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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

English, Filipino


Hardworking, analytical, and proactive Interface/Project Manager with 30+ years of Management experienced in infrastructure, mining and in oil and gas projects together with an effective EPC team during FEED, engineering, procurement, and construction.


AZMEEL Contracting & Construction Corporation
QA/QC Lead

   May 2009
— Jun 2012

Lead QA/QC- Azmeel Contracting and Construction Corporation, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. “Dammam University Student Housing, Recreation Center, Sports Facilities and Clinic”
May 2009 - June 2012

Dammam University Student Housing for boys and girls, Recreation Center, Sports Facilities and Clinic forms a massive infrastructure that houses Saudi students. As QA/QC Lead, my responsibilities are as follows;

 Reporting directly to the Project Manager.
 Support Quality planning, verification and execution of the project team.
 Promotes Quality Management Integration, and alignment between
functional areas; engineering and construction.
 Support contracting and procurement, Logistics, contractors and suppliers.
 Promotes Quality coaching and support to personnel in other adjacent
 Application of Quality Contract Deliverable Requirements for contractors
For contractors and suppliers.
 Ensure timely implementation and delivery of NCR or Non Conformity
 Utilize Conformity Assessment services contracts where appropriate.
 Ensure that site engineers and subcontractors adheres to approved shop
for work pack implementation.
 Ensure that contractor and subcontractors activities are undertaken in
compliance with Company’s Safety, Health and Environment, Quality policies
regulations and standards.
 Interface with Consultants regarding site inspections and approvals to
progress contractor and subcontractors work.
 Facilitate weekly quality meeting with contractors and subcontractors to
Ensure that every work is in accord with the Company’s specification and standards.
 Maintain and develop an effective and efficient RFI Log, NFP Log and NCR
 Point of contact with SAUDI Consult and other stakeholders regarding
Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the project.

APSON Industries and General Services
Construction Manager

   Mar 1986
— Apr 2009

Construction Manager; APSON Industries and General Services, with Main Projects: (1) National Steel Corporation ADMIN 2 building, (2) National Steel Corporation Employee’s Housing, and (3) JohnDorf Ventures Housing Project.
March 10,1986 - April 15, 2009

National Steel Corporation, NSC, Iligan City, Philippines was the country’s foremost Steel manufacturer and Asia’s biggest, with more than six thousand (6000+) employees, before it’s unprecedented closure in mid-90’s. As Construction Manager of APSON Industries, a local company, my responsibilities are as follows:

 Leads the monitoring and oversight of the early site works, field planning,
coordination and execution activities within offsite areas.
 Appraises the performance of the early site works in terms of safety, quality, cost
and schedule.
 Ensures that the early site works engineers develops, implements, and sustains it’s
safety and quality program within the site.
 Reviews and approves the early site works of subcontractors construction
Sequence plans, work plans, pre-task planning and method statements to ensure comprehensive safety and feasibility in his area of responsibility.
 Responsible for implementation of execution activities and ensures development,
review and approval as required of the appropriate plans, procedures and
programs for safe and effective execution.
 Provides a routine weekly progress meeting for site engineers, subcontractors and
other personnel.
 Monitors and ensures the correction of non-conformance report and other issue
related to QA/QC compliance.
 Ensures that construction activities are completed in accordance with the Project
procedures, regulations, specifications, standards, and other permit to work
procedures as applicable including relevant city procedures.
 Exhibit team leadership skills, integrity, interpersonal understanding, and self-
 Reports on the construction activities, progress, areas of concern, and mitigating
 Assures company of the timely completion base on schedule.


Sibutad Small Scale Miners Cooperative

   May 2015
— Current

Director/Operations; Sibutad Small Scale Miners Cooperative
May 4, 2015 – February 28, 2019

Sibutad Small Scale Miners Cooperative’s Minahang Bayan Project, under Republic Act 7076, is a government policy program for small scale Miners, to promote, develop, protect and rationalized viable small scale mining activities in order to generate more employment and provide equitable sharing of the nation’s wealth. As Operations Direction, my responsibilities are as follows:

 General Management to all site Managers on quarry mining site for a
sustainable Ore production.
 Assures stakeholders that miners follow company’s safety rules in the working
 Assures stakeholders that an interface agreement between mine operators is
successfully implemented and followed.
 Liaise and Interface with all parties involved in the project to avoid work
boundaries problem in the excavation of the metal ore.
 Facilitate a bi-monthly stakeholders meeting for progress report and
 Task to interface with Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau (MGB) for the
successful implementation of Republic Act 7076, otherwise known as “
Peoples Small-Scale Mining Act of the Philippines to grant the mining
beneficiaries a Minahang Bayan.

 Interface with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
for the issuance of a Mineral Processing Permits to mining operators.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.
Interface Manager

   Sep 2013
— Current

Interface Manager, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. Flow Assurance Project.
September 2, 2013 - December 31, 2014

Flow Assurance Project, is a joint undertakings of RasGas and Qatar Gas installing a six (6”) inch steel pipeline from Ras Laffan onshore to several Wellhead Platforms offshore. This 6” pipeline when completed will carry an anti-freeze chemical called Mono Ethylene Glycol or MEG, which will be injected into existing gas pipelines during winter to avoid clogging. As a Project Interface Manager my responsibilities are as follows:
 Responsible for all contractor managed interfaces as per contract.
 Create company’s Interface Management Plan or IMP, based on clients
requirements stipulated in the contract.
 Full and satisfactory implementation of the Project’s Interface Management
 Early identification of all interfaces found in the contact.
 Categorically identify different kinds of interfaces; internal, external, physical
or organizational interfaces.
 Create, develop, and maintain an effective and efficient database for all
identified interfaces and Lessons Learned.
 Create, monitor and maintain a tracking system throughout the IA & LL
process and analysis of results to improve performance.
 Responsible in transmitting external interface information and documents
received from external organizations and contractors to internal organizations
and contractors as necessary.
 Responsible for reviewing Interface information and documents received from
other contractors, verifying all required information are correct.
 Responsible for all of contractors Interface documents, task, meetings and
 Responsible in drafting, issuing and releasing an Interface Agreement to
EPC2 and other discipline of function.
 Responsible and accountable for managing trend analysis of Project incidents
that have relevance to operations.
 Develop guidelines, efficient processes, and procedures necessary to support
and control Interface Agreement and Lessons Learned processes.
 Maintain the various Lessons Learned Logs. Provide regular report on the
status of the Lessons Learned action items to RasGas Interface Advisor,
providing progress updates on Lessons Learned implementation and
communicating these items to project team as appropriate.
 Maintain a weekly Interface meeting with EPC2- Chiyoda Almana with the
participation of RasGas Interface Advisor, and other disciplines and
 Coordinate all interface agreement and ensure a comprehensive and multi-
functional review, ensuring that stakeholders are involve in the process.
 Interfacing with EPC2- Chiyoda Almana, and other various functions and
disciplines; engineering, procurement, construction, and HSEQ.
 Responsible in monitoring the paper trail of the project deliverables, ensuring
that asset owners are involved in counter- checking some portions of a
particular document, method statements and other methodologies, designs
including quality and safety.
 Interfacing with the Asset owners; RasGas, Qatar Gas, Dolphin Energy,
Kahrama, Tata communications, Common Sea Water Facilities, Shell GTL,
Maersk, Qatar Petroleum, FALCON, GBIC, for all tie-in and crossing works of
the six inch (6”) steel pipeline, sending them Official Letters signed by RasGas
Flow Assurance Project Manager.
 Point of contact to organizations of function; Client PM Team, EPC2, RLIC,
Vendors and other third parties involved.
 Providing RasGas Interface Advisor a monthly Interface Report.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.
Interface Coordinator

   Jul 2012
— Aug 2013

Interface Coordinator - Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. Barzan Offshore Pipeline
July 2012- August 2013

Barzan Offshore Pipeline are two (2) 24” steel pipeline extending from Barzan plant onshore to three (3) WHP’s offshore. As project Interface Coordinator my responsibilities are as follows;

 Reporting to the Project’s Interface Manager.
 Prepares Interface Agreements
 Responsible for all technical interface matters within a specific technical sub-
Category; site or product group (ex. Topsides, Pipelines, off plots, early works
 Coordinate/ Facilitate weekly offshore Interface meeting with RasGas
 Coordinate/Facilitate weekly interface coordination meeting with EPC2- JGC.
 Responsible for alerting contractor on unresolved interface issues and works
to expedite a solution.
 Responsible for compiling by-weekly reports and maintaining an interface
 Interface with RLIC regarding e-CPW or Contractor’s Permit to Work
application and closure, Onshore.
 Interface with asset owners; RLC, Common Sea Water Facilities, Dolphin
Energy, Common Sea Water Facilities, Shell GTL, QP DC, KAHRAMA, Qatar
Gas OPCO SIMOPS and RLTO, QTEL, GASSAL/Air Liquid, for their
concurrence when a particular work onshore affects their assets.
 Responsible in receiving Interface deliverables.
 Other task includes, securing a training schedule for Hyundai engineers, other
Personnel and workers, an entry requirement inside Barzan Plant premises.

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