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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


Dear Ms/Mr.

It was with much interested that I learned that a teaching position has opened at Tenby Schools. As a 2002 a graduate of Punjab university Lahore, I can offer you solid in-service teaching experience gained at Canadian  Trillinium international School, New Brunswick, Canada in Bangladesh and at Bright future  international school in Doha,Qatar. I believe that both my passion for teaching and the experience I honed as a kindergarden-third- fourth-6,7,9th grade student teacher will enable me to successfully promote the Tenby Schools mission of guiding children to become active and positive contributors to their community.

My teaching experience at both urban and suburban international schools has given me an appreciation for the challenges which children in both settings face. Under the wonderful mentorship of Mr.William Hargreaves (the principal of Canadian Trillinium international) and Ms.Rosa Gonzalez(a elementary principal at CTS), I learned how to identify and respond to the various learning styles of different children, partnering enthusiastically with these teachers, parents, and the schools’ principals to create learning environments that effectively engaged participation by children from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

My understanding of your school is that you are dedicated to supporting the needs of an ethnically diverse population, with the ultimate goal of achieving a 100% graduation rate. Working with you to achieve these goals would be a rewarding challenge for me – I am fluent in English,Hindi,Arabic and thrive in multicultural settings. In addition to my student teaching experience, I volunteered for one year during college I worked as a summer camp counselor for two summers with programs designed to provide inner-city kids with fun academic exploration experiences.

As a teacher, I am committed to creating safe, stimulating, and supportive learning environments that empower all children to discover and take pride in their individual strengths, support their classmates, and engage in their larger community. I have passed my IELTS exam with band 7 spoken 8. I have also gain TKT certificate from British Council and to hold (K-12) and Blended Elementary/Middle/High  Education(Grade 4-9). Thank you for your consideration; I would welcome a personal interview to learn more about how I could contribute to serving the needs of Tenby School’s students.


Ayesha Zia


Punjab university Lahore Pakistan

   Jan 2000
— Dec 2002

High school diploma grade 12
TKT from British Council in 2013
IELTS band 7 spoken 8 in 2018
ELT professional certificate in 2014


Canadian Trillinium international school
Elementary/middle school and Head teacher

   Aug 2016
— Current

Experienced teacher, proficient in early childhood education with insightful understanding of children’s behavior and child psychology, known for skillful creativity and inspirational and motivational approach to education.

■ Core Competencies
Excellent communication skills – Effectively communicates with children, faculty and parents.Highly organized, efficient, dependable, flexible and responsive.Collaborative – Team player and team-focused.

Career Objective – To work for a reputable educational institution, teaching and guiding young children to develop their thinking, behavioral patterns and self-awareness.

Professional Contributions:
Promoted activities that support intellectual and all-round development of growing children.Created long-term plans, unit plans, assessments, and weekly lesson plans with an instructional approach.Emphasized instructional and developmental activities that develop better understanding in early childhood.Communicated directly with parents to present reports of children’s performance in studies and behavior towards others.

Other notable functions:
Adhered to all state-established measures necessary for child development.Reported students’ performance to school authorities regularly.Assisted school authorities in managing several child-related activities.Maintained a safe and healthy environment for children – Held responsibility of child safety while in school premises.Promoted activities which encouraged children to develop new ideas.Participated regularly in parent-teacher associations.

Sunny Beach international school
Elementary teacher and Academic coordinator

   Jan 2013
— Jan 2016

Profile Summary:
An elementary-school teacher with many years of success in teaching classes and developing children’s learning ability/agility, known for her superior communication skills with children, parents and staff.Desire to inspire and motivate children to achieve their best – Able to inspire, comfort and build self-esteem, while demonstrating sound work ethics, cultural sensitivity/diversity, flexibility and creativity.

Vast Knowledge of:

Developmental theory and corresponding practice of education.Working with difficult children – Ability to handle difficult children with firmness and care.Standard emergency procedures.Ability to establish discipline and order.

Objective Statement – Seeking an opportunity in an environment where abilities to motivate and establish rapport are seen as vital for the teaching and studying processes; to put to good use my love of children and dedication for teaching.

■ Professional Experience
Selected Contributions:
Adapted curriculum to fit student needs, provided individual and small-group instruction when necessary.Developed lesson plans and class material – Combined instruction with demonstration to clearly communicate objectives to class.Used a variety of classroom strategies: lecture, group discussion, inquiry, discovery, and more.

Professional Performance:

Read in class and taught reading, mathematics, science, art, language, physical education, all following the Board of Education syllabus.Maintained pleasant learning atmosphere in class – Established and reinforced standards of behavior.Kept progress notes and made reports; tracked academic and social development.Assigned and graded homework and class work; prepared tests.Taught interpersonal skills and resolved student problems by timely and sensitive conferral with parents/teachers/administration.

Bright future international school,Doha,Qatar
Primary teacher

   May 2012
— Dec 2012

 Qualifications Summary

Ten years as a preschool teacher; gained invaluable practical experience, clear vision of child development and effective/creative methods with which to comfort children, build their self-esteem, inspire creativity and motivate learning.

Core competencies include,

Close familiarity with children’s educational development theories and corresponding practices.
Patience and compassion: Handle difficult children firmly yet gently to establish basic disciplinary rules and maintain order and respectfulness.
Cultural awareness – Understands diverse cultural environment of individual children.
Proven work ethics: Team-building, supervision, decision making and problem solving skills.
Communication skills and flexibility – Communicates and listens to children, parents and administration in an exceptional manner.Absolute familiarity with all emergency procedures.

Objective Statement – Bring my warmth, efficiency and expertise to the job of a preschool teacher and help children develop in the best possible way to become the pride of their school and parents.

■ Professional Experience

Preschool Teacher
Key Functions:

Taught basics such as color, shape, number and letter recognition.Taught interpersonal skills, hygiene and proper eating habits.Organized group activities: field trips, games, painting, storytelling, music and plays.Read books to the entire class and in small groups.Established basic disciplinary rules and maintained order.Kept progress notes evaluating behavior, development, and health – Reported and discussed any possible problems with specialists and parents.Met with parents whenever necessary to discuss progress or requirements.Prepared classroom materials and maintained clean, safe facilities and equipment.Provided children and parents with activity schedules and established classroom routine.

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