Process Engineer

Last Updated: 25th August 2020 (over 2 years ago)

United Kingdom



Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Chinese, English


A highly innovative and motivated Chemical Process Engineer with 12 years of operational experience in refining/natural gas processing industry. In addition, 9 years of experience in Process Design Engineering in EPC company. Two bachelor degrees in Chemical Engineering and Electrical engineering.

• Hands-on operational experience in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit, UOP Fixed-Bed Platforming unit (Reformer), Jet and Diesel Hydrotreators, Polymerization unit (UOP Catalytic Condensation), Gasoline Desulfurization Unit, Amine and Natural Gas Treating facility;
• Plant monitoring, troubleshooting, optimization. Technical support for Operations, Maintenance, PSM, Environmental and other multi-disciplinary teams;
• Experience in pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup for new/rebuilt projects, and turnaround support;
• Hazop review. Participate in and lead PHA, support incident investigation and identify root cause;
• Carry out Management of Change to improve the safety, reliability, integrity and operability;
• Process simulation by Hysys, ProII, ProMax and VMG, Heat and Mass Balance, PFD and P&ID development;
• Line hydraulic calculation, hydrate formation calculation, equipment sizing and datasheet (pump, separator, exchanger, air cooler, control valve, column, etc.), and piping design;
• Control narratives and shutdown keys;
• Overpressure scenario analysis and PSV sizing;
• Good knowledge on material engineering and corrosion mechanisms;
• Team player with interpersonal skills, prioritize multitask and project management;


Keyera Corp
Plant Engineer

   Jan 2019
— Apr 2020

• Wapiti Liquid and Gas Plant pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup support.
• Monitored, troubleshooted and optimized Sour Gas Amine treating, Dew Point Control and Liquid Recovery, Condensate Stabilization and Mercaptan Removal, VRU, Sales Gas Compression, Produced Water and Acid Gas injections;
• MOC activities included process modelling, Heat and Material Balances, equipment sizing, control narrative and shutdown key review and update, and project management etc.;
• Supported PSM for incident investigation/provided solution to eliminate hazard, supported environmental compliance;
• Unit historian KPI sheet development and lab data collections to troubleshoot off-spec products and to optimize plant operations;
• Control loop tuning and control logic modification to improve plant performance.
• Ensured that effective and proactive communication was maintained. Initiated meetings, correspondence and discussions as required.

Sr. Facility Engineer

   Aug 2017
— Jan 2019

• Monitored natural gas processing plants for process safety hazards, reliability, optimization, and regulatory risks across Enbridge South Peace facilities;
• Ensured that facilities maintain process and corrosion related monitoring;
• Supported natural gas sweetening, dehydration, liquid hydrocarbon recovery, and gas compression processes;
• Provided leadership to support process engineering programs and standards for broad application;
• Provided key subject matter expert support as part of critical/complex investigations, scope development, troubleshooting, analysis, and project development;
• Provided leadership to support MOC. This included process simulation, PFD/PID activities, datasheet and equipment sizing, etc.;

Coop Refinery Complex
Unit Operations Engineer

   May 2014
— Jul 2016

• Supported Gasoline Desulphurization, Polymerization and Amine Units;
• Pre-commissioning, commissioning and Startup for Polymerization unit rebuilt project;
• Monitored, advised and directed the operation of assigned units to ensure product specifications were met;
• Catalyst run cycle projection and schedule Poly catalyst change-out;
• Acted in a technical advisory capacity and inspect operating data, log sheets and lab data analysis;
• Project scoping and initiation, planning, technical support, project follow-up and review;
• Prepared unit shutdown, start-up procedures and timelines, and advised Operations during unit shutdown and start-up;
• Coordinated with Engineering, Maintenance and Inspection on issues and repairs in the units and reviewed process conditions;
• Deadleg and CUI (corrosion under insulation) audit and removal for assigned areas;
• Compiled annual budget to reflect operation cost on maintenance, chemical, catalyst, fuel consumption, and vendor services; conducted monthly cost tracking and cost control.

Sinclair Wyoming Refinery
Sr. Process Engineer

   Feb 2012
— Apr 2014

• Supported Naphtha Hydrotreator & Fixed-Bed Platforming unit (Reformer), Jet and Diesel Hydrotreators;
• Day-to-day operations monitoring and lab data collection/analysis (PI and KPI sheets), and accordingly optimized units and provided technical support to operations;
• Catalyst run cycle prediction, turnaround support, Hydrotreating catalyst selection, loading, and pre-sulfiding, Reformer catalyst regeneration;
• Process unit troubleshooting and operating condition adjustment to meet targets;
• MOC/project to improve unit performance, reliability and safety. Utilized process design engineering skills to support projects, which included simulation, PFD and PID update, equipment sizing and alarm review, etc.;
• Conducted unit performance tests for better production and product quality;
• Provided direction and support to third party engineers and reviewed their engineering deliverables;

EPC companies
Process Engineer

   Oct 2005
— Feb 2012

From 2005 to 2012 I had worked as a contractor for following companies:
1. Process Engineer (contract)
Solaris-MCI - Surrey, Canada 2011-2012
• Detailed engineering on Cabin Gas Plant, Encana, Canada;
• Small projects for Natural Gas Processing plants and transmission pipelines.
2. Project/Process Engineer (contract)
CNPC - China and UAE 2009-2011
• Detailed engineering on Ahdeb Oilfield Surface Facilities Development Project, Iraq
• FEED for Quanzhou 12 MTA (million tons annually) Heavy Oil Processing Project, China
• Feasibility study of Nico Lopez Oil Refinery Revamp Project, Cuba
3. Sr. Process Engineer (contract)
KBR - Houston, USA 2007-2009
• FEED for Isocyanates Shared System of Ras Tanura Integrated Project, Saudi Arabia
• FEED for Steam Generation System and Power Generation System for Yanbu Export Refinery Project, Saudi Arabia
4. Sr. Process Engineer (contract)
UMA Engineering - Edmonton, Canada 2006-2007
• Feasibility study for in Northern Lights Project, Canada
• On-site assignment at TransAlta Power Plant
5. Piping Designer (contract)
Colt Engineering (currently Worley Parsons) - Edmonton, Canada 2005-2006
• Piping design for small projects;
• On-site assignment at Shell Scotford Complex.

Fushun No.1 Refinery, CNPC
Process Engineer

   Jul 1993
— May 2001

Engineering Department, Fushun No.1 Refinery, CNPC, China (1998-2001)
• 150 KTA Paraffin Wax Hydrotreating Project, Fushun, China;
• Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Unit Upgrading Project, Fushun, China
• Process design of Low Temperature Energy Utilization System, Fushun, China
• 800 KTA to 1.2 MTA Diesel Hydrotreating Upgrade Project, Fushun, China
FCC Unit, Fushun No.1 Refinery, CNPC, China (1993-1998)
• Day to day unit monitoring and data collecting, technical support for operations;
• Ensured products meet specification;
• Catalyst management;
• Unit optimization and troubleshooting;
• Technical support for new DCS system and Catalyst Regenerator Cooler project;
• Turnaround support, MOC and third-party engineering work review.

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