Crane Operator Stage 3 Sparrows BS7121

Last Updated: 14th September 2018 (over 4 years ago)




Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Filipino, Malay, Tagalog


Through 14 years of successful career in offshore Oil and Gas industry worldwide. Worked at Diversified projects from onshore commissioning to offshore subsea engineering across the world for various reputed Clients as per Organization’s guidelines and management policy. Mostly working in subsea projects for Diving and Pipelay, Construction. And able to work instinctively with good initiative and tight deadlines with excellent communication skills and ability to adapt to change and thrive in difficult situations. Types of pedestal mounted crane that been operate like Knuckle boom, Lattice boom and Box boom telescopic with Active Heave Compensation (AHC) and Constant Tension (CT). Expertise and experience in heavy lift installation, mobilization, subsea projects installation, personnel transfer by using Frog and Billy Pugh from ship to ship and other lifting operation in offshore structures.


Philippine Maritime Institute
Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

   Jan 1997
— Oct 2009


Technip Offshore U.K.
Crane Operator

   Jul 2008
— Dec 2017

• Be in charge of safety for the individual lift
• Plan the individual lifting operation
• Ensure that the necessary warning signal are given that lifting operations are under way
• Ensure that the necessary communication channels are established between all those involved in the operation
• Follow instructions and signals from the signalman, and obey stop signal regardless of who gives them
• Operate the equipment in accordance with the capacities and restrictions that apply to the lifting appliance being used
• Stop a lifting operation if there is any doubt about safety
• The operation shall not be resumed until safe conditions are re-established.
• Responsible in all lifts are carried out in a safe manner and in accordance to the company expectations.
• Ensure a Lifting Assessment / Plan in place for all lifting operations, involving all those participating in the lifting operation.
• Perform pre-use checks of the Lifting Appliance prior to commencing any operations.
• Select appropriate lifting gear for the lift in question ensuring the valid lifting colour code in use.
• Ensure that the lifting appliance and lifting gear are in good condition for their purpose and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use, specifications and instructions.
• Ensure that the lifting appliance is maintained in accordance with the maintenance program.
• Coordinate the lifting operation in relation to other on-going activities
• Responsible to act as one of the member Helicopter Landing on-board the vessel.
• Carry out other duties as directed by the Master or C/Mates Deck Foreman.
• Work according to and promote company’s HS&E Policies and Procedures as well as fully commit to preventing any damage to the environment.
• Responsible and accountable to conduct their tasks in full compliance with company’s procedures.
• Participate in Tool Box Talks.
• Ensure work site is safe and that all tools used are in a satisfactory condition.
• Ensure that there’s no potential drop objects while carrying out in lifting operation.
• Participate in the development of JSA (Job Safety Analysis) concerning crane lift, rigging equipment.
• Assist with the bunkering operations
• Assist with the marine crew in loading & offloading cargos operation and mooring operations when needed.

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