Electrical Engineer

Last Updated: 11th May 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Abha, Saudi Arabia



Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Urdu



1) Good Knowledge of HV, MV & LV substation engineering for various equipment’s, sizing / calculations of CT / PTs, transformers, circuit breakers, cables, bus bar, bus ducts, power factor correctors etc. and engineering drawings for SLDs, protection schemes, logic diagrams, shop drawings, equipment layouts, cabling, grounding & lightning protection and lighting layouts advantageous.
2) I have knowledge and experience in front of end design and detail engineering for electrical transmission and distribution of 13.8KV, 33KV, 66KV, 132KV
3) Experience in switchyard design, equipment layouts, grounding & lightning protections, of 66KV, 132kV & 220kV and Cabling & OHTL route selections, OHL take off arrangements, valley crossings, road crossings and tower / OHL crossings etc.
4) MV, LV Distribution substation designing and equipment’s designing such as Standby Diesel Generator, Transformers, Switchgears, (RMU’s), motors, MDB, DP, EDP, ELP, UPP, PP, LP, MCC, MCP, EMCP, grounding & lightning protection and lighting circuits etc.
5) I have good Knowledge of LV(Power electronics) engineering for preparing engineering sizing specifications for various equipment’s, for example of UPS up to 300kva, ECB (emergency central battery), Frequency converter 60Hz to 400 Hz, VFD, soft starters, inverters etc.
6) I have good knowledge and experience of weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly operation & maintenance of all electrical and electronics equipment i.e. transformers, RMUs, Switchgears, PFCs, MDB & MCCB, Motors, Generators, UPS, Inverters, power and control automation panels etc.
7) I have good knowledge and experience of control automation and PLC control for electrical and electronics systems
8) I have good knowledge of low current system i.e. CCTV, MATV, Fire alarm, Access control, Public address, Clock system, Communication, EIB system, BMS, FM-200 (single hazard panel), Anti-theft system etc.
9) I have good knowledge and experience of ELV for RF, RT, VHF, UHF sets and their distributions.
10) I have good knowledge of scrutiny / evaluation of tendering documents i.e. BOQ, Bidding, drawings and schedules etc.


Preston university of engineering
Bachelor of Technology Engineering (Hons)

   Jan 2004
— Feb 2008


ZKB/Reliable JV
Sr. Electrical Engineer

   Jun 2017
— Current

MAS Group Saudi Arabia
Electrical Engineer

   Aug 2013
— May 2017

Saudi Bin Laden Group
Electrical Engineer

   Nov 2008
— Apr 2012

 Worked at Hajj terminal KAAIA on different criteria’s i.e. calculation, designing, testing, installation, troubleshooting, execution, distribution, operation & maintenance, Project management for three years on electrical and electronics system.
 Worked on MV, L V i.e. (13.8KV, 66KV) systems of electrical distribution as detail is mentioned below.
 Worked on Electrical cables HT and LT (U/G, O/G) inside cables trays and cable ducts etc.
 Prepared shop drawings and as build drawings.
 BMS Work with Johnson control field controllers FX-06, FX-14, FX-15, Metasys, to BMS controlling of air handling unit, Room Standing Units of 50 tons, field coil units, UPS, ECB, Panel rooms, transformers, VFDs, frequency converters etc.
 Prepared QC work (Documentations) for the approval of work done at site & material approval from the consultant, accordingly with mentioned documents. RFIs, MDIRs, SUBMITTALS, WRs etc. Also worked as a quantity surveying making BOQs and Variations Orders if required. Making Technical Queries (TQs) in case of any change in the design parameters.
 Worked for all electrical & electronics equipment maintenance RCM (preventive, corrective, predictive and proactive) maintenance for one year.
 25 ABB’s and STC’s transformers 1000KVA-1600KVA with total load of 12-14MW and I/P 13.8KV with120-185mm² cables & O/P 400V with 630mm² cables (from terminal power station 66KV to 13.8KV)
 10 Auto Transformers of 480/110V of 30 to 80 KVA
 25 RMU (SF6)
 25 Power distribution panels rooms with ACB 1500Amp to 2500Amp. (Power system, Merlin Gerin)
 25 Power Factors correctors with 270 - 360 KVAR with CT 1500-2500 Amp
 06 Diesel Generators Caterpillar 1137 KVA
 Worked with Lighting and power panels for more than 15000 lights and other electrical equipment i.e. MDB’s, DP’s, EDP, UPP, UDP, PP, EPP, and ELP with different circuit breakers capacity from 100 Amp to 2500 Amp.
 Worked on Electrical cables HT and LT (U/G – O/G) and in cables tray, cable duct were included etc.
 Designing of grounding and lightening system for substation, electrical circuits and building area etc.
Power Electronics and Control Automation
 43 UPS of Socomec France up to 300 KVA
 06 VFD of 400KW Himel Spain for 550 HP motors
 100 of VSDs for the AHU motors starting. For different capacity of motors
 24 Frequency converters of Unitron from 60Hz-400Hz conversion.
 73 ECB emergency central battery systems with capacity up to 240Ah CEAG Germany etc.
 80 Single hazard panel FM-200 of America for fire protection with HEC 227 Gas and deluge system for transformers.
 04 Main Pump house motors of 550 HP controlling with VFDs.
 10 Sum pumps with 50-150 HP motors controlling with soft starter and ladder logic Automation. Also worked with air blowers, lighting system, heating & cooling system with their control panels i.e. MCC’s, MCP, and EMCP panels etc.
 Worked on PLC and control automation for AHUs, Pumps, sum pumps and blowers etc.

Noon Group
Jnr. Electrical Engineer

   Jul 2007
— Aug 2008

 Planning, calculation, testing, estimation, distribution, BOQ making, installation, execution, commissioning, maintenance, management of a project of 500 million Rs as junior project engineer in which
 Execution, transmission, distribution of 11KV and 415V OHDL lines for 6MW load.
 Execution of OHLT distribution of, 33KV and 11KV lines.
 10 transformers and switch gears ACB (GIS)
 10 panel rooms and power factor correctors
 10 ton duct type A.Cs
 4 ton Cabinet type A.Cs
 4 ton and 10 ton duct type wall mounted A.C’S,
 MDB, DP, PP, LP, ELP, UDP, MCC, EMCP, MCP panels etc.
 5 generators and electrical cables HT and LT (U/G, O/G) and in cables tray were included.
 Also their operation and maintenance RCM ( preventive, predictive, proactive and corrective)
 Design and erection, maintenance of electrical panels from 5kw to 400kw induction motors using DOL, Star delta and Reverse Forward circuits with following equipment’s Bus bars, cables, risers ,circuit breakers, magnetic contactors, thermal over load relays ,electronic over load relays ,timers.
 Technical Office Work such as RFI, MDIR, Submittals, Variations order claims, TQs etc.
b. Noon Power Plant.
Scope Of Work:
Worked for operation and maintenance in 22MW power house with 5 steam turbines. 1st turbine was 6MW. 2nd and 3rd were 5MW and last 4th and 5th were 3MW. 1st three turbines were made of TOYO DENKI and synchronous motors & exciters were of SHINKO JAPAN. And 3MW turbines were of PETER BROTHERS and their synchronous motors & exciters were of RELIENCE ENGLAND

Lucky Linkers PVT Ltd
Admin Officer Electrical

   Dec 2005
— Jul 2007

Worked with a project of Lucky linkers PVT Ltd in which calculation designing, testing, Installation, execution, trouble shooting and maintenance for two years and distribution of power for their mixing plant and office building
 Execution of OHLT Power distribution 11KV to 380V
 07 transformers 1600KVA with total load of 3-4MW
 07. Switch Gear ACB (GIS)
 07 Power Factors correctors with CT 2500
 Design, Installation, execution of 120mm², 185mm² and underground cables and layout.
 07 Rooms of Power distribution panels with circuit breakers capacity from 100 Amp to 2500 Amp
 02 Diesel Generators and their maintenance for one years
 Installation and maintenance of induction motor 150KW using semen’s inverter
 Lighting system of two storey building
 Designing of Earthing and lightening protection for substation, electrical circuits and the entire mill area.
 Maintenance of UPS
 Maintain lighting system, heating & cooling system, continuous flow of mixing plant and their control and automation etc.
 And also maintain their administration, planning work respectively

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