Electrical & Instrumentation Quality Control Regional Lead

Last Updated: 10th June 2018 (over 4 years ago)




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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate



My job title is misleading. I fulfill commissioning roles on a wide range of projects. I lead project turnover and their commissioning. I have an excellent understanding of complex projects. I can supervise, act as project engineer, perform multiple project roles. I train employees on understanding the requirements for Atex installations.

My main background is commissioning, and my qualifications are commissioning related. I have a certificate in process control and instrumentation.


Carlow IT
Process Control & Instrumentation

   Jun 2016
— Jun 2016

Certificate course.

CompEx 1-4

   May 2016

Emergency Lighting Commissioning

   Oct 2015

Electrician with Merit

   Nov 2003
— Nov 2007


Kirby Engineering & Construction
Commissioning Lead

   Feb 2018
— Apr 2018

Project was to upgrade UPS units inside a tier one data center. Due to the lack of resilience, a switching plan had to be developed, along with temporary cabling installed to ensure there was no loss of critical load. UPS units were upgraded successfully with no critical load loss.

Kirby Engineering & Construction
E&I Commissioning Lead

   Oct 2017
— Feb 2018

Project E&I Commissioning Lead for a pharmaceutical in Dublin. The project was to commission a pilot lab within an existing facility. The biggest challenge was to educate and re-design the atex installation to suit the clients needs. I had to design the process and clean earthing systems.

Kirby Engineering & Construction
Commissioning Lead

   Jan 2017
— Sep 2017

Data Center commissioning lead for a new power house for an existing center in England. The project throw up many challenges (integrating old with the new), which were overcome, leading to the no break transfer of the critical load from the old power house to the new.

Part of the role involved looking at the design, and re-engineering it to ensure the day to day running was not effected by the transition and construction works.

Kirby Engineering & Construction
E&I QC Regional Lead

   Nov 2015
— Current

Support and govern projects in the Dublin region.
Step into project rules when required.
Set up and monitor project turnover requirements.
Carry out design verification of projects.
Mentor junior test engineers.
Mentor project engineers.
Carry out Atex inspections and assist in Atex installations.
Setup and monitor Electrical Safe System of Works - LOTO/Energisations

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