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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, German, Russian, Turkish


ICT ( presales and Project design experience in the following topics: Passive network structural cabling , fire alarm, cctv, Iptv. Access , Project management and coordination, Field Control Engineering. Specialist Engineer in the following topics: Professional Audio Lighting and Presentation Systems, Simultaneous Translation Systems, Voting Systems, Video Conferencing Systems, Broadcast Audio Systems, AV Automation Systems,


San Diego State University
Elektronic Engineering Sound Recording Technologies and Project Design

   Nov 1993
— Jun 1997


Telemobil- Türkcell / Turkey Ankara
ULV Systems Project chef engineer

   Mar 2018
— Feb 2019

Ankara Turkcell Data Center, ULV Systems Director for CCTV , Accsess door, Fire Alarm, Pava, Perimeter security Systems Consultant and Project chief engineer.
Project based: Ankara/Turkey

TAV Technology
ULV System Consultant and Project Engineering

   Mar 2017
— Mar 2018

Eskişehir City Hospital, one of the general hospitals which are realized by public-private sector cooperation model of the Ministry of Health in various cities in Turkey, has totally 1081 bed capacity constructed on a 333.000 m2 area.
ULV Systems for , CCTV , Satellite TV, Fire Alarm , Pava , Nursery call, Central clock , Access Control Systems ETC.
System Consultant and Project Engineering.
Project based: Eskisehir/Turkey

Verny Capital KZ.
Pro AV and Low current systems designer and project director

   May 2015
— Feb 2017

Talan Tower; The Talan Towers Offices Business centre is located in the 30-storied Talan Towers complex on Dostyk street and is an international A-class office centre for Astana. It hosts the offices of major international and local companies, including Verny Capital group of companies (the investor of the project).
Pro AV and Low current systems designer and project director.ELV and Pro AV Design, field coordination and consultant for ULV Systems Fire alarm, CCTV, IPTV, passive network, Structural cabling, multimedia, video conferencing systems, Professional audio, AV automation and presentation systems Project Design and consultant service.
Project based: Astana kz.

Akfa Holding / Akfa Technologie
ULV Systems Project director & Specialist engineer,

   May 2013
— Feb 2017

Project director and Specialist engineer for: ULV/ICT and Pr AV systems for Fire Alarm, CCTV , IPTV , Passive Network , Structural Cabling Pro Audio, Lighting, simultaneous and Conference systems.
By Akfa Holding, master System Integrator to in Riyadh, Algeria, Russia, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq Employer; International Project.
Content; Specialist engineer for: ULV / ICT systems Fire Alarm, CCTV, IPTV, Pava, Passive Network, Structural Cabling and also Multimedia systems, Video Conferencing Systems, Professional Audio Systems, AV automation and presentation systems. Project director, Project design, quotation creation, field coordinator engineering service.
Sample Projects ;
Turkmenistan / Ashgabat - AOC ( Ashgabat Olympics Complex )
Ashgabat Olympics complex, is made up of 40+ buildings including various sporting venues, hotels, shopping centers, management buildings, athletes apartments and other misc. Utility buildings. ICT and multimedia design, quote creation, presentation and Project design.
Turkmenistan / Avaza Congress Center ;
Avaza Congress Center ; includes two conference halls with 2000 and 500 capacity, 2 banquet halls, 450 and 256 capacity, 150 seat capacity press room, 130 seat capacity VIP meeting room for heads of state. Project design and quote creation for multimedia, video conferencing, Professional audio, presentation, AV automation systems.
Kazakhstan, Astana Expo 2017 Alternative Energy Expo
Expo Congress Center ; 2000 and 1000 capacity multi purpose conference rooms, 2x400 and 4x200 capacity banquet halls. Project design and quote creation for multimedia, video conferencing, Professional audio, presentation, AV automation systems
Riyadh / Al- Qassim Hospital / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Quoting for ICT systems. Design services for multimedia systems, Professional Audio Systems, AV automation and presentation systems.
Doha Qatar Airport
Quoting and design for: ICT Systems, structural cabling, fire alarm, cctv, IPTV, Pava, Digital signage.

Trascom stroy
Project Design Controlller and Field Coordinar for ULV systems

   May 2012
— Dec 2015

Sochi winter Olympics villages, Five-star hotels and athletics complex ULV/ICT/ Perimeter Security, Multimedia systems, Project Design controller, Field Coordination for: Fire alarm, CCTV, IPTV, passive network, structural cabling, Smart TV, Access Control, multimedia, video conferencing, Professional audio, Pro Lighting , AV automation and presentation systems.

Russia / Adler Winter Olympics

Polimeks AŞ.
Project Design and Boroadcast field control engineering ,

   Feb 2009
— Apr 2012

Polimeks Construction
Project Design and field control engineering for: Broadcast Audio Systems Design , Public Adress, Fire Alarm, CCTV, IPTV, Passive network, Structural Cabling, Video conferencing, AV automation and presentation systems
Tükmenistan/ Aşgabat

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