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Bhubaneswar, India


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


An expert, highly educated Senior HSE Professional with over 17 years industry experience overseeing with both EPC & PMT work environment, phases from conception to completion of high value complex and diverse work groups of process operation, construction operations and installations, heavy lifting, start up operations, pre-commissioning & commissioning, SIMOPs operation and drilling.
I‘ve worked onshore and offshore projects for both clients and contractors. My proven leadership with positive attitude in communication skills, motivation toward project management, teamwork skills, flexibility and willingness to adapt changes achieved outstanding results in line with management’s, clients and sponsors expectations.

Specialties:- HIRA Management, Trainer, HSE MS, PTW, AGT, Scaffolding, Incidents / Accidents Investigation, Auditing (OHSAS, ISO), Purchasing, Regulatory Body Liaison, M & E knowledge, 5s, Developed HSE tools, Safe crane operation & inspection, LOTO, SYNERGY

Expert in implementation of safety & environmental standard like 14001 & OHSAS 18001

- Construction & Fabrication (LNG, FPSO, SIMOPs, Commissioning, Start-up, Hock up, Heavy lifting), Drilling (UBD & OBD).
- Words, Excel, Ppt,
- Expat Job Experience: Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Libiya, Turkey


International Diploma Occupational Safety and Health

   Jan 2012
— Oct 2014

Osmania University
B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

   Jun 1995
— Jul 1998


IIHSM, Bhubaneswar
Director / Lead Tutor-HSE

   Jun 2013
— Current

• To manage and deliver NEBOSH IDiplom, IGC and IOG training courses and other HSE training
• Administrate training reporting system.
• Follow the training performances of all the students.
• Preparing daily score card report and action tracking report.
• Lead/ organized regular meeting.
• Promoting HSE tools.
• Ensure feedbacks notices and red alerts are published to students keep updated.
• Provide skills and knowledge to team member as lesson learnt for continues improvement.

SIMOPS HSE / PTW Coordinator.

   Jan 2009
— Jan 2013

• Administrate Incident reporting system and investigated as per company procedure and follow-up.
• Follow the HSE performances of all the Contractors.
• Preparing daily and monthly score card report and action tracking report.
• Lead/ organized regular Safety Talks.
• Perform regular audits and inspection of operations and installations and update Action Track.
• Provide pro-active safety pre-identification of hazardous situation on site and timely remedial work
• Ensure strict and continues check application of company (directives, rules, specifications, procedures, SIMOPS activities, LOTO) on construction workplace.
• Participate in Works preparation and check that precautions are enforced and follow-up.
• Authorised person for permits working inside process area.
• Keep and maintain communication with management and superior all HSE site issue.
• Involved and participate RA, HAZID, Incident investigation, HSE Training and JSA (JHA).
• Promoting HSE tools.
• Ensure safety statistics, Safety feedbacks notices and red alerts are published and clearly visible on all sites and keep updated.
• Provide skills and knowledge to team member as lesson learnt for continues improvement.
• Participate in relevant safety focus construction pre-planning activities.
• Review all procedures done by the Contractor.

Tekfen Construction & Installation Co., Inc.- Saudi Arabia
Project HSE Manager

   Oct 2007
— Dec 2009

• To prepare Project/Workplace HSE Plan
• To ensure the execution of the Project / Workplace HSE Plan and procedure
• To ensure the preparation and implementation of Project / Workplace risk assessment
• To monitor and follow the related legislative changes of foreign countries where company offices and project sites are present and to report the to HSE Responsible
• To schedule and realize HSE trainings at project / workplace
• To prepare emergency plans and to ensure their implementations
• To perform daily HSE inspections
• To investigate the causes of the accidents and near-misses
• To supervise and to inspect the subcontractors in terms of HSE
• To keep HSE records
• To get necessary HSE permits of the activities from related private sector or official
• To attend the HSE committee meeting at the project / workplace and to inform the attendants about the HSE performance and problems
• To ensure the elimination of the HSE risks and monitor the activities
• To determine the necessary resources related with HSE and inform the resources needs to Project Manager
• To organize Training, awareness programs and meetings in order to increase the HSE awareness, moral and motivation of the employees
• To assure the execution of HSE resources, HSE compliance and control program
• To assess the conformances of the HSE precautions

Reliance Petroleum Business (E & P)- India
Sr. Engineer-QHSE

   Dec 2005
— Sep 2007

• To Assisting the COMPANY Drilling Management in the development and delivery of fit for purpose Drilling Safety Management System(s)
• Review and input to the development and maintenance of COMAH reports & HSE Impact Assessments (HSEIA) for Drilling activities
• Reviewing Contractors and Vendors Technical Safety Plans & Procedures developed for the Drilling Phases
• Ensuring Design & Operated Performance Standards are developed and maintained for all HSE Critical Systems within Drilling
• Ensuring the timely identification of HSE hazards, evaluation of risks for all activities and development of effective tools to manage and reduce these risks to ALARP
• Ensuring compliance by all parties with COMPANYs HSE requirements and regulations and all relevant legislation and statutory requirements, including all laws, rules and regulations.
• Ensuring effective management of change processes are implemented for drilling safety related changes during all phases of drilling activities
• Review CONTRACTOR Safety documentation to ensure it complies with COMPANY requirements, contractual agreements.
• Providing input to leading and trailing drilling Safety performance measures
Mentoring, Coaching & Competence Development of Drilling Staff
• Actively supporting the development and realization of a positive, value-centred culture, shared by our contractors and focused on excellence
• Maintain contact with concerned groups for Drilling Safety issues
• Participate in incident control duties during major accident emergencies or drills
• Providing input to the collection of Lessons Learned for the Drilling activities
• Leading and participating in Drilling Safety Audits & Reviews
• Providing Drilling Safety input to Annual HSE Management Reviews.
• Liaising with Contractors Safety Advisor, Tool Pusher and Company man to increase HSE standards, procedures and awareness
• Provide direction, leadership, data interpretation, and technical assistance to rig personnel
• Conduct training sessions and drills to maintain and increase staff competency
• Closely involved in pre planning and execution of rig moves with regards to HSE of personnel, equipment and well site

Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCIC) - Qatar.
HSE Engineer

   May 2005
— Nov 2005

• Implement well-developed technical knowledge of all HSE procedures, across a group of project area activities to ensure implementation & adherence to agreed standards.
• Interface with HSE officers to provide supervision, co-ordination, technical assistance & problem solving advice in the course of their inspection duties.
• Assume daily inspection tours in areas of responsibility to ensure implementation of, & adherence to, the procedures set out in the Group HSE System & any additional project requirements.
• Records & remedy deficiencies or breaches identified during inspections to ensure safe work practices & that full & accurate records are maintained for compliance assessment & analysis.
• Receive daily activity reports from HSE Officers & prepare summaries for the HSE Manager.
• Assess performance of HSE officers & make recommendations on rotation schedule.
• Provide the necessary resources to support and manage environment safety & health protection for both employees and property.
• H2S gas monitoring
• Responsible to provide safety requirements to satisfy the demand of our clients according to the HSE manual.
• To monitor, evaluate and report the HSE performance in order to identify the opportunities for safety continuous improvement.

H&S Engineer

   Jun 2004
— Jan 2005

• To advise Management on matters pertaining to the compliance to the Project specific requirements to the supervision of the Act and the Company’s Health and Safety Manual.
• Implement Safety Procedure Program of the Company as required by the Client.
• To consult with the Project Manager and to liase with any organization as approved by the BOTAS office, to promote the interest of Occupational Health and Safety.
• To make daily routine inspection to all working areas, in order to monitor the Health and Safety Performance on site.
• To provide a service and act as a Safety Advisor to the Management on the project.
• Will ensure the management is informed of all legal and contractual Health & Safety obligations.
• Monitor the attendance by Management / Supervision of all Projects required Health and safety Meetings, Health and safety Visits, Surveillance Inspections, Audits, Etc.
• Ensure that all required appointments of competent persons are documented and kept on file for audit and inspection. Also to ensure that appointed persons understands their duties and responsibilities related to the appointment held.
• Co-ordinate daily, weekly Health and Safety talks by the Supervisors with their respective crafts. Supply topics when required and ensure that required documentation is completed and records on file.
• Institute and coordinate that all new employees are attending the Health, Safety & Environment Induction training, relating to General Safety Rules and Regulations are understood and acknowledgement signed.
• Monitor all project activities daily and advise Management / Supervision on any deviations noted for the immediate correction and rectifying thereof.
• Carry out Monthly Health & Safety audit / inspection in work areas and site establishments for compliance, with Legal and Project requirements, and a copy for Management with the Audit report for the correction and action purposes.
• Co-ordinate the required equipment maintenance checks and completion of the relevant registers by appointed competent employees.
• Encourage the participation of craftsman in all Project Health, Safety & Environment, Promotions Programs and Competitions.
• Participate and advise during incident / accident or any other investigations and ensure that the reports / documentations are completed and record is properly kept intact.
• Compile Monthly Health, safety & Environment Statistics and supply written reports to the management and the Head Office based management responsible for the Health, Safety & Environment.
• Coordinate all required training of personnel in Health, Safety & Environment aspects.
• Ensure that on Contract Completion, all Health, safety & Environment documentation is properly returned to the company Health, safety & Environment Department for filing purposes as required.
• Provides assistance to the Safety Manager and act accordingly in his capacity during his absence as requires.
• Be familiar with the OSHA standards, NFPA and Code of Construction safety Practice (The Environmental Protection Regulation in the Emirates of Dubai)
• Be familiar with the Health Safety Environment (HSE), Hazard Operation (Hazop), Methods of statement, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Risk Hazard Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Incident Investigation & Reporting (IIR), Emergency First Aid (EFA), Work Permits implementation, ISO 14000, ISO 9000, ISO 9001-10011 and all safety matters.

HSE Engineer

   Nov 2003
— May 2004

• Act as an advisor to the workforce on the project.
• Monitor the attendance of all project SHE meetings.
• Conduct SHE training courses for supervision and project management.
• Introduce & co-ordinates a system ensuring all new employees & subcontractors receive proper induction before work commences. Includes SHE rules, standards procedures & that safety rules are handed over & acknowledgement signed for.
• Conduct regular SHE audits of project facilities to monitor compliance to standards of performance.
• H2S gas monitoring.
• Record all unsafe acts & conditions noted during their site visits, surveillance inspections, audits etc. for the immediate action & rectifying thereof.
• Co-ordinate daily/weekly SHE talks by the supervisors with their respective work crews.
• Supply topics when required & ensure that required documentation is completed & filed.
• Co-ordinate the required equipment maintenance checks & completion of the relevant registers by appointed competent employees.
• Participate & advise during incident/accident or any other investigations & ensure that reports & documentation is completed & records kept.
• Co-ordinate all required training of personnel in Health & Safety aspects.
• Ensure that on contract completion all SHE documentation is returned to the Company SHE Department for filing purposes.
• Conduct & report investigations into all injuries requiring medical treatment cases other than First Aid cases.
• Assist in the rectifying of reported sub standard acts & conditions, violations & shortcomings by the SHE Officer.

KVAERNER POWERGAS (I) LTD (Employer & Consultant)-- India
SHE Coordinator

   Oct 2002
— Oct 2003

• Implement company safety policy & procedures.
• Daily Safety Implementation practices at project site.
• Conduct safety induction to newly assigned Supervisors & Engineer.
• Rescue Operation Scaffold Inspection & lifting gear inspection.
• Conduct Safety audit for contractors at the construction site.
• Preparation of Basic Safety Plan.
• Monitor & evaluate Job Safety Analysis’s.
• Monitor & evaluate Job Hazard Analysis’s.
• Assess & rectify unsafe conditions at work place.
• Root Cause Analysis/Accident Investigation.
• Conduct safety meeting / committee meeting.
• Maintaining logbooks, Accident reports weekly & monthly reports.
• Conduct & implement of fire & safety hazard inspection in plant premises.
• Crane & Rigging Operations.
• Evaluate the company safety performance annual & bring to the management authorities

AGRA CO.- Kuwait. (H2S)
Safety Engineer

   Jul 2002
— Sep 2002

• Ensure safety of personnel.
• Identification of critical areas for which audits have to be done more often.
• Coordinating with all departments to ensure safety inspection is conducted regular basis.
• Conducting audits & generating reports to identify non-compliance issues.
• H2S gas monitoring.
• Confined space Entry.
• Supervising critical jobs & issuing safety work permits & suggesting precautionary methods to avoid accidents/dangerous occurrences.
• Analyzing accidents / dangerous occurrences to determine root cause and generating reports on these issues & maintain such records.
• Coordinating with various departments to conduct drills for personnel’s.
• Ensuring adequate procurement & maintenance of personal protective equipment.
• Ensuring timely maintenance of fire fighting equipment & supervision.
• Organize safety campaigns, competitions & other activities to develop & maintain interest of
workers in establishing & maintaining safe work environment.

Safety Engineer

   Sep 2001
— Apr 2002

• Carry out safety study of jobs and issue work permit for the same.
• To carry out safety inspection in order to observe physical conditions of work & the work practices followed by workers & to render advice on measures to be adopted for removing unsafe physical conditions & preventing unsafe actions by workers.
• Design & conduct suitable safety training program for prevention of personal injuries.
• Conduct Safety induction programs & toolbox talks with workers & Supervisors.
• Ensure good housekeeping at workplace.
• To investigate accidents & prepare Safe Plan Action to avoid it’s reoccurrence in future and maintain such records.
• To check equipment maintenance like man basket, B.A Line, Life boats, Life Rafts, Jumping Ropes, Life Jackets, & Life Buoys.

Fire & Safety Officer

   Sep 1998
— Sep 2001

• Daily Safety Inspection on work site to identify the hazard, Evaluate the situation & prevent the accident.
• Rescue Operation Scaffold Inspection & lifting gear inspection.
• Daily work permit & tool box talks for the workers & safety induction.
• Inspections of fire fighting appliance & practical fire programme.
• Safe use of compressed Gas Cylinders.
• General hot work precautions.
• H2S gas monintoring.
• Monitor & evaluate Job Safety Analysis’s.
• Root Cause Analysis/Accident Investigation.
• Crane & Rigging Operations.
• Maintaining logbooks, Accident reports weekly & monthly reports.
• Conduct & implement of fire & safety hazard inspection in plant premises.
• Assist fire & safety managers & training & safety occurrences programme to personnel’s.
• Evaluate the company safety performance annual & bring to the management authorities.
• To check equipment maintenance like man basket, B.A Line, Lifeboats, Life Rafts, Jumping Ropes Life Jackets, & Life Buoys.

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