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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, Japanese, Urdu


I am Master in Engineering with a total of Twenty-five (25) years of experience in the field of design, maintenance and as technical support engineer for a Thermal Power Plant.

Briefly, my experience is as follows:

a. Generation Specialist (Position – Chief Projects EI&C) in the Engineering Section of Technical Support Division of Saudi Electric Company Rabigh Power Plant (from Oct 2011 till date) handling all Upgrades or Replacements projects for Control Systems in the plant such as:
i. Replacement of MHI MIDAS DCS to Emerson Ovation DCS for MHI Steam Turbine Units
ii. Replacement of ABB Procontrol DCS, Secontic/TR76 to ABB Symphony Plus DCS System for ABB Gas Turbines and Combined Cycle Units.
iii. Replacement of Mark V and Bailey Infi-90 DCS to Emerson Ovation DCS System for GE Frame 7EA Gas turbines and Combined Cycle Unit.

b. Maintenance Engineer (Instrumentation & Control) at Saudi Electric Company Rabigh Power Plant (from April 1999 to Sep 2011) in-charge for and on-hand experience on the following control systems:
i. Mark V control systems of GE Turbines (Gas and Steam Turbines)
ii. Bailey Infi-90 DCS system for HRSGs and BOP
iii. Secontic/TR76 control systems for ABB Gas Turbines

c. Electrical Engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Engineering, Kobe Works, JAPAN (from Nov 1990 to Jul 1998). During this time, I was involved in the design of protection schemes for Generators, Transformers, Switchgears, and protection relay co-ordination / testing / commissioning for Thermal power plants, preparing engineering schedule, preparing quotations, selecting products to be used (based on customers’ specifications) for various power plant projects etc.


Anna University, Madras - Madras Institute of Technology
Master in Engineering (Instrumentation)

   Jun 1989
— Apr 1991

Madras University, Crescent Engineering College, Madras
Bachelor in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)

   Jun 1985
— Apr 1989


Saudi Electricity Company
Generation Engineering Specialist - Acting Chief Engineer E I&C

   Oct 2011
— Current

I am working as GENERATION SPECIALIST (Position - Acting Chief Engineer for projects – E I&C) in the TECHNICAL SUPPORT DIVISION of RABIGH POWER PLANT.
My main role is managing all upgrade or replacement projects related to I & C starting from budgeting the projects, Preparation of Scope of Work, Pre-Bid Clarifications, Reviewing the offer, Post Bid Clarifications, attending the Post Bid Clarification Meetings till Technical Acceptance for Awarding of Contract.
After Award of Contract, co-ordinate with Contractor for preparing the project schedule, review all design documents, attend design review meetings, approve all design documents, attending factory acceptance test, conduct daily and weekly meetings at site to monitor the progress of site activities and complete the project successfully.
Some of the projects executed are:
i. Replacement of ABB Procontrol DCS / GT Control System with ABB Symphony Plus (S+) DCS System for Combined Cycle Units.
ii. Replacement of Mitsubishi MIDAS DCS for Steam Turbine Control System with Emerson Ovation DCS for MHI Steam Turbine Units.
iii. Replacement of GE Mark V Turbine Control System / Bailey Infi-90 DCS System with Emerson Ovation DCS for Combined Cycle Unit.
iv. Conversion of Simple Cycle Gas Turbines to Combined Cycle Project.
v. Automatic Generation Control (AGC) for remote load control of units from Load Dispatching Center (LDC), Jeddah.
vi. Replacement of Fuel Oil Flow Meters to interface with SEC SAP system.
vii. Executing the replacement of Desalination Control Systems
viii. Maintenance Contract for Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems.
ix. Project for Electricity Productivity Real-time Interface System (EPRIS) for interfacing data of generating units of all SEC power plants for monitoring by SEC higher management.

I have attended Factory Acceptance Test for
i. ABB S+ DCS System at ABB, Italy for ABB Combined Cycle Units
ii. Emerson Ovation DCS (OCR-1100) at Emerson Dubai for MHI Steam Units
iii. Siemens T3000 DCS at Changwaon, South Korea for RPP2 Doosan Project.
iv. Allen Bradley PLC System at Sharjah, UAE for RPP Desalination Plant.
v. Mark VIe DCS FAT at GE, Salem, Virginia, USA for RPP Stage V & VII Gas Turbines.

Saudi Electricity Company
Generation Engineering Specialist - Maintenance Engineer - Gas Turbines and Combined Cycle Plant

   Apr 1999
— Sep 2011

I was working as maintenance engineer (I & C) for the Control Systems of
--- Four Gas Turbines with Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) for a Steam Turbine supplied by General Electric, USA.
--- Eight Gas Turbines supplied by ABB.

The Control Systems installed are
-- GE Speedtronic Mark V system for GE Gas Turbines and Steam Turbine.
-- ABB-Bailey Info-90 DCS system for HRSGs, BOP and,
-- Secontic/TR76 system for ABB Gas Turbines.
In addition, I worked for various auxiliaries Control Systems such as
--- Donaldson Self Cleaning system for Air Filters
--- Magnetrol Level Controllers / transmitters for Waste Water Treatment.
--- Watlow / Moog Fuel Oil Temperature Controllers.
--- Rosemount Water / Steam and Bristol Babcock Oil / Water Analyzers.
--- Pulsafeeder Chemical Dosing System Controllers.
I have hands-on experience which involved independently maintaining, testing and attend troubleshooting of all above Control Systems.
As a maintenance engineer, I have prepared the Preventive Maintenance Schemes and Schedules for all above systems and for all field Instruments installed. And, further, I also attended functional testing of GE Gas Turbines during installation in 1999, checking with respect to contract specification, commissioning of systems.

In addition to above, I also served as TEAM HEAD for Twenty-eight (28) Gas Turbines Simple Cycle Project installed recently (2008-2011).

MItsubishi Electric Engineering Company, JAPAN
Electrical Engineer

   Jul 1992
— Jul 1998

I was in the design group of Thermal Power Plant Engineering, which is in-charge for the overall design/co-ordination of Electrical Portion for a Power Plant. Concerned sections for manufacture of equipments under their scope will then elaborate this overall design. My nature of work was to prepare drawings/documents after detailed study of contractual requirements of a project. Some of the major drawings/documents are:
1. Engineering Schedule
2. Single Line Diagrams for Generator, MV/LV Switchgears.
3. Electrical Interlock Protection Logic Diagrams
4. Protection Relay Setting
5. Engineering Documents such as
a. Capacity calculation of Transformers, Bus ducts, Switchgear etc.
b. Short circuit calculation of MV/LV system
c. Voltage Drop Calculation of MV/LV system
d. Calculation to determine Impedance of Transformers
e. Capacity calculation of DC/UPS system

Experience of Projects

In addition to preparing the above documents, I additionally had the following experience.
a. Application of Numerical Protection System
This was the first time that Mitsubishi Electric had ever applied such a system for their Overseas Projects. This system manufactured by ABB, Switzerland was of software oriented (instead of Conventional Relays).
b. Site Training to Customer
Before commissioning of power plant, I trained the customer by delivering lectures on the working of schemes applied for this project and on-site demonstrations of maintenance testing etc.

This was a Combined Cycle Project. Besides complete electrical design for this project, I had the experience of working as a Consortium. With the help of leaders of the project, I was co-ordinating between all the members of the Consortium. The Consortium constituted of MHI/MELCO/Rolls Royce/ENKA. MHI were the leaders of the project, Rolls Royce (Reyrolle of UK) were working under MELCO for the Substation portion, and, ENKA was a local Turkish company in-charge for all civil works of the project.
Since, Reyrolle were working under MELCO, all Substation drawings/documents prepared by Reyrolle were reviewed by MELCO before they were submitted to the customer.

I was in-charge for the design of electrical equipments for this additional unit erected by Mitsubishi.

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