CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Last Updated: 28th March 2019 (over 3 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, French


A proven visionary and strategic leader that translates business strategies into maximum profits commensurate with the best interest of shareholders, customers, employees, and the public. An expert in enhancing profitability; developing financial management systems, strategic plans and operational budgets; and enhancing business through added value finance. Very knowledgeable of investment industry and regulations, IPO processes, and proven track in raising funds, acquiring as well as exiting them at substantial profits that exceeds the set targets.
Multilingual (English, French & Arabic) with an international exposure to North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and knowledgeable on developing international markets and export business.


The Institute of Certified Management Accountants
CMA - Certified Management Accountant

   Oct 2001
— Apr 2003

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation provides corporate management and individual Members with an objective measure of knowledge and competence in the field of management accounting. The CMA is an invaluable credential for professional advancement and for broadening professional skills and perspective.

Only the CMA certification requires the broad range of topics that are key to management performance and contribution. Exam topics include economics, business finance, situational analysis, and decision making with a strong emphasis on ethics. Combined with relevant rule-based subject matter, the four-tiered CMA exam is designed to develop and measure critical thinking and decision-making skills.

The Institute of Certified Management Accountants
CFM - Certified Financial Manager

   Oct 2001
— May 2003

The Certified Financial Manager (CFM) certification provides Members who are involved with corporate cash management, financing and investment decisions, and risk management with a means for further demonstrating an expanded skill set. This exam provides an in-depth measure of competence in areas such as financial statement analysis, working capital policy, capital structure, valuation issues, and risk management.

Beirut University College (a.k.a Lebanese American University)

   Feb 1983
— Sep 1988


Independent Consultant / COO / CFO

   Apr 2008
— Current

Serving as a Consulting CFO for this firm, Providing ongoing financial executive leadership to 13 technology start-ups, 5 manufacturing facilities, and 2 real estate sphere companies; encompassing bio-informatics, Internet infrastructure and security, software, technology management and media content aggregators. Advising CEOs with development of business strategies and financial models, core competencies capitalization, strategic revenue streams development, business lines, distribution channels, and strategic partnership identification. Managing relationships with venture capital partners, accounting firms, law firms and banks. Directing financial infrastructure support including financial systems, procedures and policies.

 Spearheaded a comprehensive restructuring of financial and operational policies, procedures and systems to better support the firm’ governance requirements and growth objective
 Downsized the department and replaced 65% of staff with professionals who had the credentials and experience needed to provide financial due diligence and value-added support to corporate business goals while protecting shareholders’ interests.
 Streamlined, standardized and automated financial and operational reporting processes in order to equip senior executives with timely intelligence for business planning. Served as a CFO and COO for financially troubled manufacturing company in Africa (2014-15). Reviewed and stabilized Working capital, installed financial management systems, developed initiatives to improve sales and distribution channels. Endorsed the development of new products in order to increase the Gross Margin on Sales. Also, set a joint venture between the client and dairy manufacturer in South Africa to manufacture customized beverages for West African markets.
 Turned around the overall performance of a regional building material company in West Africa (2013) into a profitable position through redesigning its financial strategies, reduced its debts, increased its working capital, and restructure its ownership equity with new investors on board.
 Served as a key liaison with external auditors to ensure that appropriate disclosure controls and procedures were in place.
 Created long term strategic plan for a media company (Lebanon & Qatar, 2010), outlining processes of management, decision making, and organic growth over three-year period. Reviewed their capital structure functions, including equity and high yield debts. Served as a liaison to investment bankers, research analysts, individual investors, advertising agencies, and board of directors.

ATH - Accelerator Technologies
CFO - Chief Financial Officer

   Jul 2006
— Mar 2008

 Oversaw the operations of the Finance and Accounting division, directing all treasury operations, accounting and budgeting activities of the business.
 Directed all financial and accounting system controls and standards, ensuring the provision of timely financial and statistical information to the CEO, Chairman and Board of Directors.
 Developed financial systems to facilitate decision making & monitor performance.
 Negotiated and structured all investment deals with potential clients.
 Established and implemented the financial strategy, budgeting, operating plans, management and reporting systems and processes, procedures and policies required to support the growth of the business. This included establishment of financial management of funds and portfolios, including the acquired (invested) companies.

i2 - Itsalat
CFO - Chief Financial Officer (Contractual)

   Feb 2005
— Jun 2006

Accountable for preparing the company for an IPO, at the same time, streamline its financial operations, improve its working capital, formulate its decision making process, and reduce its operating costs through an overall review of its overheads, operating procedures, and refining its capital expenditures policies.
 Established standardized financial models, reporting systems, and budget processes for all corporate divisions of the Head Office and the regional units.
 Directed the activities of the finance department of subsidiaries, including but not restricting to: Budget & Planning, Accounting & reporting systems, Forecasting & Analysis, internal control.
 Negotiated local and International banks on credit facilities and project financing.
 Saved $ 445K in taxation through tax planning and financial engineering.
 Secured $ 60M in credit line as well as Managed the working capital requirements and allocations for trade transactions.

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

   Oct 2001
— Jan 2005

Accountable for developing the Strategic Business Plans, while simultaneously improving business processes in operations, decision support and forming strategic alliances for global expanding. Provided ongoing direction to employees and stores by spearheading important projects and business models (e.g. Acquisition, expansion of usable space within the same store). Orchestrated the acquisition of a retail chain (52 stores), which increases sales by 65%.
 Established standardized financial models, reporting systems, and budget processes (Operating & Capital) for all corporate divisions of the Head Office and all of the 64 retail stores.
 Saved the company $240,000 in interest, through debt restructuring and consolidation in 2002.
 Developed strategic and tactical responses and scenario analyses for business issues ranging from labor negotiations to MA&D activities arising from the growth of retail industry and the fundamental re-mapping of the Scandinavian markets.
 Saved in taxation the amount of $ 370,000 through financial planning & Capital restructuring.