More than 5+ years’ experience of handling various Integrated Transport and Infrastructures projects

Last Updated: 18th April 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Hindi, Punjabi


Planning and Monitoring
• Preparation of construction program / project schedules for all works and updating the progress periodically.
• Measures & Monitor progress and reviews performance trends.
• Coordinate with Project Manager, Construction Manager and Store Keeper for arranging required materials & resources in time.
• Arranging required information to Client regarding project control & progress monitoring as per contract.
• Identification and tracking of all changes or potential changes to the project scope, cycle times for different activities of work and highlight variances.
• Integrates cost and schedule data and reporting with the company’s accounting and management information systems to facilitate meeting company performance and financial goals.
• Preparing actual schedule of resources required based on achieved progress.
• Also, involved in change control management, document control management, and critical path method and network analysis.
• Investigates causes of variances between planned and earned/actual progress and recommends solutions or recovery plans.
• Understands and applies fundamental schedule control techniques and the relationship between project revenue and cost.
• Possesses strong Computer skills with developing knowledge of SAP and Scenario software’s.
• Detailed schedule development duties include establishing the work breakdown structure (WBS)
• Determining the work activity duration and establishing the proper workflow logics.
• Routine analysis and work around option planning
• Other duties include input to the Monthly Progress Report and issuance of the weekly schedule analysis report.
• Preparation of Baseline, Impacted Primavera Schedule and Supervision of the implemented Schedule.
Budget & Cost Control
• To assume overall charge for estimation, budgeting, cost control and cost management for effective cost monitoring of project.
• Arriving at total estimates for various project components with breakups.
• Vetting work orders and purchase orders based on estimates / budgets approved and endorsing them for senior management’s approval.
• Monitoring expenditure and budget for projects as they progress. In case of overruns, suggesting ways and means to contain costs within budgeted figures, evaluating savings / overrun for every expense head
in a budget.
• Preparing reports on expenditure, monitoring expenditure and preparing reports for senior/ top management.
• Monitoring billing in every project and monitoring overall billing status and comparing with approved budget and reporting variances.
• Preparing fortnightly / monthly reports on billing/ financial status above.
• Ensuring that all bills are entered in the SAP system including Accruals and Deferrals too.
• Detecting discrepancies in Billing vs. Estimates for various Jobs.
• Analyzing wastages, studying reconciliation of materials and checking cost of wastages, vis-a-vis estimated wastages and project budgets.
• Help in finalizing accounts and cost to completion of projects.
• Evaluate costs of delay in project execution and to evaluate cost incurred by contractors and vendors arising from such delays.
• Support contracts department with their Claims.
• Attend project review meetings and discussions with vendors, contractors as needed.
• Assist in bringing in alternative methods for cost estimation and cost techniques-develop and implement proactive solutions and cost-cutting measures.
• Study claims and incorporate expenses therein if any from suppliers / agencies / contractors, against their awarded work orders or purchase orders.
• Prepare budgets and cost estimates, to evaluate project schedules and to coordinate resources and tasks to complete projects within approved budget.