Plant and Equipment Manager - Facility management contract Manager

Last Updated: 29th June 2017 (over 5 years ago)

LYON, France


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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification

English, French


As a Plant & Equipment Director expert with industry leading knowledge in site installations and energy production equipment, I’ve demonstrated in Africa and Asia both technical and softer skills that have allowed me to develop strong relationships and highly capable internal teams.
Quality is my watchword and I have continually demonstrated this on a range of technical base and projects without jeopardizing tight cost plans.
The grounding received on a complex range of projects in Africa and Asia has served me well and I’m now utilizing that experience on the critical works I’m undertaking.

Furthermore, client inter-faces in the oil industry and national government have allowed me to develop a firm understanding of the pressures clients face and the responses needed for my team and me.
I have been praised by all the clients for my energy, enthusiasm, understanding of their needs, as well as for my innovation.
I am now a highly valued Director for plant & equipment sharing my vast experience with the local staff in remote Cameroon whilst delivering key infrastructure across the country.

While managing an extensive local workforce working across a range of critical technical infrastructure, I have developed work programs and trainings for local staff. The challenge has been to establish this base quickly without compromising the quality of equipment delivery for the projects. This was a critical measure of success for the client and Vinci’s reputation in the country.
Given the nature of the industry, safety was of paramount importance; I was adept at both pro-active prevention and quick effective responses to mitigate risks.

As a contract manager in Angola, I had overall responsibility for all facilities management and production energy for TOTAL (including housing, offices, technical base) and supporting infrastructure. I managed and exceeded client expectations through strong delivery, particularly in the tricky field of tertiary maintenance. This was achieved by developing controls, regular pre-planned maintenance, and clear visibility to all relevant parties of issues and quality solutions that didn’t jeopardize the clients cost structure.

Over the last two decades, I have also acquired a great experience that allowed me to obtain many times the certification in terms of quality systems implementation (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001).


Catering International Services Saudi Arabia
Tertiary Maintenance Director

   Jul 2016
— Apr 2017

Retained as a Consultant to supervise the Organization of the Tertiary Maintenance Department and implement a Quality Plan for the client SAUDI ARAMCO for a camp in KHURAYS

Nicolas Srouji Establisment Ivory Coast
Plant & Equipment Manager

   Jan 2016
— Apr 2016

Retained as a Consultant to lead the reorganization of the Plant Department

Vinci Construction
Plant & Equipment Director

   May 2012
— Nov 2015


CAMEROON (Turnover €150M ) – Directed a large Roadwork Project and Managed a team of 6 expatriates and 150 local workers in a 40.000 m² technical base and 40M€ equipment value.
GABON (Turnover €75M)– Directed a Hydraulic Project and Roadwork activity across Gabon, Managed a 20.000 m² technical base and a team of 10 expatriates and 100 local workers

o Establishing Cost, Budgets, Forecasts, Investment planning and updates Hiring rates
o Supervising the main Procurement, Logistic and Transit
o Implementing Quality Controls and Work Instructions for ISO 9001 quality system and succeeded in obtaining ISO9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certification.
o Handling the installation of GMAO software for maintenance planning and follow up of equipment repairs
o Leading the preparation and follow up of the annual technicians/operators Training Plan & the proceeding to Quality Audit as Auditor


   Mar 2012
— Apr 2012

Retained for a short mission to help the Client prospect the formworks and platforms business market in the Philippines in view to establish a factory

Bouygues Construction Equatorial Guinea
Plant & Equipment Director

   Dec 2008
— Jan 2012

o Successfully directed the construction and management of 2 major technical bases (Malabo & Bata), which included a road and earthwork activity, as well as building construction. Also managed a workforce of 20 expatriates and 300 local workers, whilst preparing all documentation for the renewal of ISO 9001/OHSA 18001/ISO 14001 Certification and helping an ONG for the construction of an orphanage.

o The transit for the projects and plant department
o The follow up of temporary importation files with the customs administration
o Purchasing spare parts and warehouse storage
o Supervising the logistic department
o Planning and Training of the technicians/operators
o Leading General services (electricity, HVAC, carpentry, masonry)

Bouygues Construction Thailande
Plant & Equipment Director

   Oct 2007
— Current

Management of a technical base and 5 high-rise Building Projects in Bangkok & Pataya
with a workforce of 2 expatriates and 200 local workers.

o Supervised the fabrication of all the metallic formworks and safety platforms for the projects
o Prepared and processed the procedures and forms in view to get ISO 9001/OHSA 18001/ISO 14001 Certification
o Implemented a sustainable development program: the construction of a labor camp with games area for children and a nursery.

Bouygues Construction Equatorial Guinea
Plant & Equipment Director

   Nov 2005
— Aug 2007

Directed 2 technical bases (Island Malabo & Bata) for road and earthwork activity and a building construction activity, while managing a workforce of 4 expatriates and 200 local workers

o Preparing the logistic and transit for the projects and the plant department
o Supervising the follow up of temporary importation files with the customs administration
o Purchasing spare parts and the warehouse storage
o Managing General services (electricity, HVAC, carpentry, masonry)
o Organizing and preparing the documentation in view to obtain ISO 9001/OHSA 18001/ISO 14001 Certification
o Planning and Training of the technicians and operators

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