Senior Hydrogeologist and GIS specialist

Last Updated: 29th January 2019 (over 4 years ago)

South Africa


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Age Range
25 to 34

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Afrikaan, English


I established my career in 2013 when I joined GEOSS as a geologist and GIS specialist looking to develop my skills in hydrogeology. My Specific focus in the field are groundwater exploration, geophysics and groundwater modeling, where my skills in exploration and remote sensing can been put to extensive use.

To date, I have six years in the consulting industry and have worked on a number of different projects ranging in scale from small scale exploration projects for the agricultural sector to large scale bulk water supply projects for municipalities. Through these projects, I have gained invaluable practical experience in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, geophysics and geoinformatics. My main responsibilities in the company are; project management, groundwater exploration, geophysical investigation and geological structural mapping. I am involved in Aquifer parameter and pumping test analysis for wellfield development and management and spatial data analysis. I am currently moving into a project management role but always make sure to get out into the field as that is where all the real work is done.

I am committed to continuous training and development and have furthered my experience and expertise, I am currently completing a Master degree in Hydrogeology.


Universtiy of the Free State
MSc in Hydrogeology

   Jan 2016
— Current

Courses completed:
- Groundwater Hydraulics (IGS-UOFS)
- Hydrochemistry and Pollution (IGS-UOFS)
- Groundwater Geophysics (IGS-UOFS)
- Groundwater Modelling (IGS-UOFS)
- Mining Geohydrology & Hydrology (IGS-UOFS)
- Groundwater Management (IGS-UOFS)
- Aquifer Mechanics (IGS-UOFS)

My thesis topic include mapping a large regional fault structure. The aim of the thesis was to characterize the aquifer stems and geological setting.


Senior Hydrogeologist/Geologist and GIS specialist

   Feb 2013
— Current

I have gained experience in the following fields and have worked solely on various projects which have provided me with the following expertise and responsibilities at my current company;

•Geophysical surveys and analysis: Resistivity method, Electromagnet (EM34-3), Basic seismics and Magnetometer
• Geological mapping
• Drill supervision and borehole design/construction
• Groundwater exploration
• Basic groundwater modelling
• Hydrological risk assessments
• Project management
• Report writing
• Managed Artificial recharge development
• Groundwater resource evaluation and management plan design
• Wellfield development and management
• Yield/aquifer parameter and pumping test analysis
• GIS database management

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