QA/QC Engineer

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Age Range
25 to 34

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Arabic, English, Hindi


Sincere and hardworking, qualified Masters in Petroleum Engineering and Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering with about 6+ years of experience of Maintenance, Shutdown, Fabrication and EPIC in LNG, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Pipelines, Petrochemical and Mining Industries, accented with quantitative aptitude and analytical bent of mind.

 Possess good knowledge of Oil and Gas Static Equipment Inspection – Heat Exchangers, Column, Pressure Vessels, Furnace, Reactor, Regen-Reactor, Tank, Boiler, Valve, Structural and Piping. Deft in studying and reviewing of P&ID, Isometric, Valve data sheet and Engineering drawings.

 Adroit in working on ASME, ASTM, API (510, 570, 653) & TEMA codes and standards. Highly experienced in Toxic gas environment like (H2S, Gas Compression & Sulphur Transfer line and plants). Practical Health and safety skills, an effective leader with strong analytical, interpersonal and coordination skills.


Dolphin Group - Dolphin Oilfield Equipment Services LLC
QA/QC Engineer

   Sep 2013
— Current

 Inspection and Identification of Materials, Stage wise inspection as per approved quality plan.
 Preparation of ITP, checklists, IWL, test package and method statements as per scope of work.
 Review of material test certificates and inspecting incoming materials.
 Preparation, Review of NDE procedure and interpretation of weld discontinuities by various NDT methods like RT, UT, DPT, MT and PWHT as per code requirement.
 Pre-cleaning and post cleaning inspection of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, columns, furnace.
 Visual inspection such as internal inspection, external inspection, corrosion under insulation (CUI) of Piping, Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchangers, and Column.
 Thickness survey/inspection of piping and equipment on critical areas such as condition monitoring locations (CML), Like Nozzle, Elbows, Tee joints, Cone and Dish ends.
 Thickness inspection of Heat Exchangers, Column and Pressure vessels with respect to the Risk based inspection data requirement.
 Monitoring that site works are being undertaken in accordance with approved method statements and Inspection Test Plan (ITP).
 Alteration, modification and replacement of components with respect to the job list.
 Prepare and review of WPS, PQR and WQT as per the specification and ASME Standards.
 To conduct the welder qualification (Procedure / Performance).
 Inspection of tube expansion, plugging and tube to tube sheet welding.
 Fit up, Weld Visual inspection and repair recommendation shall be provided with reference to procedure.
 Inspection of welding at various stages like baking of electrodes, preheating and passes of welding.
 Monitoring pre-heat and post weld heat treatment reviewing of PWHT charts.
 Performing and witnessing Ferroxyl test and copper sulphate test.
 Monitoring NDT activities and reviewing thickness survey of piping and static equipment.
 Preparation of test packages of piping and witnessing hydrostatic, pneumatic and seal pan for heat exchangers, pressure vessel, column and piping as per the inspection test plan.
 Witnessing of torqueing, chemical cleaning, hydrostatic and valve pop test.
 To check properly each and every stages of inspection based on as per customer drawings. (Inward, Fit up, Dimension, Welding, Visual, Blasting, Painting (DFT) and Dispatch).
 Complete responsibility of planning & supervision to the works of piping Supervisor / Foreman, Welders, Pipe fabricators, Fitters, Grinders, Riggers and Crane operators checking of Material take off list.
 Attending meeting to deal with emergencies, unplanned repairs and work progress.
 Co-ordination with TPI/Client and inter department and inspection visit arrangement as required.
 Performing internal audits at specified intervals, in order to verify that the quality management system is conforming to the requirements of the standard and planned arrangements.
 Preparation of final quality dossiers/documentation as per the Client Requirement and strict adherence to the safety procedure.

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