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I am a packaging professional with over 25 years of experience in Rotogravure, Flexo, Solvent and Solvent Free lamination, Metalizing, P.E. and PP Extrusion, Slitting, Bagmaking, Cylinder Engraving, Plate Making, Matt Finish, Cold Seal. Also expertise in Color Management, Wastage Control, Root cause analysis, Capex, Opex, OEE, and Operational and Sales Planning, Product Development.



   Jul 2016
— Jul 2017

After an Exciting Year as Technical Consultant to Korozo Ambalaj. I have been fortunate enough to be appointed as Director Marketing and Technical at Kompass Pakistan. Kompass Pakistan is one of the largest Flexible Packaging Converters in Pakistan. Kompass Pakistan presently possess W& H Flexographic and Rotogravure printing machines, a Hell and Datwyler Engraving Plant, Comexi and Nordmechanica Solvent and Solventless Laminators, W&H 3 layer Varex P.E. line, High speed slitting machines, bag making facilities. Future investment in the next 12 months will include 5 and 7 layer P.E. lines and a Metallizer. Kompass is the primary supplier to P&G, Colgate Palmolive, Unilever and to the largest local FMCG companies. My aim with the Kompass Pakistan team is make Kompass a worldwide flexible packaging supplier.


   Jul 2015
— Jul 2016

Korozo Ambalaj is the largest Flexible Packaging Converter in Turkey and one of the largest in Europe and Asia. The annual turnover is over 200 Million Euros and they employ over 1600 people. I have been hired as a Consultant for their Flexible Packaging Department presently focusing on their Rotogravure Printing Machines.


   Jul 2013
— Current

I founded this company in July 31st, 2013 to provide Consultancy services in Packaging innovation Project Management, Overall Equipment Efficiency, Capex, Opex, Supply Chain Management, Production Planning, Operations, General Management, Human Resource Utilization in relation to the Plastic and Packaging industry. With close to 3 decades of experience in the Plastics and Packaging Industry in Pakistan and Internationally I bring a unique perspective to the Plastic and Packaging arena.


   Jan 1992
— Jul 2013

I was employed by Metatex Pvt. Ltd one of the largest flexible packaging converter in the Subcontinent from January, 1992 to October, 2013. Metatex employs 635 people, converts over 600 tons of packaging materiaI monthly and had a turnover of over US 30 Million. I started as a Operations/Production Trainee in 1992 and by 2001 I had been appointed as the Director Production/Supply Chain/Operations. I was with my team which included the Technical Director and Marketing Director responsible for increasing our Market Share from 20% to 60% from 2001 onwards and increasing our production from 100 tons monthly to 600 tons monthly. Metatex is the primary supplier to Unilever, P&G, Colgate Palmolive, Danone, Kraft Foods, and Mondelez. During my years at Metatex I have gained experience in Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Production Planning, Human Resource, Supply Chain, Plastics, and Packaging.

Production /Operation Trainee- 1992 to 1994
Production Manager-1994 to 1996
Key Achievements
• Implemented Infrastructural Expansion, Procurement of Production Machines, and Recruitment of Technical Staff leading to increased production output from 20tons to 600 tons/month.
• Reduced production wastages from 20% to 5% by using statistical analysis, daily production meetings between production floor workers and managers, and use of Hourly Production Logs
• Planned Preventive Maintenance Schedules on a monthly rotation to avoid breakdowns during production, keep production efficiency at 80% and extend machines life cycle.

Main Responsibilities
• 6 Rotogravure Printing Machines’ Rotomec (Italy) - procurement of films for printing on each machine such as BOPP, PET, Twist Films, and bubble gum paper. Planning of Inks for each printing job on each machine. Cylinders processing from in house Datwyler Engravers. Monitoring of ink consumption and start up wastage after each production run. Planning production as per commitments to customer.
• 4 Solvent Free laminators Rotomec, Comexi, Nordmechanica (Italy) - planning of films/foil to be laminated to printed films which have been produced in the printing dept. Analysis of adhesive consumption and production wastage after every production run.
• 3 Solvent Based Laminators Chia Chang (Taiwan). Responsibilities Same as Solvent Free Laminators.
• 2 P.E. Extrusion Film Lines Belloni (Italy). 1 polyethylene line is 3 layers and the other is 5 layers. Plan production of both lines in conjunction with what is required for production in Solvent Free and Solvent Based Laminators. The films produced are from 25 Micron to 140 Micron (Transparent and White) in widths from 650mm to 2.5 Meters.
• P.E. Extrusion Coating Line Sotech (China). This is a Tandem Extrusion Coating and
Lamination Line.
• 14 Slitting Machines HCI (Taiwan). Plan production based on delivery commitments and curing times of laminates from the lamination depts.
• 10 Bag Making Machines HCL(Taiwan). Plan material that has been produced in the printing and laminating dept. to be made into preformed bags as customer requirement.
• 1 CPP Film Extrusion Line. Sotech (China). Planning of production based on requirement from Lamination Dept. for various thicknesses. The maximum width is 2.250 meters.

General Manager Production/Supply Chain 1997-2000
Director Production/ Supply Chain 2001-October 2013

Key Achievements
• Developed and sourced new raw material suppliers which reduced our raw material cost by 20%.
• Promoted the concept of regular customer forecast to control raw material stocks which contributed to reduced cost, reduced lead times for customers, increased ability to respond to unplanned requirements, and improved delivery efficiency ratings from 50% to 90%.

Main Responsibilities
• Coordinate with 8 Heads of Department (HODs) to meet monthly and yearly production targets.
• Daily meetings with HODs to review raw material consumption, waste calculations and production outputs for each machine in each department.
• Weekly meetings with Marketing to plan production and raw material based on customer orders. Develop monthly production plans and raw material procurement for each production department based on customer forecast.
• Weekly meetings with Production Planners to gauge future order levels, provide feedback on supplies delivered, study and follow up short comings and take remedial actions.
• Monthly meetings with Finance Department to follow up on expenditures for raw material, procurement and to advise on expected quarterly expenditures.

Key Achievements
• Supported the implementation of Quality Systems ISO9001, IS0 22000, and HACCP and Unilever Zero Defect Policy System. This allowed us to market our goods on an international platform to the European, Asian, and African Markets.
Main Responsibilities
• Dalda 1ltr and Manpasand 900ml oil pouches.
• Colgate Palmolive Brite Detergent skus from 20gms to 2kg. Bonus Detergent skus from 80gm
to 1 kg Packs
• Palmolive Soap Wrappers 155gm,115gm and 75gm. Max Bar dishwashing soap wrappers and
• Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush outer wrap.
• Proctor & Gamble Ariel 45gm, Ariel 100gm, Ariel 500gm,Ariel 1kg. Safeguard Soap wrappers.
• Tapal Danedar multilane tea sachets. Tezdum family mixture, Mezban, Danedar 400gm,
500gm packs and 1kg pouches. Gulbahar Green Tea sachets
• Cadbury/Kraft foods: Cadbury Dairy Milk 5gm, 6gm, 8gm, 12gm, 38gm, 47gm, and 100g
• Cadbury Stand Up Pouch 176gm, and Éclair Gold twist wrappers
• Engro foods range of ice cream wrappers.
• Unilever: Surf Detergent skus from 20gm to 2kg. Rin Detergent skus from 65gm to 1k. Walls Ice cream wrappers. Supreme, Lipton, Pearl Dust, A one sachets. Lipton, Supreme 475gm and 950gm pouches. Sunsilk,Lifebuoy,Fair and Lovely, and Clear Shampoo sachets. Knorr noodles pouches, febuoy and Lux range of soap wrappers. Knorr Ketchup and Chilli Sauce sachets.
12, 10, 25, 140 Micron Polyester; 20 Micron Bopp; 20 Micron Metallizable Bopp, and 20 Micron Met. Bopp; 20,25,40 Micron plain and Metallizable & Met.Cpp; 40 Micron Shrink and Twist PVC; 7 and 9 Micron Aluminium Foils; Polyethylene Films from 25 Micron to 140 Micron. Transparent/White; 40 Gm Bubble Gum Paper; 15 Micron Nylon Film for Oil packaging; 18 Micron Twist Metallizable and Met. Polyester.

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