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United Kingdom


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18 to 24

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Other Post Graduate


Wide and diverse experience gained over 40 years in the management of projects both onshore and offshore including design, fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning.

Detailed knowledge and experience of marine projects, construction and installation including, pipe lay, cable and umbilical lay, pipeline bundle fabrication and installation, HDDs (horizontal directional drills), sub sea structures, platform installation and modifications, heavy lifts, hyperbaric welding, diving, dynamic positioning, ports, harbors, out-falls and sea defenses.

Onshore experience includes construction of polyester plants, process plants, fabrication of steel jackets and subsea manifolds and concrete structures, civil works, sewerage plants, roads and pipelines and pipeline bundles.

Experienced in the management of multi-discipline project teams including design, engineering, interface management, procurement, safety, quality, construction, fabrication, installation, maintenance and commissioning. Control of projects in terms of safety, quality, cost and schedule utilizing EPIC, lump sum, day rate and measured contracts.

Experience gained working in the USA, Peoples Republic of China, Norway, Malaysia, UK, Qatar, Nigeria, Singapore and Australia.


Chartered Engineer


Project/Construction Manager

BIBBY OFFSHORE GROUP Feb 2014 – May 2014

Consulting to the tendering department on technical aspects of potential projects in terms of technical, safety and schedule requirements to allow competitive and successful tendering.

WOODGROUP kenny July 2013 – Jan 2014

Project managing a multi-disciplinary team in the UK carrying out Feed and Detailed Design of pipelines, flowlines and umbilicals both new and replacements for existing platforms on behalf of BP Baku. Projects included full risk analysis and design peer reviews. Risk analysis for the replacement lines included taking the loss of production into account.
Final production of documents were issued under the quality assurance programme utilised by the group.
Engineers were based in both Aberdeen and Staines utilising the varied skills and talents of the group.
Reporting to BP Baku was carried out by weekly video conferencing and hard copy weekly & monthly reports with all work measured and reported against BP approved CTRs


Senior Subsea Project Engineer – Reviewing FEED documents and establishing plans for the development of the field, revising BOD and preparing ITT documents.

J.P. KENNY – BP ANDREW PROJECT Jan 2010 – Aug 2012

Senior Project Engineer - Managing the fabrication, loadout and installation of the Kinnoul caisson onto the Andrew platform, caisson is 125m long and weighs approximately 200 Te and comprises of 4 risers. Assisting the installation of a 28.5 km umbilical.

J.P. KENNY – BP SKARV PROJECT Jan 2009 – Dec 2009

Project Manager – Managing the close out of the detailed design and handover to the operations/instalation group.


Senior Project Engineer - Responsible for the subsea installation contract of the Auk North project including the rigid pipeline, umbilical, ESP power cable, tied back to the Fulmar platform utilizing a caisson riser incorporating a production riser and 2 no J tubes for the umbilical and power cable.

SHELL – STARLING PROJECT Mar 2006 to Feb 2008

Senior Project Engineer - Responsible for the contract management of the subsea construction, installation and fabrication of the production manifold and a 33km umbilical between the Shearwater platform and the Starling manifold. All the manifold piping being fabricated out of super duplex material.

TOTAL – AKOGEP PHASE 2 2004 to Mar 2006

Head of Pipelines - Responsible for the detailed engineering design and construction of the pipelines for the Akogep project between the Amenam complex and Bonny Island, including a 24” gas export line of 60km and an 18” water injection line. Landfall at Bonny Island consists of a 5 km dredged trench 80 m wide and an 8 km onshore pipeline tieing into the GTS5 slug catcher.


Iroquois Gas - Construction Manager - Responsible for the construction of a 36 mile 24” pipeline down Long Island Sound into the Bronx. The project included 2 Horizontal Directional Drills of 3000’ and 4500’ at the shore crossings and 2 above water tie ins. The pipeline was plowed and backfill plowed, also placed were rock backfill and a geotextile fabric to cap contaminated sediments in the East River. Additional protection was placed under the bridges utilizing concrete mattresses and armour rock.


Project Manager for the engineering service provider (ESP) for the Qua Iboe terminal (QIT) for Mobil in Nigeria. Services provided included a design/drawing office, construction yard, plant maintenance and refurbishment, vessel management, SPM maintenance, tanker mooring, welding, valve maintenance, procurement, blasting and painting. Services provided by 50 ex-pats and 350 nationals.

(Mentor Project Engineering Limited)

Project Manager - Responsible for the preparation of major accident prevention documents (MAPD), pipeline works authority (PWA), safety zone applications and the technical supervision of and interface with the design studies for subsea facilities and pipeline and pipeline bundle projects for step-out developments within the existing MNSL infrastructure. Projects included NNK, Malory and Buckland.

Preparation of the EPIC scope of work and schedules for a contract tender package and the functional design and construction specifications for a replacement export pipeline system in Nigeria for the Bonny River Terminal. Cost estimates for the construction works were also prepared. The project incorporated both oil export and produced water lines from the terminal to their offshore locations and the installation of a production loading system (SPM) and a dispersal system for the produced water.

EXXONMOBIL - Project Manager, responsible for the preparation of tender documents relating to establishment of a support facility in Nigeria. Responsible for the update of the MAPD for the ExxonMobil Skene development.

DSND SUBSEA AS 1997 to 1998

Senior Subsea Engineer - Assisting in the tendering and procedure preparation and the technical supervision of the design for subsea construction and pipeline projects utilizing reeled pipe lay and unmanned intervention techniques in the Norwegian sector, including the Åsgard, Snorre and Gullfaks projects.


Construction Manager - Responsible for the project management of the construction of a continuous polyester plant in Suzhou in the Peoples Republic of China. The construction management team comprised 75 multi-national personnel.

SARAWAK SHELL BHD 1993 to 1996

Senior Project Engineer - Management of all subsea operations on the MLNG Dua project incorporating the installation, hyperbaric welding and commissioning of 450km of large diameter pipelines (up to 38 inch diameter), four offshore platforms and SPM fabrication. Interface with and assistance to the design and engineering teams. Installation of risers onto existing platforms and the fabrication and installation of large diameter spool pieces in excess of 100m long. Spool pieces fabricated and tested in Singapore. Responsible for the management of a fabrication site and offshore teams of over 100 personnel.


Senior Project Engineer - Providing project management on subsea construction and pipeline projects from initial tendering, detailed engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning. Projects included Welland and the re-design and installation of water injections lines at North Cormorant.


Construction Manager - Responsible for the construction of the SAGE pipeline system, comprising the installation of 325km of large diameter pipeline (30 inch sour gas pipeline), onshore receiving/treatment plant at St Fergus, subsea structures and hyperbaric welding. The subsea structures fabricated included a 700 tonne subsea 'Y' for the future tie-in of the East Brae field and a 650 tonne ESDV structure installed within the Beryl safety zone: both structures with integral tie-in spools. Additional smaller structures were fabricated and installed for the future tie-ins of other operators. Full scale trials carried out utilizing the pipe freezing technique to ensure the feasibility and safety of future tie-ins to the 'Y'. Management of onshore multi-discipline engineering, site and offshore teams comprising over 60 personnel.

SUN OIL 1988 to 1989

Subsea Pipeline Engineer - Management of the fabrication construction and installation of reeled pipelines and subsea cables on the Glamis and Blair projects. Trenching to overcome upheaval buckling. Planning and execution of the change out/replacement of offshore pipe lay, trenching and hyperbaric welding. Preparation of emergency pipeline repair study (EPRS).

BRITISH GAS 1987 to 1988

Pipeline Engineer - Responsible for the preparation of pre-qualification and tender documents. Review of tenders and technical procedures for the Morecambe Bay project. Advising the pipeline group on the construction aspects of the project. Supervision of offshore pipe lay, trenching and hyperbaric welding. Preparation of emergency pipeline repair study (EPRS).


Project Manager - Responsible for the management of the hyperbaric welding on the Gullfaks 'B' project, utilizing the automatic orbital TIG welding system OTTO.

ARCO 1986

Offshore Representation - Management and supervision of subsea construction on the Thames project in the southern North Sea including pre-sweeping, pipe lay, trenching, tie-ins and rock dumping.


Project Manager - Management of a gas lift project involving the installation of flowlines, control cables, riser installation and platform modifications. Development of the long term planning for the three main field developments and product export systems.

1972-1985 Employed in the construction and offshore industries working on the installation and fabrication of offshore platforms/jackets, pipelines, pipeline bundles, process plants, sewerage plants, vessel management, docks, harbors, and roads in positions from site engineer to project/construction manager.

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