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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, French, Italian


Amedeo has an unyielding desire to achieve a high standard of work in everything that he does. He is an extremely confident, assertive and organised individual who has the ability to prioritise workloads to meet tight deadlines.
In his current role, he has gained a reputation for improving operational efficiency and maximising growth by ensuring that everyone within his team knows how important their role is to the company's overall success having spent over 39 years in Nigeria. On a personal level, has the ability to build positive individual relationships with key people


Instituito Tecnico Industriale Statale Guiseppe Omar- Novara, Italy
High Diploma in Electrical and electronics

   Sep 1985
— Sep 1990


Hitech Electromechanical Co Ltd
Managing Director

   Jun 1996
— Current

For the past 20 Years, the roles I have played as Managing Director in a leading Electro Mechanical Company with noteworthy projects that including the following:

The Electrical, Mechanical Installations at GSK head off in the Heart of Lagos Nigeria
The Electrical, Mechanical Installations at the Saipem Contracting base in Port-Harcourt Nigeria
The Electrical Services for the Toyota Training Centre in Lagos Nigeria
CCTV installation with central control and Voting System at The Nigerian Government’s National Assembly Complex to name a few.

As the head of a company with over 100 staff workforce excluding technicians, (60% Non Expatriates and 40% expatriates) My daily tasks included

• Formulating and successfully implementing company policy.
• Directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the company.
• Developing strategic operating plans that reflect the longer-term objectives and
priorities established by the board.
• Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the Chair of the board.
• Putting in place adequate operational planning and financial control systems.
• Ensuring that the operating objectives and standards of performance are not only
understood but owned by the management and other employees.
• Closely monitoring the operating and financial results against plans and budgets.
• Taking remedial action where necessary and informing the board of significant changes.
• Maintaining the operational performance of the company.
• Monitoring the actions of the functional board directors.
• Assuming full accountability to the board for all company operations.
• Representing the company to major customers and professional associations.
• Building and maintaining an effective executive team.

Elektrint Nigeria Ltd
Electrical Project Manager

   Jan 1992
— Jun 1996


• Quality Control
• Attend meetings with the client and consultant where decisions made at the meetings will be implemented
• Activity Planning and Sequencing
• Resource Planning
• Developing Schedules
• Time Estimating
• Cost Estimating
• Developing a Budget
• Documentation
• Creating Charts and Schedules
• Risk Analysis
• Managing Risks and Issues
• Monitoring and Reporting Progress
• Team Leadership
• Strategic Influencing
• Business Partnering
• Working with Vendors
• Scalability, Interoperability and Portability Analysis
• Controlling Quality
• Benefits Realisation
• Creates an environment where members of the Project team make the day-to-day decisions
• Deliver on production, project costs, safety & environmental targets for Projects
• Support execution of business plan
• Accountability for Electrical tools and equipment condition
• Responsible for ensuring that cost capturing, project timelines are met, and Project process is followed
• Function as Elektrint representative to drive contract electrical engineering
• Provide electrical equipment and installation standards

As Electrical Project Manager, Amedeo showed his flair for leadership and executed milestone projects like the completion of United Bank Of Africa Headquarters in Marina Lagos, A 15MW Project.

Elektrint Nigeria Ltd
Store and procurement manager

   Nov 1991
— Jan 1992

Evaluating Suppliers
• Evaluate prospective suppliers before signing them up to ensure they meet his organization’s needs.
• Ensure suppliers deliver goods and services in the agreed quantities, in a timely manner, while observing quality measures.
• Strict on delivery time as any slight delay in supply can create problems in many other areas of the business.
Managing Data
• Responsible for maintaining and reviewing all records of purchased goods, including their costs, deliveries and inventories.
• Lead the procurement department in ensuring that it maintains updated data such as information about suppliers’ products and prices.
• Use strong organizational skills to find the right data in a timely manner, as well as an eye for detail to ensure that the data he does pull includes the correct information.
Coordinating Staff
• Coordinates his staff and ensures all activities in the procurement department run as scheduled.
• Holding regular meetings with staff and vendors to discuss the department's performance and resolve any issues in the procurement process.