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United Arab Emirates


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35 to 44

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CONTACT: +971553931094 (PHONE) /+97165377592 (LANDLINE) EMAIL: OFIRIE@YAHOO.COM
Core Competencies

• Process Engineering • Technical Optimization & Problem Solving
• Plant Commissioning • Engineering Improvement & Technical Support
• Operation Monitoring / Support • HSE Standards Implementation
• Plant Shutdown / Major Overhaul • Energy Performance Indicator Establishment


• Championed continuous improvement strategies while offering technical support to operations alongside Process Engineers.
• Developed Energy and performance monitoring indicators (EnPI) in line with ISO 5001 requirements.
• Planned and executed 6 Shutdowns for ADGAS Sour Gas Plant Trains.
• Commissioned Habshan’s 5 MMSCFD flare gas recovery system and IGD 20mmscf Fuel Gas Treatment (FGT) unit.
• Slashed future revenue lost from operation limitation by 33% after identifying major design constraints during IGD commissioning.
• Significant developments of young locals via on job mentoring programs.
• Achieved a 20% cost savings for client after a revamp study recommendations for North Apoi and Funiwa offshore Platform was approved.
• Upgraded Escravos Potable Water system to 28000 bpd.


Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Ltd., (ADGAS), Abu Dhabi-
Senior Operations Specialist – ADNOC Asset Operations and Optimizations Jun. 2014 – July 2016

Key Responsibilities:
• Brownfield gas processing operation support – process troubleshooting and problem-solving.
• Technical support for the development and implementation of Plant modification (MOCs) in LNG, TEG, Amine and Sulphur production (Claus) systems.
• Reviewed and updated Operation manuals and Plant drawings (P&IDs) for continuous improvement.
• Managed ADGAS Operation major equipment QA/QC requirements during Major overhaul.
• Developed procedures and Spading records for Equipment Maintenance preparation, Major modification & Major repairs.
• Area controller in major and minor turnaround projects. Conducted site checks of completed modifications/repairs, enforcing PTWs.
• Commissioned (Process support) of newly integrated systems / Equipment.
• Represented operations (Turnaround) at HAZOP, Modifications, TRA meetings and PTW enforcement.
• Achieved turnaround objectives with compliance to HSE & QA/QC standards after proper coordination with planners & schedulers.
• Supervised field preparations by planners for pre-turnaround activities.
• Participated in long-term planning of major offshore maintenance.
• Identification of future Tie-ins for ADGAS expansion bid.

Key Projects:
Project IGD and OAG Plant Shutdown
Duration Average of 35 - 40 days per Shutdown Project
Client Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited (ADGAS)
Scope Plant’s Scheduled Overhaul
Role Senior Operation Specialist
Responsibilities • Preparation of major equipment and process systems for maintenance and monitoring the progress of the repair work/modification.
• Prepare system purging procedures and equipment Spading records
• Follow up Equipment on spading and de-spading progress.
• Follow up, reviewed and implemented modification task in line with proposed drawings.
• Follow up on Equipment QA/QC and equipment box up.
• Monitor company’s assets during major shutdown

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd, Abu Dhabi
Technical Engineer - ADGAS IGD Commissioning and Integration Project (2.5B$): May. 2013-Feb. 2014

Key Responsibilities:
• Reviewed Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Procedure for Gas sweetening, Gas Dehydration units, ancillary utilities and witnessed Equipment testing and evaluation.
• Completed Mechanical completion walk through, mirrored Project drawings and specs to actual job status and Pre-Startup Safety.
• Represented Process commissioning team in daily war room meetings, followed up and prepared daily commissioning progress activities.
• Prepared Mechanical preparation procedures for Equipment isolation and ensured commissioning punch list were followed.
• Catalyst loading for Gas drying operation.
• Performed Equipment performance analysis from DCS and field readings.
• Monitored and improved plant performances in line with guaranteed set points.
• Highlighted control valves which required re-tune and PSV CDTP corrections for optimal performance.
• Commissioned the Fuel Gas Treatment and TEG unit after extensive troubleshooting.
• Reviewed test plans, documented performance and ensured work completion.
• Supervised Static Equipment leak testing (N2 and Sweet Gas).
• Promoted contractor behavioral safety and on job safety practices.

Key Projects:
• Project: ADGAS IGD Gas Project Close Out, Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO), Abu Dhabi-
Process Engineer (Operation Support): Aug. 2012- Feb. 2013

Key Responsibilities:
• Provided technical Operation support; Stabilization units, Amine Recovery Unit, Gas Dehydration Unit, Sulphur Recovery Units, Sour Water Strippers and LNG systems i.e. Process troubleshooting and debottlenecking (Process set point reviews).
• Provided process design services/reviews for brownfield modifications and new equipment installations.
• Performed Plant performance assessment and optimization by reviewing laboratory reports, Field data analysis and set point deviations.
• Conducted catalyst loading and regeneration via dew point studies.
• Developed and standardized procedures to calculate energy performance indicators (EnPIs).
• Commissioned and reviewed the Habshan’s 5 MMSCFD flare gas recovery system.
• Detailed Study - Optimized Habshan's Train 0,1,& 2 Steam system operating cost by calculating the most economically viable option for chemical treatment of the boiler feed water.

Key Projects:
Project Development of Habshan’s EnPI in line with ISO 5001
Duration 3 months
Client Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO)
Scope Energy conservation of Habshan Systems
Role Process Engineer
Responsibilities Review existing templates and develop a practical EnPI to the existing system

Avalon Simulation & Process Consultants
Process Engineer: Oct. 2011-Apr. 2012
Key Responsibilities:
• Equipment validation and capacity checks as against proposed Gas flow rate increased of 112 MMSCFD.
• Efficiently performed Process Simulation Reporting.
• Carried out the review and developments of P&IDs and PFD preparation.

Key Projects:
• Project: Escravos Gas Plant (contract)
• Client: Chevron Nigeria Limited

Euroflow Designs Limited
Process Engineer: May. 2005- Aug. 2010
Key Responsibilities:
• Carried out Oil and Gas Facility and Refinery upgrade i.e. Demolition studies, Debottlenecking, and Revamping.
• Development of design basis.
• PMC for reactor control valve replacements and process modification for Refinery Selective Hydrogenation Process plant and Propane dehydrogenation plant.
• Performed Simulations, hydraulic studies and capacity checks using computer programs and approved recommended oil and Gas standards i.e. API 14C, API 650 & 2000.
• Development of simulation models using ASPEN software i.e. HYSYS and Flare System Analyser
• Developed and reviewed P&IDs, PFDs, Material and Heat balances.
• Performed Pressure Relief Valve sizing and selection – API 520, 521, 526 and ASME codes.
• Development of Equipment sizing, Data sheet and line list preparation.
• Conducted Material and Energy balance for system design or modification.
• Performed Hydraulic calculations and designs – API 14E and Fluid mechanics.

Key Projects undertaken:
Project North Apoi Offshore Production Platform Revamp Project (Pre-Feed & Feed)
Duration Sep 2007 – April 2008
Client Chevron Nigeria Limited
150,000 USD • Demolition studies (Conceptual Simulation Studies) of the offshore facility.
• Preparing equipment list and platform Equipment drawings modification.
• Platform re-structuring for gas gathering (solely) after consultation with Structural and Civil Engineers.
• Simulation of gas gathering scenarios and forecasted production outcome.
• Hazop study of equipment demolition sequence.

Project Funiwa Offshore Production Platform Revamp Project (Pre-Feed & Feed)
Duration Sep 2007 – April 2008
Client Chevron Nigeria Limited
200,000 USD • Conducted Material and Heat balance study of proposed processing system.
• Hydraulic Study of the 18’’ Pipeline Validation from North Apoi to Funiwa via North Apoi Jacket G.
• Conducted capacity check of existing equipment for future production expansion.
• Funiwa Gas plant production optimization
• Production of As-built drawings, Tie-in schedule, and Equipment list.
• Completed Review/upgrade of the natural gas handling systems for production optimization
• Identified production system bottlenecks and developed sustainable engineering plan.
• Completed Hazop studies and Technical report compilation.

Project Escravos Potable Water Upgrade Project
Duration 5 months
Client Chevron Nigeria Limited, Nigeria
Scope Planned expansion of Escravos Facility Potable water system to 28000 bpd.
Role Process Engineer
Responsibilities • Reviewed existing P&IDs drawings and development of new ones.
• Used OEM pump sizing software to conduct capacity checks on the existing system.
• Performed hydraulic studies of existing water lines and Demineralized water system.

Total Nigeria Limited
Industrial Trainee Jan. 2004- Jun. 2004
Key Responsibilities:
• Industrial Training and Manpower Development at Total’s Obagi Flow station, Nigeria

• Master’s Degree in Chemical Process Engineering - University College London, London Sep 2010- Sep 2011
• B.Sc Degree in Chemical Engineering - the University of Lagos, Nigeria (Second Class Upper Honors)
Jan 2000- Mar 2005
• Post-Graduate Scholarship Awards - Shell Petroleum Development Corporation Sep 2010 – Sep 2011
• Undergraduates Scholarship Awards – TotalFinaElf 2001 - 2005


• Process Information System (PI - OSIsoft)
• Microsoft Office suite
• Aspen Hysys & Flare System Analyser
• PIPSIM (Line hydraulic software)
• Pipetech: Dynamic tool for modeling pressurized pipeline rupture
• Fisher control valve sizing software
• Cascade; loss prevention and risk mitigation software
• Microsoft Project.

• Associate Member, Institute of Chemical Engineers, IChemE
• Chartered Membership - MIChemE, in view


• Process Design Fundamentals - Avalon Simulations & Process Consultants, Nigeria - 2007
• Process Modeling using Aspen HYSIS – Aspentech, Nigeria – 2007
• Pumps, Valves, Actuators, Motors and Variable Speed Drives - Nigeria Society of Engineers Nigeria – 2009
• Gas & Steam Turbine Operations - Emirates Technical & Safety Development Center, Abu Dhabi - 2014
• Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training including - EBS - SMTC Global, Abu Dhabi - 2013
• Process Information system - OSI Soft - Aug 2012
• Certificate of Competence in Water Activities, (Elementary) - Sea School Apapa, Lagos - Feb 2009
• ASPEN HYSYS Certification - PTDF/NNPC Engineering Design Training on HYSYS - Jun 2007


Date of Birth: 29/12/1980 Languages Known: English Nationality: Nigeria Driver's License: UAE
Marital Status: Married Visa Status: Visit Passport No: A05883630 Valid till11 Mar. 2020