University of the Sacred Heart” in Milan. Concentration: Business Management and Administration. (1993).
Technical Industrial Institute: High School Technical Diploma at I.T.I.S. Varese. Concentration: Mechanical Industry and Technologies, Electronics, Chemistry, Design, related workshops, Mathematics, Technical languages, etc.. (1986).
• Italian: Mother Tongue.
• German: Second Mother Tongue. (Mother Austrian). German Courses at the Munich’s "Goethe Institute" of Vienna (AUSTRIA) and Varese to achieve the Diploma: "Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom" (KDS) (1993).
• English: Fluent.
• Spanish: Good. Three years at the same a.m. Institute.
• Chinese and French: Beginner.
BACKGROUNDS ON: CATIA, 3D CAD – CAM / CNC Machinery and FMEA Systems.
TRAININGS: SGS-Thomson: TQM and SAP R/3 AM020 (Asset accounting); AUDI: QTS (PPM. Parts Tracking System), ILPEA: CESAP advanced injection moulding, SPC Statistical Product Control, QFD, AED (defibrillator), HACCP.
Place and date of birth: Varese, Italy, 31 January 1966 • Single.
Attended, events • Personnel training • Conferences and tradeshows • Travel availability.
References and supporting documentation furnished upon request.
Swimming, Skiing, Tennis, and Windsurfing, • Music: Piano, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums • Digital Photography, Readings: Books and Magazines for professional upgrade.

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