QA/QC, Completions / Turnover, Punchlist Coordinator

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35 to 44

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A Completion Professional with emerging experience of 17 years as Completion System Coordinator/Engineer for various Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals Plant, Power & Steam Generations, LNG, Food Processing, Modular Fabrication Overseas Projects. As a Completion Coordinator/Engineer, involved in preparation of Completion System & Database for Mechanical Completion, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Turnover the system.


Association of Industrial Engineers of the Philippines
AIEP - Member

   Mar 2002
— Sep 2019

Adamson University
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

   Jun 1995
— Mar 2002

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


WOOD (Amec Foster Wheeler)
Completions Engineer

   Jun 2018
— Current

1. Identify Limit of System Handover (LOSH) in Engineering drawings such as PID’s, SLD’s and BLD’s based on System Mnemonics.
2. Preparation/Update of Subsystem marked up Drawings.
3. Identify Tag-List items on PID’s, SLD’s, BLD’s and other relevant Engineering Drawings available.
4. Collation of all relevant data required to enable the compilation of the Handover Certification Packs in line with the Companies System Handover Management Procedure.
5. Upload Engineering deliverables required by the Commissioning team into the Go Completions Data Base.
6. Maintain Master of Limit of System Handover (LOSH) drawings.
7. Ensure all Engineering data for upload into Go Completions is verified as valid.
8. Ensure that discipline teams are using correct version of drawings, and engineering documents for certification activities.

Amec Foster Wheeler Asia Pacific Ltd.
Turnover Engineer

   Oct 2015
— Jul 2017

1. Responsible for overall coordination of mechanical completion discipline-related activities.
2. Prepares Multi-Discipline Test Packs with reference to System Mark Up/System Definition and Liaise with Construction Walk down Coordinator to ensure System Walk down packs are prepared and readily available.
3. Participate in System/Sub-System walk down with construction and commissioning staff in order to evaluate status of erection activities in accordance with project design.
4. In-charge in the production of Modular Data Book and ensures it is being compiled, completed and to the satisfaction of the Client prior load-out of the modules.
5. Primary interface point to steward the execution and status of facility systems from mechanical completion (construction) through final handover to Operations.
6. Daily interface across multiple functional teams and contractors to understand progress of work. Will be called upon to regularly report out stewardship of facility systems including identification of issues/concerns along with associated actions for closure.
7. Make sure that the Field Punch List form is filled correctly, the punch list items are adequately described and pertinent to the System associated and are legitimate with respect to any discipline and project specifications, safety and industry common practice before input to Co-console Database.

Kellogg Asia Pte. Ltd.
Lead Quality Control / Mechanical Completions Engineer

   Feb 2015
— Sep 2015

1. Developed Turnover Completions Management System, Document Management System and Punch List Management System. Leading the Mechanical Completion System and Handover process.
2. Perform joint inspection attendance at construction site inspection for quality witness and hold points as per approved QA/QC Inspection Procedures and Inspection and Test Plans (ITP).
3. Responsible for coordinating between Commissioning and Operations for agreed handover walk down schedule.
4. Liaising with engineering, quality assurance, maintenance and operations during turnover and acceptance ensuring smooth transition from project to operation.
5. Managing completion punch lists and ensuring timely completion of all outstanding work and turnover documentation.
6. Supervise / coordinate the preparation of the mechanical completion dossier as per contractual requirements.

Amec Foster Wheeler Asia Pacific Ltd.
Turnover Engineer

   Mar 2014
— Jan 2015

1. Responsible for all walk down and Turnover Coordinator activities.
2. Coordinating, monitoring, audit of punch list clearance and implementation of punch list procedures to construction contractors.
3. Ensure timely and accurate compilation of all system turnover packages.
4. Initiate daily and weekly reports with regards to status of system completions.
5. Schedule, coordinate and participate in the system walk downs.
6. Manage system punch lists, including maintenance of database, verification walk downs.
7. Liaison with pre-commissioning team and the construction team, ensuring that all system/sub-system handover' are completed in line with the schedule.
8. Continuously update and maintain the status of System Turnover and associated forms and certification in conjunction with using the Microsoft Access database for the Project.

PT. Euroasiatic Jaya
Lead Quality Control / Mechanical Completions Engineer

   Sep 2013
— Mar 2014

1. Perform field inspection, observations of construction activities to ensure compliance with project plans, approved drawings, project documents and specifications in accordance with established procedures.
2. Establishes and agree with the project’s commissioning manager the system boundaries, scopes of work, and turnover execution plans.
3. Responsible for coordinating between construction contractors and commissioning team for agreed turnover walk down schedule.
4. Coordinate completion of Contractor construction activities in systems and prepare punch lists to ensure readiness of systems. Plan punch list activities and related workforce to accomplish it.
5. Facilitate & expedite final MC with system discipline owner & client site representative to meet target Milestone.
6. Interfacing with Project Engineering; Contractors and Construction Management.

ABB Pte. Ltd.
QA/QC Engineer

   Aug 2008
— Sep 2013

1. Perform quality inspection and test for the fabrication, construction and installation of E & I works.
2. Monitor all aspects of Quality Control relative to instrumentation and control equipment during construction to ensure adherence to the project technical requirements and applicable codes.
3. Supervise effective implementation of all test and inspection schedule and ensure adherence to all procedures and coordinate with various teams to perform quality audits on processes.
4. Manage and/or perform internal and external compliance audits/ inspections as well as participate in management of corrective action program (ie, audits, inspection, recalls, field corrections) to ensure timely follow-up, completion and documentation of corrective actions.
5. Manage the interfaces with the client, the project team, engineering departments, the procurement department, vendors, inspection agencies, the third party inspectors and the authorities.
6. Implement the appropriate work processes as per the approved Quality, Turnover & Document Mgmt. procedures.
7. Prepare Method Statements and Risk Assessment.

EEI Corporation
Quality Assurance / Turnover Engineer

   Mar 2005
— Aug 2008

1. Supervise and coordinate the quality control activities on construction and erection works carried out by Subcontractors for the discipline assigned.
2. Assure the implementation of Site Quality Control activities in accordance with approved project Site Quality
Control Plans, Quality Control procedures, method statements, technical codes and other contract quality control specifications relevant to discipline.
3. Witness for Contractor side the tests / inspections carried out by subcontractor as defined in the ITP.
4. Auditing documents and document processes against the Document Management System (DMS).
5. Assist in the development, maintenance and continual improvement of the DMS.
6. Overall maintenance of the Project Document Control System and principal point of contact.
7. Managing & documenting QA/QC documentation function for Inspection Control, Request for Inspection (RFI), ITP & handling original Document and Drawing of Mechanical, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation & Engineering.
8. Timely turnaround and completion of project documentation.
9. Lead in the preparation of Production Data Books for the modules being fabricated at the yard.

Rainchem International Incorporation
QA/QC Engineer

   Jul 2002
— Mar 2005

1. Developed process documentation for ISO 9000 certification.
2. Performed product inspection regularly to maintain quality and improve efficiency.
3. Assist Operations Head for effectively implementing established systems / procedures on production processes.
4. Established Standard Processing Time based on volume per product.
5. Established and implement system for preventive maintenance to minimize if not to eliminate unnecessary downtime due to machine or equipment breakdown.
6. Established production capacity per product.
7. Improved systems and procedures for material planning and Inventory Control.
8. Established a system for monitoring on-time delivery to customers, includes reporting on a monthly basis.

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