Geotechnical engineer

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Saudi Arabia



Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Spanish


Senior geotechnical geologist with more than 15 years of experience in:

-Planning, managing and oversight for projects with outside contractors related to ground investigations (boreholes, SPT, CPT, DPSH), water control, foundations, geology, construction materials and geotechnical auscultation (inclinometers, piezometers, cross-hole, load tests on structures, etc).

-Planning and supervision of quality control of civil works and buildings.

-Writing of geotechnical reports for building and structures and other studies (Slope stability reports by numerical modeling and limit equilibrium slope analysis).

-Strong knowledge and experience in lab and field geotechnical materials testing (soils, rocks, concrete, steel/welds, asphalt, piling, compaction) and laboratory management (supervising and developing staff).

-Preparations of technical reports and economical proposals. Responsible for retention and development of client relations.

-Competency with specialized software (autocad civil 3d, plaxis, slide).

-Knowledge of current codes and standards for geological engineering (ISO, ASTM, EN and other international normative -ISO/IEC 17025, eurocode 7).

-Experience in multi-storey buildings, bridges, roads, railroads, airports and landfills, in Spain and abroad.

-Leadership: capable of take decisions by own initiative and responsible of a team of 15-20 people.


University of Salamanca (Spain)
MSc in Geology

   Jun 1993
— Sep 1998

Geologist, specialized in Geotechnical Engineering


Lead geotechnical engineer

   Apr 2018
— Current

Angel is working as Lead Geotechnical engineer in ATKINS, involved in several D&B (design and build) projects for the Defense Sector, with the following responsibilities:

• Prepare/review documentation (Technical Proposals, Scope Of Works, Design Criteria, Acceptance Test Plans and other documents used in tendering processes or during construction) related to civilworks, according the requirements of the client.
• Revision and validation of all geotechnical and civil designs/calculations (foundations, earthworks, drainage, roads and pavements, utilities), as well as other documents (method statements, flood assessments) on all design stages.
• Dealing with subcontractors and project managers during construction stage, offering value engineering solutions.

Geotechnical engineer

   Nov 2015
— Current

Geotechnical engineer for FLUOR ARABIA LIMITED in the following project:


Geotechnical engineer at the PMC (Program Management Consultant), responsible of the geotechnical aspects (geotechnical investigations, slope stability, foundations, earthworks) during design and construction stages of the first rail link between the Red Sea and the Gulf.

The Landbridge Project involves the construction of 1300km of new double track, (mixed high speed passenger and freight line) between Jubail and Jeddah, and will create a useful link for raw materials and manufactured goods between Europe and North America on one side and East and South Asia on the other.

RSK environmental
Geotechnical manager

   Jan 2015
— Oct 2015

Principal geotechnical engineer for RSK ENVIRONMENTAL LLC (RSK Middle East) in the following project:

-SIPD (Shell Iraq Petroleum development):

Geotechnical manager at Majnoon oilfield (Iraq), responsible for all concerning aspects of geotechnical works performed on site (Boreholes, CPTUs, Trial pits, in situ CBRs, plate load tests, etc) and all tests made in the geotechnical lab in IEC (Iraq Energy City) for several infrastructures of the oilfield (well pads, roads, processing facilities).

Materials engineer - Geotechnical engineer

   Mar 2014
— Jan 2015

Independent senior geotechnical consultant for the Municipality of Guayaquil in the main landfill of the city, assessing in the stability of slopes (in static and dynamic conditions) and interpreting geotechnical instrumentation (inclinometers and vibrating wire piezometers)

Partner in the project "Thermal characterization of materials and construction elements for sustainable buildings, by implementing laboratories" in National Institute of energy efficiency and renewable energies INER – Guayaquil (Ecuador):

-Actively involved in the installation and certification (ISO 17025) of a laboratory at the Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral in Guayaquil (Ecuador) for testing thermal properties (conductivity, transmittance, resistance) of materials conforming the building envelope (concrete, insulating materials, glass, gypsum, ceramic bricks, etc).

Project manager-Geotechnical consultant

   Mar 2013
— Feb 2014

Senior consultant on environmental and civil engineering projects in the CIPAT (Center for Research and Applied Projects on Earth Sciences) - Guayaquil (Ecuador):

-Geotechnical specialist on the project to determine intervention strategies for ecological restoration of the interior branches of Estero Salado (Guayaquil-Ecuador), on charge of the geotechnical investigation (topography, boreholes, underwater sampling with divers, electrical geophysics) and the final reports.

-Project manager and geotechnical geologist at the expansion project of “Las Iguanas” main landfill in Guayaquil City (Ecuador) which includes evaluation of present state and final designs of the expansion for 10 years (almost 4000 Tons/day of solid waste).

Geotechnical consultant

   Jan 2010
— Mar 2013

Freelance geotechnical consultant and supervision of quality control of civil works in Alicante area (Spain):

-geotechnical analyses such as bearing capacity, settlement, slope stability, earth and water pressure, etc (complete geotechnical reports) for building and structures and quality control of civil works and buildings.

Geotechnical engineer - Roads department director

   Dec 2003
— Feb 2010

Director of roads and concrete area. Expert in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. Consulting firm CEICO SL (Alicante-Spain):

-Managing budgets for civil projects.

-Planning & coordinate drill and other crews and assist with on-site construction materials testing on an as needed basis.

-Able to perform geotechnical reports for buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges, landfills, slope stability and quality control of civil works and buildings.

-Management of laboratory and field staff. Analysis of rock masses (RMR) and studies of soil slope stability, load testing structures, auscultation on concrete piles and walls (sonic cross-hole) and slopes (piezometers, inclinometers), rehabilitation of pavements and NDT metal structures.

-Performing effective training of geotechnical materials testing for Field and Lab (Soils, compaction, Concrete, Pile Monitoring) and mentoring of new and existing team members and other personnel.

-Communicate with clients to solve technical and economical problems.

-Preparation of technical specifications for ISO/IEC 17025

ITC, Saforcontrol, COAATA
Geotechnical consultant

   Aug 2000
— Sep 2003

Department of geotechnics in several consulting firms / quality control laboratories of Spain (ITC, Geoscan, Saforcontrol, COAATA):

- Assisting with the planning, supervision and interpretation of site investigations.

-Field borelogging and coordination of laboratory and field staff (boreholes, DPSH).
-Geotechnical studies for building and structures and analysis of soil slope stability.

-Liaising with contractors and clients, both external and internal.

-Preparation of technical notes, drawings and other reports.

-Team player but with an ability to work independently when required. Problem solving & analysis skills.

Exploration Geologist

   Aug 1998
— Nov 1999

Exploration and evaluation of deposits in sedimentary materials (silica sand) at Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral (ESPOL) – Guayaquil (Ecuador):

-Management of laboratory staff. Sampling of soil and rock and subsequent testing laboratory for characterization. Evaluation of physical and chemical treatment of materials sampled to reach the requirements.

-Performing geophysical tests (vertical electrical sounding - SEV) to determine the depth of the reservoir.

-Hired Professor at the Faculty of Mining Engineering to dictate courses: Drilling and Blasting, drainage and ventilation.

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