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United Arab Emirates


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Age Range
55 to 64

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Arabic, English


I am a Senior QA/QC manager with over 28 years of experience mainly in the construction industry working on villa, malls, commercial buildings, mix use buildings and high rise towers in the UAE, New Zealand, Jordan, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait).


Mississippi State University
Bsc Industrial Engineering / Mnanagement

   Jun 1981
— Dec 1985


Leman Project Management
Senior Manager QAQC

   Jan 2016
— Current

 Direct, manage and implement Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program. Develop, review standards, policies, and procedures for all quality activities.
 Ensure PQP meets customers' requirements and expectations for quality
 Develop local strategy for project quality assurance/quality control, in line with corporate quality program and corporate standards.
 Support the implementation of Quality Management System (QMS), as well as managing effective quality assurance/control mechanisms. This will include but not be limited to, training, oversight of the client feedback mechanisms, corrective and preventive action management, assessment and audit, measurement and analysis, and driving continuous improvement across all operations.
 Knowledge of LEAN concept and LEAN principles in the quality processes.
 Lead, manage and develop team leaders, and inspectors to assure meeting quality standards.
 Focus on achieving compliance to new or changed requirements, solving problems that can result in quality failures and identifying ways to work more efficiently.
 Perform Root cause analysis such as effect analyses.
 Knowledge of quality disciplines, quality standards and industry practices, as well as an understanding of other subject areas /disciplines; and how the quality department integrates across the organization.
 Develop and administer ongoing processes, procedures, and contribute to the motivation and development of the quality team through professional leadership.
 Ensure delivered materials are compliant with approved documents and stored as per manufactures requirements.
 Keep accurate quality documentation and maintain up to date quality records and forms.
 Develop reports, analyzes metrics and reports results, to appropriate operations levels.
 Develop lessons learned, shares best practices, and initiates and directs actions to address improvement opportunities.
 Support and drive quality culture and continual improvement.
 Maintain ISO certifications, as required.
 Manage QA/QC professionals to fulfill project QA/QC needs.
 Conduct QA training, provides leadership and supports establishment of quality culture.
 Identify need for new Quality tools, processes, policies and training as well as recommending improvement for existing tools, processes, policies, and training.
 Conduct routine Quality reviews and audits to ensure compliances, and recommend corrective / preventive action, as required.
 Manage routine Quality Scorecard reporting, and organize routine senior management review, as appropriate.
 Evaluate the performance of The Engineer and Main Contractor.


   Aug 2015
— Jan 2016

1. Evaluate the performance of Main contractor and Consultant and report findings to the Project manager/Employer
2. Follow-up on quality issues with the Main / Subcontractor's and the Supervision Consultant's on the approval of materials and ensure acceptable workmanship
3. Ensue the implementation of the Project quality plan.
4. Conduct quality meetings and site walks with the Main/Subcontractor’s, Consultant’s to assure that actions are taken by the Engineer and Contractor.
5. Conduct and/or Participate in Client Quality or Technical Compliance Audits for Contractors, Sub-Contractors or Vendors.
6. Ensure the Mock-ups and quality benchmarks specified in the contract specifications are as specified and on time to prevent delays to the base program.
7. Review and approve QA/QC site organization, key personnel CVs and advise the Project Manager.
8. Validate the process approvals for Method statements, ITP, Material Submittals, Test Results is in conformance with the Project Specifications
9. Closely monitor site activities and fully coordinate with PM discipline engineers on a daily basis issuing NCRs in case of non-compliance and monitor the close out of NCR’s.


   Jun 2014
— Apr 2015

1. Implementation of PQPs, ITPs, Project Specific Procedures other project related quality documentation in compliance to the international standards and local regulations and legislations
2. Obtain all the required NOC’s from Trakhees Civil Engineering Department CED and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) of Trakhees-Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporation (PCFC).
3. Review and approve Subcontractor / Vendor Quality Plans and Inspection & Test Plans for all activities. Ensure effective compliance.
4. Conduct the required Mock-ups and quality benchmarks specified in the contract specifications on time to prevent delays to the base program.
5. Managing the internal Quality Audit program, and technical compliance audits, close out audit reports and CARs / action of issues and nonconformities
6. Services 3rd Party Testing/Inspection Companies
7. Administering and controlling the company QA/QC activities, Monitoring and maintenance of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
8. Implementation of continual improvement activities such as key performance indicators, root cause analysis, customer feedback monitoring and management review inputs and outputs
9. Oversee and liaise with accreditation bodies to ensure continuing certification to ISO 9001 and other relevant standards including 14001
10. Train site personnel on Quality Systems and achieve the desired Quality Ratings / Standards at site.
11. Manage inspections and testing plans, Preparation of Method Statements
12. Follow-up on quality issues with the Subcontractor's and the Supervision Consultant's on the approval of materials and ensure acceptable workmanship;
13. Closely monitor site activities and fully coordinate with discipline engineers on a daily basis issuing NCRs in case of non-compliance and monitor the close out of NCR’s
14. Prepares the quality documentation related to Tenders, review of tender documents for compliance with tender quality requirements.
15. Responsible for the daily quality operations of the projects, including follow up inspections for all features of work, coordination and testing services and supplemental inspections

Project QA/QC Manager

   Jan 2014
— Jun 2014

1. Review and implement the Contract documents for each Construction Package in respect of QA/QC requirements and procedures.
2. Review of Subcontractors pre-qualification and make recommendations.
3. Manage QC Engineers and inspectors and oversee site activities inspections to ensure compliance with QA/QC procedures, ITP’s and MS’s and initiate necessary project correspondences.
4. Attend and participate in the management and quality meetings with various Subcontractors
5. Developed and issued Project specific QMS / QMP’s as per ISO 9001-2008 - (Post Contact Review), (Material Control), (Inspection and Testing), (Handing over / flow charts / check lists), (Concession & Information Request), (Quality System Audit), (Corrective and Preventive Action), (Field Engineering), (Customer Complaints), Project specific quality plan(PQP), ITP’s, MS’s, and QCP’s, Project specific QC Forms
6. Developed Material Inspection Process / flowchart, MIR, log of MIR, Work Inspection Process including WIR, log of WIR,’s daily inspection schedule/report, and work process flow-chart
7. Prepared and issued project Weekly and Monthly QA/QC Reports.


   Dec 2011
— Jan 2014

1. Hill International Representative of the Project Management Office (PMO)in ASEER & AL-BAHA regions, In-charge of all projects
2. Fulfilled PMO’s main purposes to collect, collate, classify, analyze, report and recommend to CDP for improved project and department performance.
3. Follow up on projects, their services and phases of execution.
4. Report the status and performance of the projects to the Ministry of Interior and senior administrative authorities.
5. Day to day communication and reporting with the CDP regional managers
6. Oversee the P6 and PCM systems for the regions, ensuring that all information is uploaded regularly and is fully verified at regional level as accurate.
7. Actively advise and discuss monthly evaluation reports with CDP Manager and his staff of PMO.
8. Review of all consultants correspondence, daily and weekly reports to assess the effectiveness of the consultants in managing the CDP projects.
9. Review consultant’s approval on the contractors’ submission of the baseline program and its updates.
10. Provide support and advice to the CPD Regional Manager as requested and within deliverables framework of PMO.
11. Review and comment on the following reports for inclusion in the monthly PMO report:
1. Contractor’s monthly progress report.
2. Supervision Consultant’s monthly progress Report
12. Attend PMO internal meetings as required, and minute issues outcomes.
13. Undertakes ad hoc and random site visits to check on projects status and related issues and ensure that the construction works are being executed and verified as per the Contract agreement and Specifications.
14. Submit monthly status report of the regional projects quality and progress to (PMO) Project Management Office headquarters in Riyadh
15. Monitor QA/QC Procedures and ensure implementation is in compliance with Contract requirements
16. Review the Consultants and Contractors Weekly and Monthly reports and cross check the reports
17. Conduct meetings with CDP-MOI, Consultants and Contractors as necessary to discuss core issues related to the progress and quality of works. Report findings and Provide recommendations and solutions to the PMO office to enable the Employer to take the appropriate decisions.
18. Integration of complete program management with all stake holders.
19. Reporting of Time, Cost and Quality Management and future forecast to plan the project accordingly.


   Nov 2006
— Nov 2011

1. Assured that the Contractors are following the approved Quality Management System (QMS), Quality Management Procedures (QMP), Quality Control Procedures (QCP),Inspection and Test plans (ITP’s) and Method Statements (MS’s);
2. Ensured the implementation of the quality management plan as well as relevant international standards
3. Follow-up on quality issues with the Main/ Subcontractor's and the Supervision Consultant's on the approval of shop drawings and materials and ensured acceptable workmanship;
4. Conduct weekly meetings on QA/QC issues
5. Conduct quality site walks with the Main/Subcontractor’s, Consultant’s for Civil, Architectural, Steel, and MEP works ensuring that actions are taken by Contractor to prevent the occurrence of a non-conformance
6. Identifying and documenting quality problems and seek solutions
7. Verified the implementation of solutions to ensure that the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected and approved by the Consultant;
8. Verified the preparation of Defects/Punch Lists by the Design Consultant and monitored that these defects are being corrected by the contractors in a timely manner;
9. Conducted regular factory visits to witness tests and ensure appropriate manufacturing methods,
10. Reviewed laboratories test reports on and off site to confirm that components manufactured are inspected and tested. and
11. Agreed suitable measures with the project team in the event that failures occur;
12. Reviewed and commented on the handover procedure of the project and coordinated weekly handover meetings for the project spaces and systems with the stakeholders to facilitate smooth application of the handover process from the Contractor to the Client.
13. Managed the process of generating and controlling quality records for final handover of the project spaces and systems to the Employer such as Asset Register, O&M manuals, As-built Drawings, Attic Stock, Testing and Commissioning, Trainings, Warranties/Guaranties and Clearance Certificates.
14. Successfully delivered and handover the project to the specified quality.
15. Conduct and/or Participate in Client Quality or Technical Compliance Audits for Contractors, Sub-Contractors or Vendors.
15. Oversee Site inspections, meetings with Contractors and Consultant, reporting and notification for all quality issues;
16. Ensure the Contractor conduct the required Mock-ups and quality benchmarks specified in the contract specifications on time to prevent delays to the base program.
17. Initiate necessary project correspondences.ement documentation (e.g. RFIs, Submittals, Transmittals, Inspection requests and approvals, etc…) within a timely manner
18. Review the handover procedure of the project and coordinate weekly handover meetings for the project spaces and systems with the Client, Consultant and the Contractor to facilitate and to ensure smooth application of the handover process from the Contractor to the Client.

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