Professional result oriented Teacher

Last Updated: 7th August 2019 (over 3 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Filipino


A result oriented teacher with the love for teaching and learning.

I am a licensed teacher with experience in teaching early years. I have moved up to ranks and shared the things I’ve learned to other teachers to become more effective in the classroom. I lead a team in conceptualising the Physical development curriculum for the 2019-2020 academic year for the school I’m at. I am looking for opportunities outside to enhance my skills and to become a better educator and return to what I love most... teaching the children.
I love teaching the foundation stage because it is the age where children learn the most. However, if given a chance to teach other level, I would gladly take it as a learning phase.
I can easily adapt to new environment and I work well with others.


Silliman University
Bachelor of Science major in Biology with certificate in Education

   Jun 1999
— Mar 2004

Got a degree in biology with a certificate in Education. This certification allowed me to take the professional teachers licensure examination.

The training I got from being a biology major is an advantage in the classroom. It helps me become more observant with what is happening in the classroom and with my students. I became more understanding in the children’s behaviour and their needs. I am able to adapt easily with the surroundings and is able to work with other teachers harmoniously.


The English Playgroup
Learning Leader

   Aug 2017
— Aug 2019

Runs the academic operation of the school I am based at. I monitor the academic progress of each students. Create plans with the teachers in teaching the students that needs more support.
I motivate and encourage teachers to become better educators. I checked the lesson plans and activities if it is following the curriculum and is within the school standards.
I evaluate the children’s progress as well as the teachers performance.
Lead a team of outstanding teachers in conceptualising the 2019-2020 physical development curriculum based on Developmental Matters

The English Playgroup
Instructional Coach

   Aug 2016
— Aug 2017

I worked under the Principal.
I visit branches to support the teachers identified by the principal. I help plan and create activities with the teacher in need of assistance. I create the PD curriculum together with the outstanding teachers that I chose to build a repertoire of activities and songs that will enhance learning.
At this time, I oversee around 75 Specialist teachers who are teaching; music, arts, and physical education.

The English Playgroup Primary school
PE teacher

   Aug 2015
— Feb 2016

Taught KS1 physical education.
Plans and deliver physical education classes to school children aged 6 to 8.
Works under the supervision of the Principal.

The English Playgroup
Specialist Teacher

   Sep 2014
— Current

Taught Foundation stage 2 children.
Taught PE to approximately 360 children under the age 5-6 years.
I plan and deliver physical activities to enhance and build the gross motor skills of the children.

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