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Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Hindi, Malay, Punjabi


A strong personality which includes ability to perform:
 Public speaking
 Self-motivated, dedicated and possess a positive attitude to both work and life.
 Team leader with a proven ability to train, supervise, motivate, and evaluate colleagues and subordinates at all working levels.
 People oriented; enjoy working directly with subordinates and work colleagues.
 Strong interpersonal skills resulting in exceptional rapport with people. Proven success in initiating, promoting and maintaining strong interpersonal relations. Able to deal courteously, professionally, and tactfully with the people a variety of circumstances
 Leadership as well as team player characteristics
 Result-orientated assignments.
 Approachable and high self-esteem
 Good communication skills
 Self-initiative, hardworking and a fast learner.
 Able to work independently
 Willing to travel and relocate

• A forward thinking professional who developed and managed outages, regionally with an impressive track record of project completion on time, within scope, quality and budget.
• Self-motivation with more than 8 years of experience in managing multiple projects simultaneously from the requirements gathering phase to a successful completion.
• Proven ability, with strong technical and business qualifications to successfully analyse project management issues critically based on project needs.
• To develop immediate mitigation plans and out of the box innovative ideas during the project life cycle.
• Successfully implemented the cost-effective project execution based on LEAN methodology to optimize outage management; enhance competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offerings.
• Close collaboration with the sales/marketing and technical team to offer a comprehensive service solution to the customer with focus on identifying and observing the market needs and managing complete outage project management service to the customer.
• In this role, I was as well responsible for working with my counterparts from the local offices in the Asia Pacific region, i.e. Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, which exposed me to the different working styles and cultures.
• Pioneered and initiated several activities for process and quality improvements.
• In this role, I have worked closely with other Multinationals; Worley Parsons & TEPSCO Japan, KEPCO, Korea as well as established and reputed EPC Contractors Alstom, Siemens, General Electric (GE), Toshiba and Andritz Hydro.
• Throughout my career, I had achieved high Key Performance Indicators (KPI>78%) and High Competency Levels (>75%) with companies I had served. Very highly regarded by superiors and colleagues and highly acclaimed by superiors on the quality of work being performed.
• Have taken on a coaching and leaderships role in the organization as well as to improve on the operations and efficiency of the department.
• In my new role, I am taking on also a mentor role to develop subordinates in the project developmental stage.


Board of Engineers Malaysia
Graduate Member

   Jan 2004
— Current


Tadmax Resources Berhad
Senior Project Engineer

   Dec 2016
— Current

• Responsible for providing overall Project Management support to the project team.
• Manage all contracts which also includes financials, budgets, costs, variations and claims.
• Manage the project schedule to ensure timely deliverables from all stake holders for project completion on time.
• Regular reporting to management on the status and progress of the project.
• Ensure Suppliers and subcontractors are coordinated for the delivery of project outcomes.
• Liase with the consultants and local government and regulatory authorities to ensure smooth project progress.
• The roles and responsibilities shall be expanded based on the development of the project
• Mentor subordinates, from different work backgrounds to handle the management of a power plant project development.

KNM Renewable Energy Sdn. Bhd.
Senior Project Manager

   Mar 2016
— Sep 2016

• Responsible for providing overall Project Management, with support and guidance to project team to drive project to successful completion; within cost, quality and time.
• Manage all EPC Contracts which also includes financials i.e. budget, costs, variations orders and claims.
• Manage the execution of the EPC contract to ensure company is complying with its obligations while limiting downside risks (Mitigation/Recovery Plans) or monetary losses.
• Manage the project schedule to ensure timely deliverables from all stake holders for project completion on time.
• Monitor EPC contract correspondences and liase with Owners project team as necessary.
• Ensuring enforcement and compliances to the QA/QC and also EHS obligations under the contract.
• Regular reporting to management and client on the status and progress of the project.
• Ensure Suppliers and subcontractors are coordinated for the delivery of project outcomes.
• Liase with the consultants and local government and regulatory authorities to ensure smooth project progress.
• Liase with site construction team, as needed on EPC contract issues.
• Manage Completing, Testing and Handover of the facility to the client.
• Transition of the completed project into the warranty program.
• In this role, I was managing a direct report of 7 and an indirect report of 45. I did not only coach a team, who was very new to the power industry, I also ensured regular meetings with my team , to share experiences and concerns, in such a way that the needs of my team members are always looked into.

GE Power Services (Alstom Power)
Senior Project Manager Outage

   Nov 2012
— Mar 2016

• Lead the service team in providing comprehensive commercial, technical and project management support for outages as well as inspections across all power plants.
• Assemble and deploy outage teams while work closely with local counterparts across the Asia Pacific region covering Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, India, Bangladesh as well as Vietnam.
• Prepare inspection schedules as well as work scope while ensure adequate resources, manpower and tools onsite
• Coordinate technical briefings while ensure accurate dissemination of documents while conduct progress meetings with respective departments.
• Implement LEAN Methodology to enhance project execution competitiveness and service offerings as well as boosting revenues.
• Generate the budget and financial reports while propose additional investments as well as cost reduction to ensure projects goals are met.
• Organize visa, flights and accommodation arrangements for the outage crew while ensure strict EHS compliance onsite.
• Coach and mentor team members in enhancing technical competencies as well as commercial skills.
• During the outage preparation, I had to assemble a very competent team of almost 120 personnel, which includes workers of all levels of capability and backgrounds. Being a people person, I made sure that these personnel are always feeling important, happy, motivated , keep a positive work attitude and look forward to the work each day. In this way, the quality of work and hence productivity improved.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad
Lead Electrical Engineer

   Jun 2004
— Nov 2012

• Provided full spectrum technical engineering, project management and design support to the Project Manager.
• Led the preparation of the Conducted in depth review and evaluation of the technical proposal including design and engineering documents submitted by the pre-qualified EPC Contractors.
• Worked closely with project consultants, Worley Parsons & TEPSCO Japan, Siemens as well as the EPC Contractors Alstom in ensuring on time delivery of the project.
• Ensured all technical specification of the thermal power plant is updated in line with new technical development and policy.
• Assisted the preparation of commercial agreements while witnessed the Factory Acceptance Test for all equipment’s.
• Appointed member of the Nuclear Energy Unit in TNB as well as the Protection Unit of the Technical Evaluations Group (TEG).
• Generated progress report to the client’s top management.
• In this role, I did supervise a team of young project engineers and supervisors from the project development up to the completion and handover of the power plant. During the project execution, I did also work alongside my team of supervisors on long hours and also provided the needed coaching so that they feel important and appreciate the works that is being performed.

Key Projects Involvement
• Tender Specifications preparation for the 1000MW Ultra Supercritical (USC) Technology and Manjung 1x 1000MW Coal Fired Power Plant EPC projects.
• Feasibility study for the Manjung Power Plant Extension Project as well as Gas Turbine fogging system for energy improvement at Connaught Bridge Power Station.
• Consultancy services to PETRONAS for the Kimanis 300MW Power Project (IPP) in Sabah.
• Site management during the Design and Construction Phases of the Port Dickson Phase 2 Rehabilitation Project.
• Site construction and supervision works for the Kenyir Hydro Power Station Governor Rehab Project.
• Life Extension Studies (LES) to improve the systems and life of the Power Plant in Tenaga Nasional Berhad.

Engineer (June 2004 – May 2006)
• Carried out corrective and preventive maintenance of all equipment within the Connaught Bridge Power Station encompassing 1 unit steam turbine, 2 units WHB (CMI), 120 MW GT 13E ABB gas turbine as well as auxiliary and ancillary plants.
• Developed work and check sheets to ensure effective execution of maintenance activities towards achieving cost reduction.
• Performed Predictive Maintenance and monitored the state of the equipment while provided recommendations to Senior Management for continuous improvement.
• In this role, I worked with my team of technicians in performing their tasks. This was a mutual sharing and learning experience between us. My team was very comfortable with the work relationship and hence the morale and confidence and performance on the job was enhanced.

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