A teacher determined to give students confidence and contentment through education.

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I am Amieraah Thalayan from Vancouver, Canada and I teach with a determination that through education any student can face any environment happily. Through teaching I have come to meet extraordinary minds, minds that could achieve, create, solve and simply keep growing with the right kind of guidance. To me therefore, knowledge is a privilege and children are the key to a peaceful and united future.

While still in high school I was encouraged to follow my degree in Business Computing. The world was rapidly moving towards technological advancements and this was my introduction to it. As I graduated from high school in 2008 therefore, I also held my Bachelor of Science Degree. It was when I was pursuing my twin ambitions of becoming a Gemologist and a Homeopathic Doctor that teaching first found me. I was invited to teach at Ilma International Girls’ School. Teaching young minds with the will to learn gave me contentment. After nearly a year of training and experience I was then introduced to another private educational college whose primary goal was helping students identify their ambitions and focus their education towards achieving them. As a happy coincidence to my own teaching ideals, I was able to help a large number of students to an extent that I was given the post of Head Administrator of the College.

The subjects I specialize in and have utmost pleasure teaching are English, Biology and Mathematics. To me, each of these subjects holds great importance in life; knowing the art of good English is key to good communication in today’s world and thus a means of bringing the world closer together. Biology teaches one to look into and around one’s self, this alone will help overcome innumerous obstacles. Mathematics is the exercise of the mind. It is to be enjoyed just as puzzles and games are. After five years of service and completing Gemology, I had to depart to Canada to pursue Classical Homeopathy.

During my studies, teaching found me again. I was hired as a staff member of the world-wide teaching franchise Tutor Doctor. My slightly unique methods of fusing a bit of the East and the West proved highly effective that I was twice nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award in Canada. Teaching is my passion and my current experience of over 10 years just makes me want to reach out further and help guide as many more students as I can.

As I have been granted to continue my studies and research online, with my flexibility increased, I now have a strong wish to meet and teach students in different parts of the world. Because I was born in an Arab country myself, it is just a little dream of mine to contribute what I can to students in a middle-eastern country. It is with this intention that I reach out to you. I am available for remote teaching and I am happily willing to relocate.


Tutor Doctor
Teacher and Counselor

   Jan 2015
— Current

-Teaching Academic and Applied English
-Teaching Advanced Biology 9th to 12th graders
-Teaching Foundations and Pre-Calculus Mathematics to 9th-12th graders.
-Teaching Science.
-Guiding students to organize and plan time with studies.
-Counselling parents with career streams at an earlier time for focussed studies.
-Mentoring students to lead and enjoy life with education.
-Specialized teaching for dyslexic students.
-Planning and organizing good study habits and routines for students.

I was able to adapt to the different syllabi for every student and with my own slightly unique methods of fusing a bit of the East and the West, my students developed a love for learning. My methods proved highly effective and I was twice nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award in Canada

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