Management, Public Affairs, Security, and Training Ptofessional

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United States


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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level



• Project start-up and project management experience.
• More than 15 years of management and supervisory experience in the USA and abroad.
• More than 20 years of law enforcement experience in the USA and abroad.
• More than eight years of full-time external relations and media relations experience as a public affairs officer and official spokesperson or consultant for government agencies in the USA and abroad.
• Additional years of communications and inter-agency liaison experience.
• Extensive experience managing media and public relations during natural disasters, actual terrorist attacks, and negative news events for the organization.
• Extensive experience explaining complex legal and technical issues to the news media and general public.
• Able to communicate effectively with all levels of management, staff, and stakeholder groups in both crisis and standard situations.
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
• Certified Master Trainer, US Department of Justice


US Department of Justice, ICITAP
Certified Master Trainer

   Jul 2012
— Aug 2012

Certified Master Trainer course

University of the State of New York
Bachelor of Science degree

   Jan 1988
— Jun 1991

Accredited university


Independent Contractor
Police Instructor

   Oct 2014

• Provide instruction to police in the United Arab Emirates on a variety of administrative and operational topics such as: Management and supervision,
modern training methods, systematic problem solving, and writing and evaluating agency policy.
• Research the planned topics, design curricula, create PowerPoint and other presentations, and present the courses to adult learners via 5-day seminars.
• Seasonal: Monitor standardized testing such as LEAP on behalf of the Louisiana Department of Education to ensure test security and validity.

Regional Supervisor/EPM Lead (US government contract)

   Mar 2008
— Apr 2014

• July 2012 to April 2014: Regional Supervisor. Responsible for logistical, planning, operational, and administrative support for up to 70 police advisers embedded with US and NATO military units at multiple locations around Afghanistan as part Operation Enduring Freedom.
• June 2011 to July 2012: Assigned as an orientation trainer for newly hired employees during the expansion phase of the AMDP contract. The program expanded from about 300 personnel in mid-2011 to more than 3500 personnel by mid-2012.
– Training included all US government mandated training for topics such as Human Trafficking, HIPAA, Information Security, ITAR/EAR compliance, Geneva Convention, Law of Armed Conflict, Rules of Force, and Workplace Discrimination/Harassment.
• May to June, 2011: Coordinator. Coordinated the operations of multiple 12-man teams of Afghan nationals who traveled to locations around Afghanistan to administratively induct recruits into the Afghan National Police.
• April 2009 to May 2011: Training Coordinator. Oversaw the day-to-day training operations of the Central Training Center (CTC) in Kabul (19 months) and the Leatherneck Training Center in Helmand Province (5 months). Both were US government-owned 400-student residential police training centers.
• April 2009 to June 2009: Instructor. Taught first-line supervision, incident planning, crime scene response, public disorder response, human rights, arrest procedures, and tactical training to Afghan police supervisors.
• March 2008to April 2009: Team Lead in Wardak Province for a 4-man team of US police advisers mentoring two police districts.

Koupal Communications
Public Affairs Consultant (US government contract)

   Jun 2006
— Nov 2007

• Public Affairs Consultant to the US Army Corps of Engineers for the post-Katrina reconstruction of the levee system in southeast Louisiana.
• Provided information on Corps of Engineers activities and tours of work sites to members of the global news media and a variety of dignitaries.
• Organized public meetings and trade shows on behalf of the Corps of Engineers to address citizen concerns regarding hurricane protection.

Chief Logistics Officer (US government contract)

   May 2004
— Jun 2006

• Chief Logistics Officer (supervisory position) for the US Department of Justice police training mission in Iraq, with approximately 250 USA instructors at numerous sites around Iraq.

• Responsible for liaison with other agencies and logistics contractors.

• Responsible for personal equipment issue/accountability, including US government owned, ITAR-regulated property such as weapons, armored vehicles, body armor, radios, satellite communications equipment, and computers.

• Responsible for coordination of movement of personnel inside Iraq, logistical support for personnel at remote sites, in-processing of new personnel (including credentials, billeting, and orientation training) and out-processing of personnel.

• May to September 2004: Taught the 4-week Instructor Development course to a class of 30 Iraqi Police Officers and NCOs.

United Nations Police Officer (US government contract)

   Nov 1998
— Oct 2003

• Official spokesperson for the 9500-officer police force in Kosovo, 2001 to 2003.
• Coordinated and chaired press conferences for significant events, including actual terrorism incidents and natural disasters.
• Authored, developed and implemented public information policy.
• Authored and issued hundreds of press releases, fact sheets, talking points, and briefing notes.
• Provided live and recorded interviews for local and international news media.
• April to September, 2000: Team member, Deputy Team Lead, and Team Lead for a 26-officer multi-national platoon of UN Police assigned to Mitrovica North.
• March 1999 to November 1999: Regional Liaison officer for the United Nations Police in Northwestern Bosnia. Coordinated operations with NATO, other international organizations, and NGOs.
• November 1998 to March: Team member and Team lead for multinational team of UN Police assigned to monitor and advise the Bosnian police .

New Orleans Police Department
Police Officer, Narcotics Detective, Police Sergeant

   Jun 1985
— Nov 1998

• Full time commissioned member of a 1500 officer full-service municipal police agency.

• Police Sergeant for 8 years. Supervised up to 30 police officers, including Field Training Officers and recent academy graduates.

• Supervised platoons of up to 30 police officers. Duties included supervising crime scenes and criminal investigations, approved arrests, reviewed official police reports for accuracy, scheduled work shifts for officers, approved employee Leave requests, completed annual performance appraisals, and conducted employee counseling/discipline.

• Investigated citizen complaints made against police officers.

• Public affairs officer and official agency spokesperson (Sergeant) for 4 years.

• Managed news media relations during routine and crisis situations.

• Wrote and issued hundreds of press releases, fact sheets, and articles.

• Provided live and recorded interviews regarding Department activities or policy to local, national, and international news media.

• Designed & coordinated public relations campaigns and represented the department at numerous public events.

• Liaison to the cinema industry, which included reviewing and approving scripts of movies produced in New Orleans.

• Narcotics detective for 2 years.

• Patrol officer for 4 years.

Safety Technology
Operations Manager

   May 1981
— Feb 1985

• Operations Manager for a multi-site safety and emergency response program for the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) in Saudi Arabia.

• The program provided safety consulting, equipment, and training for multi-national drilling rig crews.

• Supervised 2 Inspectors and 30 Technicians.

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