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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, Filipino


My QAQC career spans for 20+ years in upstream onshore Oil & Gas construction industry and acquired qualified working knowledge of Quality Assurance in multi-discipline works mainly gained from Shell EPC projects in the oilfields of Gabon, Africa and major Turnaround project in Qatar. The completed projects where I was a key player include but not limited to, EPF, oil/gas gathering stations (green and brown fields), installation of packaged/modular equipments, wellhead hook-ups, Computer Operated Operation upgrades, flowlines and pipelines


Neville Clark International - Philippines
QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor

   Jun 2011
— Jun 2011

ISO 9001:2008 QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor IRCA Course Reg. No. A17399

CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector

   Nov 2010
— Nov 2010

TWI CSWIP 3.1 (Level 2) Fusion Welding Inspection of Steels (Expiry Nov. 2020)

AES Engineering Philippines
Radiographic Test Film Interpretation

   Jun 2009
— Jun 2009

Radiographic Test Film Interpretation – SNT-TC-1A:2006

Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Mechanical Engineer

   Mar 1985
— Jun 1990

Registered and Licensed Mechl Engineer - Philippines


Wood Group PSN - Shell Gabon and Assala Energy - Gabon Africa
QAQC Senior Engineer

   Jun 2016
— Jan 2018

I rolled out the WGPSN’s integrated business management system (iMAP) and made our discipline supervisors and client aware of its requirements. I collaborated with HSE to make all personnel on site aware of ‘Flawless’ requirements and promote WGPSN Core values by creating presentations through weekly meetings. I actively raised Quality Observation report cards for immediate elimination of flaws. The project was Integrated Engineering and Maintenance contract with Shell and Assala Energy in the onshore oilfields of Rabi, Gamba, Toucan and Koula Gabon, Africa.
• Providing timely advice and guidance on all matters pertaining to quality management and Flawless Project Delivery (FPD) initiatives. Participation in the wider WGPSN quality network to improve consistency and delivery across WGPSN.
• Identifying, creating and investigating actions of IMPact (WGPSN’s system for managing preventive and corrective action). Continuous improvement through active observation of agreed quality and client’s requirements through Quality Observation cards which I share and discuss findings to site team through Tool Box Talks and weekly meetings.
• Developing and managing the WGPSN audit and review programme and provide support to any ongoing assurance activities.
• Updating Weekly/Monthly/KPI reports to Client. Focal point for reporting and updating quality metrics for quality performance to the WGPSN global quality focal point.
• Producing / development of Construction Work Packs (Piping, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical And Instrumentation). Check and ensure constructability of work scopes. Manage Mechanical Completions and Handover (in line with Shell “Go-completion” Management system).
• Familiarity with Work Pack Structures / WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).
• Develop, implement, monitor and close-out of Inspection and Test Plan (ITP).
• Welding inspection and supervision of NDT technicians. Record and maintain Weld History Sheets, Visual Inspection, verify NDT reports, weld maps and construction as-builts. Advised the Welding Engineer of the requirements of site welding for PQR/WPS development. Conduct Welder Performance testing; maintain records and registers.
• Inspection of coating / painting. Provided advice on coating systems and liaise with Supply Management for correct coating materials.
• Collaborate with Supply Management focal point for supplier evaluation, risk assessment and monitoring.
• Management and review of vendor quality delivery including approval of ITP, quality records, material certification and vendor procedures.
• Witnessing hydrostatic pressure testing of vessels, piping and pipeline. Advising construction supervisors/technicians of technical procedures and safe execution.
• Raising Technical Queries, administration and coordination of both Client and WGPSN design offices TQs.
• I systematically reorganize and manage the site equipment / instrument calibration and register.

Shell QATAR QSGTL Ras Laffan
QAQC Engineer / Turnaround (TA) QA Area Lead

   Oct 2014
— May 2016

This was Shell’s largest major turnaround (MTA) globally with two identical trains. A highly demanding and fast paced job, particularly during execution. I maintained strong relationship and leadership with entire team during times of high energy and stress. My skill of data analysis, creation of presentations, effective communication and leadership were my keys for my TA performance success. During TA execution, my assigned areas were the Liquid Processing Unit (LPU), Utilities (UTL) and Air Separation Units (ASU). I delivered quality / flawless expectations on all work performed, aligned with Shell’s flawless expectations, and aligned with the QSGTL TA premise document safety and reliability expectations.
• Pre-TA and Post-TA: Shell QAQC Engineer for QSGTL 1st/2nd Major Turnaround
• Responsible for pre-TA coordination of Main Mechanical Contractors (MMC), E&I and Rotating Equipment contractors. Developed unique procedures and processes for this specific TA project.
• Creation, presentation and coaching of the TA QA and Flawless Project Delivery procedures to the TA Quality team on-boarding.
• Checking Work Packs prepared by MMC for the 1st-train for five plant areas with a total of 3,500 work packs and a total of 1,649 Mechanical Completion Packages (MCP).
• Post TA activities. Gathering and analyzing of “Lessons Learned” for workshop presentation with proposed corrective actions. Review and revisions of work procedures and process as a result of Lessons Learned.
• Issue to Tender (ITT) - Technical Quality Evaluation of Contractors’ QMS for prequalification and QA audit of major contractors for 2nd MTA (2016).

• TA Execution: TA Flawless QA Area Lead / Systems Completion (Deputy Overall TA QA Lead)
• 2015 - TA QA Flawless Lead for Liquid Processing Unit (LPU) and Utilities (UTL) plant areas.
• 2016 - TA QA Flawless Lead for Air Separation Unit (ASU) also appointed as Deputy Overall TA QA Lead for all Areas.
• Attending meetings and reporting to Shell TA Leadership the daily progress, flawless audits, flawless scorecards and KPI statistics.
• Systems Completion coordination with Block Leads and Safety District Coordinators.
• Flawless Q-Captain, flawless tightness and cleanliness Auditor.
• Provides QAQC direction and leadership to Shell and contract work force.
• In-process surveillance to verify compliance with specified piping erection procedure including flange alignments, torquing & cleanliness etc. Review, surveillance, witness activities in accordance with Inspection and Test Plant (ITP) / Shell requirements.
• Performing walk down inspection, Quality and Safety Observations.
• Management of Mechanical Completion, Ready for Commissioning, Plant Fitness and Acceptance stages of the TA through Shell’s Roser™ database.
• Supervision of QCs and Document Controllers for compilation of Mechanical Completion Packages and coordination of Punchlist items.

INCAT / IPS / Dietsmann / Shell Ganon Africa
QAQC Engineer / Coordinator / Auditor

   Mar 1993
— Mar 2014

Quality Assurance
• Develop, author, create and maintain QA Manual, Project Procedures and Quality Plan.
• Conduct Internal Audits. Maintaining records of external audits, internal audits, inspection visits, pre-production meetings and project records. Integration of audit results and findings in updating and revision of procedures for continuous improvements.
• Control of Non Conformance Reports and Corrective Action Reports.
• Develop and maintain databases, spreadsheets, checklists and inspection record sheets for QC inspection reports, records and QA activities.
• Preparation & approval of Inspection Test Plan (ITP) and Method Statements (MS).
• Manage QA/QC documents of the entire project including certificates, calibration, test results, inspection requests, Technical Queries, Concessions, AFC packages and site instruction.
QC Supervision & Inspection
• Lead and supervise expat QC Inspectors of various nationalities for Mechanical, Painting/Coating, Piping, Welding and Electrical & Instrumentation disciplines.
• Supervise third party NDT and PWHT technicians and prepare/identify PWHT requirements.
• Quality control examinations and testing are completed, documented and conform the ITP & MS.
• Control and inspection of shop or field surface preparation, sand blasting, painting, coating, holiday detection, insulation and cladding activities.
• Control, inspection and witnessing of safe hydrostatic pressure testing activities of vessel, piping and pipeline/flowline.
• Establish, conduct and witness Welding WPS, PQR and WPQ per ASME Sect. IX or API 1104 standards.
• Maintenance and control of Welders Qualification records, Repair/Defect Register and KPI.
QAQC Coordination
• Interface with Project Management Team and Design/Project Engineers and provide QC inspection.
• Coordinate and inspection of Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of ME&I construction works or reworks.
• Coordinate inspections and notifications for third party inspections.
• Coordinate Technical Query and Application for Concessions processing and close-out.
• Coordinate and assist Material Controller for inspection of materials; report and process NC material.
• Review and comment on Design Engineering packages for technical compliance.
Work Pack / Mechanical Completion
• Preparation, review & approval of construction work packs and hand-over packages for the mechanical, piping, rotating, electrical and instrumentation disciplines. Verify that documentations and certifications to support Mechanical Completion (MC) are in place.
• Manage punchlist and responsible for “Red line” as-built of key documents / drawings.
• Management of archived quality and construction records.
• Collaborate with HSSE in their procedure writing where QAQC requirements are involved.

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