Last Updated: 5th January 2019 (over 4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


Phone Number


Age Range
18 to 24

Qualification Level

English, Russian


Thank you for taking your time to view my resume and application for the offered
position at your company. My name is Anastasia Volgemut, and I am a Bachelor of
Applied Social Sciences graduate, with Counselling Psychology as the major.
My most prominent skills and values stem from my multicultural background as well as
the ability to think outside of the boundaries and looking for multiple ways to resolve an
issue. My work is largely influenced by my belief and value systems, as well as the
Person Centred and Solution Focused theoretical approaches.
I believe that I would be a good fit and asset to your company, due to my motivation and
willingness to adapt to my surroundings, be able to continuously learn and reflect on
given feedback from the people around me in order to improve myself and my ability to
perform a task. I have completed my degree, as well as mandatory work hours at a
primary school in Cape Town, and believe that during those months, I was able to apply
and expand my knowledge on the subject of Psychology and would like to be able to
continue learning in my next working environment.


Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences

   Feb 2015
— Jul 2018


Small Steps

   Oct 2018
— Current

My role in this company is that of an ABA Behaviour Therapist. I teach students on the
spectrum, mainly from an autistic and/ or behaviour point, and ensure their successful
integration into main stream schooling, through the use of applied behavioural

Trecastle Global
Private Training Specialist

   Aug 2018
— Oct 2018

My role in the company included a temporary position of following up on administrative
tasks, managing employees and ensuring employee satisfaction and/ or complaints. I
reported directly to the CEO, and performed and was not limited to any tasks and
queries assigned to me.

Tableview Primary School

   Sep 2017
— Jul 2018

My role at the school included, but was not limited to, brief psychological counselling
and interventions, conducting assessments based on students and their needs (ages
from four upwards to sixteen years old) and creating and notifying relevant stakeholders
on the progress that was made in the sessions through the use of structured reports.
Furthermore, I worked together with my supervisor, teachers and parents in order to
better assess and help the students through their own personal issues. As a result, I
have also conducted my own research and adapted other psychological frameworks in
order to make my work and time with the students relevant and meaningful.

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